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Forbidden Love

It was night. Sokka and Katara had fallen asleep hours ago. But Aang couldn't sleep tonight. He swiftly looked at his companions when he heard a sleeping bag move. Katara had shifted in her sleep. Her brows were knit as though she were upset. Was it a bad dream?

Aang slowly brought a hand to her face and gently stoked it. His hand felt tingly from touching her smooth, soft skin. His face burned with what he was sure was a blush as a small smile tugged at his lips. She seemed to calm down at his touch, but Aang was forced to pull his hand away when she showed more sighs of stirring. Thankfully, she didn't awaken. Aang sighed and just looked at her.

These strange feelings where something he'd never felt before. It wasn't like Aang hadn't liked a girl before; The girls of his nation, had often been cute and sweet, and two or tree had caught Aang's eye before he was revealed as the Avatar. He was just at that age, after all. It was obvious that he'd think about girls at twelve years old.

Just one more reason that he hated that he was the Avatar. He couldn't have a family, he couldn't even have normal interpersonal relationships. Why? Why couldn't the Avatar have a family?

But...This. This was different. Katara was different. These emotions were far deeper and more meaningful then a silly little crush. Aang was certain that he loved her. No. He was in love with her. This only made him hate his status as the Avatar all the more.

It twisted his heart to know that he couldn't be with her. Even if he wasn't the Avatar, there would always be the chance that she wouldn't be interested. Of the few girls he'd liked in the past, a fair number of them spurred his affections. It had hurt a great deal. He could only imagine the pain of unrequited love.

Forget crushes, Katara was different from anyone he'd ever known. That wonderfully flawless skin, long, shiny brown hair, and big, clear, watery blue eyes. Those eyes. Those incredibly beautiful eyes. Aang had a feeling he could look into those eyes forever.

It wasn't bad that he felt this way, right? The Avatar wasn't allowed to have a family or indulge in certain types of relationships, correct? He never remembered the monks saying anything about restrictions on personal feelings. As long as he didn't act on his feelings, it would be okay to just silently love Katara from afar, wouldn't it?

"It'll would have to do." Aang muttered aloud to himself.

"What?" Aang jumped slightly, opening his eyes which he hadn't even realized had been closed. Katara was awake and looking at him with confusion. "Is something the matter?" Her blue eyes locked onto his brown ones. Those big, blue eyes. It drove him crazy.

"No. Nothing." Aang said in a somewhat depressed tone. Katara gave him a look for a few seconds before snuggling back into her sleeping back. She turned to her side so that Aang couldn't see her face. Aang stood up without a word and began to walk away from the camp sight. He needed to clear his head before he could even think about sleep.

He didn't notice when Katara rolled over in her bag once more, looking at him with her saddened icy-blue eyes.


I was so disappointed to see that there was absolutely no evidence of even Aang's crush on Katara in the movie. The most they got was a hug, and hugs aren't exactly a romance-only thing ether. Review.