OK, so at school, we have been going there for what? 12+ years, we learn not to introduce ANYTHING like this, well apparently I never paid attention to our teachers as they constantly try to drill it into our heads, but at this moment I could care less.

So, here goes…. My name is Kagami; to be specific I'm Kagami Hitachiin. You probably know my brothers or at least have heard of them. Their names are Hikaru and Kaoru. They are apart of a really cool club called The Ouran Host Club, now if you haven't heard of that then there is something wrong with you, if you have heard of it well then you know what I'm talking about.

Like I said my name is Kagami and in the next chapter I will tell you about my first day in the Ouran Host Club, but just as a warning the chapters in this story will be memoirs of my life, diary entries if you will, so when there are enough chapters please pick and choose which ones that you want to read, although I hope that would all of them, but no matter its your choice.

Until then the Host Club will be waiting for you, see you then.