Hey guys today we are going to chill at Kyoya-Sempi's beach house today and yes it's true there will be songs, well parodies of songs anyway and yes they probably will be all Vocaloid because lets face it Vocaloid is just plain awesome. Also some Hitachiin on Hitachiin war. So anyway on with the story (Thumbs-up) (Oh yeah one more thing, I'll make sure to tell you guys what song we are gonna sing, so you can sing along too)


We came here early in the morning so that we could take in the ocean and all it's beauty but really we just wanted to get the best rooms before everyone else got them, as Hikaru put it. Which I can't blame him I wanted an awesome room too so hey in Hitachiin World, everyone wins! Kyoya-Sempi gave us a key so we could get in, and like I said we got there and claimed our rooms and of course we had some time (waiting for everyone else to show up) so we went to the beach, just to check it out, well I went so I could see cute boys but I'll never tell. Sadly it was very early in the morning and nobody was out except us so I guess thats 1 for H&K and 0 for me. Sigh, oh well at least I got to see the ocean.


"Wow a Karaoke Machine that's cool," Said Kaoru as we explored Kyoya-Sempi's Beach house.

"Yeah and it looks brand new, it even comes with instructions on how to use it," I commented.

"Do you guys wanna try it out?" asked Hikaru, "You know just so we can be ready in case of a karaoke contest?"

"Couldn't hurt," I said, "What about you Kao-Nii?"

"Hmm, seems like fun," he said.

And so that is how we had an epic battle of song parodies, you guys know how on youtube people tag other people to tell things about themselves, well we sort of did the same thing, we all had the same song and we sung our own versions of it, but when we do we have to pretty much sing about our life (for an example please read Chapter 13: SUPAISU and Aya dies! No not really) also since we didn't know when people would show up we just decided to do the 1st verse and the chorus. Okay so be ready for our song: Melt by Miku Hatsune and my version is up first then Kao's then Hika's so get ready for Sing-A-Long Time~! (One more thing they may start out the same but they are very different, or at least Hikaru's is :D )

Kagami Version:

La la la la la la la

La la la la la la la

La la la la la la la

La la la Ah...

I see him once again

Walking down the beach of Kyoya-Sempi's place

He doesn't notice me unless I say "How are you doing today?"

And then he just smiles

I don't know why but I always try to get his attention

It never worked for me

Until today he talked to me

And I could almost

Melt that is what I want to do

You mean so much to me and I can see you feel that too

Oh Melt with me forever

We could stay here

And never go back to what we had before

Only with you I will go

I love you

Kaoru Version:

La la la la la la la

La la la la la la la

La la la la la la la

La la la Ah...

She walks by me today with a smile that shines brighter than the moon in the sky

Her hair flowing majestically, that color wants to make me want to cry

With a voice so sweet and pure she sings so lovely to me

There is only one thing I want from her

She's so cute I can hardly breath

Melt that is the only thing I can do

In her embrace the worlds face just seems to have to

Melt with me and only me

You are my Princess and I will always be there for you and only for you forever

Yes it's true

Hikaru Version:

La la la la la la la

La la la la la la la

La la la la la la la

La la la Ah...

Kaoru stole my idea

So I'm gonna have to make up something on the spot

Kagami's scares me to think that they both are growing up and up oh

Yes and I'm still here waiting for them to come back to me

No matter where you are you two are mine

and always will be

So Melt with me until the end of time

Embarrassed or not you two are my baby siblings

I'll Melt with you guys in time yes

In love or not I say stay with me

I know it's hard to say this but


Yes Hikaru really did yell shut up at us, I guess he was just a little sad because he doesn't want us liking people yet, sigh how sad. Oh yeah and while we all were singing apparently the Haninozukas and Morinozukas were at the door, listening in on our Sing-A-Long Time~! It was very, very embarrassing because then we had to explain what we were doing and why we did it. Oh and just so you guys know, that guy I was singing about hasn't been created yet, he doesn't have a name and you won't know it until much later so don't ask about him. Anyway so we had to explain that we were bored and thought it would be fun and never expected anyone to see or hear or VIDEO TAPE us doing that. Yep they video taped it and we are going to watch how dumb we look along with everyone else, it's that just dandy? And to add insult to injury Mori-Sempi was smiling and laughing a little, yes even MORI-FREAKIN-SEMPI was laughing! Gah this sucks!

"Hey who were you singing about anyway?" Satoshi asked me.

I was very mad that they saw that and even madder because we never closed the door so I replied with this, "Your mom,"

"Someone's mad," Yasuchika snickered.

"Well Someone's privacy was invaded," I replied.

"Hmm, well I think Someone needs to calm down before she says something she will regret," Satoshi said in his I'm-super-awesome-and-you-should-listen-to-me voice.

"Whatever," I said pouting.

"No pouting," Satoshi said hitting my head with his kendo stick.

"What is with you and that stick?" I yelled.

"Tell me about it," Yasuchika whispered.

"It's my kendo stick, you know that," Satoshi said with a mean smile.

"Whatever, I'm gonna go shop for a bathing suit," I said as I walked briskly to my room for my wallet.

"But you have one right?" Asked my brothers.

"My middle school one, but I'd kill myself before I wore that thing in public," I replied.

"Honey-Sempi, Mori-Sempi, tell Kagami she has to wear here school one," My brothers ordered Honey-Sempi and Mori-Sempi.

"Are you kidding me?" I asked not giving Honey-Sempi or Mori-Sempi a chance to reply.

"About what?" Kaoru asked.

"This conversation, okay, first of all i never brought that bathing suit; second, Haruhi isn't going to wear her middle school swimsuit, Aya isn't, so why should I? And third you two have to realize I am not a little girl, I am old enough to decide on what I can and can't wear, there is nothing you two can do to stop me so please give up now before we have a full-out Hitachiin war," I said, then I walked to my room and out the front door hoping that they will just think about what I said and take my feelings into consideration.


I did find a super cute bathing suit and it is a bikini but I did get shorts to go with it so my brothers can't freak out about that right? Well I guess they could but what good would it do. Seriously. Anyway so I came back to Kyoya-Sempi's Beach House with maybe 5 or 6 shopping bags from maybe 2 or 3 stores. So I walked in and noticed that Kyoya and Aya were there as well as Tamaki and Haruhi. And they were talking about my 'behavior' with my brothers, along with Haninozukas and the Morinozukas.

"I know it's because she is growing up but, she's never been so rebellious with us," Hikaru.

"Well she is getting older so, it's oblivious she doesn't want to be told what to do," MORI-FREAKIN-SEMPI, wow he is on my side, sweet!

"But Mori-Sempi, she's crazy when it comes to this stuff!" Kaoru cried.

"Comes to what stuff? The fact that her two older brothers keep trying to control what she does?" Kyoya-Sempi, ooh I gots me two Sempi's now!

"The fact that she won't listen to us when we try to tell her something!" Both Hikaru and Kaoru said.

"Oh the rebellious stage it is so sad to see you little sitter turn against you like this," Tono said. Okay thats not exactly what I'm doing.

"She just doesn't know kind of things and people there are out there," Kaoru said.

"Okay I see why you are freaking out so much but you want a 15-year-old to wear a tight swimsuit, and you say that you don't want some creepy person talking to me, well in that out fit believe me some creepy people will do more than talk to me," I interrupted.

"Kagami?" Everyone said.

"Yeah, oh and when you have another 'secret' meeting about me, next time keep it a secret," I said glaring at my brothers.

"We just wanted to-" They were interrupted by me.

"You two are about to see just how 'rebellious' Kagami Kumiko Hitachiin can be," I said then I walked away and to my room, and yes that is my full name.


Over the past few days I got pink, blue and purple hair extensions and I wore them in my hair all the time with a high side ponytail. Along with a plaid skirt and a few ripped shirts with paint splattered on them. My brothers freaked. So I knew that I was doing a good job of being "rebellious". Well apparently my brothers thought of a plan to make me give in, they acted like I wasn't their sister. At first I didn't mind it, but when I asked Hikaru if he could get me a drink he just smirked and said, "Why I'm not your brother," So I had to do practicably everything by myself. In other words, it sucked.

About the last 2 days we were there, it was decided that we would have karaoke and we could sing any song we want, parody or actual. I decided I would go last and completely surprise everyone with the song that I would sing.


Okay the song is Fire Flower by Len Kagamine. Yeah I know, I'm obsessed, but who wouldn't be? Alright so feel free to sing along and this time I am not going to say any bad words, thumbs up, here goes nothing!

We have been fighting and

I can not get over all of the things said

It was so sad

Uh oh eh eh eh eh

Uh oh eh eh eh eh

Uh oh eh eh eh eh

Uh oh eh eh eh eh

Through the week it has been scary

If you never have been on your own

Okay, I never knew how hard it was

You two were right, is that what you wanted to hear?

Looks like I'm gonna have to sallow my pride and say I'm sorry

I'm gonna have to be the first one so here I go

Like a Fire Flower is who I am

So beautiful to gaze but the slightest touch can burn you


Like a mirror is my name

I reflect you so much

But our personality couldn't be any different

Uh oh eh eh eh eh

Uh oh eh eh eh eh

Uh oh eh eh eh eh

Uh oh eh eh eh eh

I guess I have to admit this is true

Tamaki I do admire how you can be just like a dad

It is kind of cool

Please don't take that to far

It's already embarrassing

Oh great, now your hugging me

Please get off

I don't wanna cause a scene

But I guess it's to late for that

Like a Fire Flower is who we are

So beautiful to gaze, but the slightest touch can burn you


Like a mirror is my name

With Light shining through

A sweet Fragrance so lovely

It's true

Do you forgive me?

I forgive you too

So if you do can you please sing the chorus with me

I would be so glad

I'm smiling inside and out

Hikaru and Kaoru

I am sorry

It is coming right after this part

Are you ready?

I am so lets go

Like a Fire Flower is who we are

So beautiful to gaze, but the slightest touch can burn you


Like a mirror is my name

With Light shining through,

A sweet Fragrance so lovely

It's true

Uh oh eh eh eh eh

Uh oh eh eh eh eh

Uh oh eh eh eh eh

Uh oh eh eh eh eh


After that Hikaru, Kaoru, and I promised to talk to each other before we have a whole full-out Hitachiin War. Also I was looking back at my older chapters and I was thinking huh, they are good but I think I could make them better. So its up to you guys, if you want me to change them, I'll have the same plot but with better grammar and maybe a few more twists that I think would be cool to add, but I don't want to change it if you guys think it's a bad idea, I don't want to disappoint you guys, so just let me know through a review, Thanks!

So until next time, the Host Club will be waiting for you, see you then!