Title : Under the sakura tree

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Pairing : G27

This story will change to Giotto's side or Tsuna's side from chapter to chapter.

~~ Giotto's Side ~~

It was another irritating day for the Vongola Primo.

What am going to do with this? He eyed the small tree in his hands. Do I look someone who have that much free time to take care of this? He sighed then he thought about the recent meeting with one of his fiancees.

"Please take this Vongola Primo." A beautiful woman in her teens gave Giotto the small tree in her hands. Giotto took it and gave her a questioning looks. "It's a plant from my country. It's called sakura but this sakura tree has been experimented and now it can blooms every seasons everywhere."

"Doesn't look like it's blooming to me." Giotto replied coldly.

"That because it hasn't been showered with love yet."

Giotto raised his eyebrow. "Love?"

"If there's someone who can bloom this tree, I'm sure it's going to be you, Primo-sama." She smiled at him.

"Love, huh? That's stupid." Giotto muttered. He walked to the garden and looked around. No empty places to plant this, Great. He walked around then he sighed. I guess I'll plant this at 'that' place. He walked passed through the fields of orchids with steady paces then he arrived at a small hill. "You should consider yourself lucky because I'm going to plant you at my secret relaxing place." Giotto started to work. After he was done, he took a small watering can and watered the tree. "Do you need to be watered?" He shrugged. "Whatever." After that he laid down beside the tree. After a quick break, I'll have to go back. Tons of unsigned documents, all the fiancees, problems with other families and then my guardians. I found this group to protect the people. I never thought it will become this big and powerful. Giotto sighed again. Time for me to go to work. He sat up then he looked at the small sakura tree. "I'll water you again if I have the time." He stood up and walked away. He didn't saw the small amount of sakura petals started to fly in circle and blurring different sights were formed in the middle. Suddenly, Giotto stopped in midway. His intuition told him to look behind and his intuition has never failed him so he turned and he saw the unnatural phenomenon. "What the..." He approached the tree and looked at the circling sakura petals in amazement. Then the sights became still and Giotto saw the Vongola mansion through it. "Strange, is it just me or the mansion looks older?" He said then he heard a squeak.

"Who's that?" A voice was heard beyond the sakura circle. Then a teen came into view. Giotto looked at him curiously while the boy's eyes went wide and he closed his mouth with his hands. "It can't be... You're Vongola Primo!" He exclaimed.

"Yes I am. Who are you and... Why do you look like me?" Giotto asked his look alike.

The boy shook his head in amazement. "Unbelievable." Then he stared at Giotto. "You're really really the real Vongola Primo in a flesh? Not a ghost formed by Dying Will Flames or some impostors?"

Giotto chuckled. This could be fun. "I'm the real Vongola Primo in a flesh, not a ghost formed by Dying Will Flames or some impostors. Now can you answer my questions?"

"Y... Yes Primo-sama. My name is Sawada Tsunayoshi but please call me Tsuna. We looked alike because..." He stopped.

"Go on." Giotto encouraged.

"You're my great great great grandfather." Tsuna concluded.

"Did you have just hit your head?" Giotto asked with concern.

"No. It's true, that's why I have the rights to become Vongola Decimo."

"You're Decimo?" Giotto laughed. "No offense. But I don't think you can survive a fight for more than a minute."

Tsuna pouted. "I may look like this but I'm strong and I really am the Decimo. Here's the proof." Tsuna showed Giotto his Vongola Ring. Giotto quickly looked at his hands to make sure his ring was still there. "Do you believe me now?" Tsuna smirked at Giotto.

"This is impossible. How can this happen?"

"Good. That means you believe me. For your question Primo-sama, I don't know myself. I was resting under the sakura tree at my favorite secret place when I heard someone's voices. I turned and I saw the sakura petals flying in circle and in the circle there was you."

Giotto nodded. "It's basically the same with me." There was a deaf silence for a while and it was Giotto who broke the silence. "Now that it come to this, why don't we have a talk?"


"I don't think it's good for a people from the past to know the future so I'm not going to ask you about the Family." Giotto said while Tsuna nodded eagerly. "So, tell me about yourself."

"Where should I start...?"

"It's up to you."

Tsuna tilted his head. "Well, I have a father. His name is Sawada Iemitsu. When I was a child, he told me and my mother that he was working traffic at construction sites. But later I found out that the truth is he was away on Vongola business as the External Advisor to Nono." Tsuna frowned. "Mother still thinks that he is working at construction sites though."

Giotto chuckled. "Sounds like a good father."

"Are you kidding?" Tsuna suddenly yelled then he paled and quickly bowed. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

Giotto stared at Tsuna in shock and amusement. "Why?"

"Who am I to yell at Primo-sama? I'm sorry."

"Tsuna, you're the Decimo. You don't need to be that formal with me, in fact you can call me Giotto instead of Primo-sama..."

"But that would be too rude."

"Tsuna." Giotto smiled at him. "Call me Giotto."

"I.." Tsuna blushed. "I can't." Giotto continued to smile at him. "Primo-sama..." Smile. "Primo." Smile. "Gi... Giotto."

"Yes, Tsuna?"

Tsuna sighed. "You're so mean, you know that?"

Giotto made a fake frown. "How can you say that. I'm always nice to a girl."

"Pri.. I mean Giotto. I'm a boy."



"You're kidding right?"

"I'm not. Can't you see my body? Do I have any boobs?" Tsuna snapped.

"Maybe you have small boobs. How should I know? Your entire being is too feminine for a boy. You even talk and scream like a girl."

"Primo-sama." Tsuna called irritatedly.


"Giotto. Didn't your intuition tell you I'm a boy?"

"It did. But like I said..."

"Stop, don't ever talk about this anymore."


Tsuna paid no heed and continued his story. "Then one day, my father left home. He told my mother to tell me that he'd gone away and become a star, can you imagine that? Became a star? and the worst is I believed that until I become 14 and my father returned home. That's the story about my stupid father."

"You even snap like a girl."

"My MOTHER name is Sawada Nana and she is a normal housewife." Tsuna paused. "No, maybe not so normal." He shook his head. "Anyway, my friends often said that my mother fits the description of Yamato Nadeshiko."

"Yamato Nadeshiko?"

"It's a term for a woman with a gentle heart in Japan." Giotto made an 'oh' sound. "She's kind but sometimes, she's too oblivious. Until now, she still doesn't know that father and I are part of the Mafia."

"Is that even possible?"

"Maybe... No, I mean this is my mother we're talking about so it's possible."

I really wish I that I could meet this Sawada Nana. "Now, tell me about you."

"Well, before Reborn came to my life..."

"Who's Reborn?"

"My tutor. He's the one who told me about Vongola, my bloodline and taught me how to fight and he also taught me in my studies. He's a hitman by the way. So, before Reborn came to my life..."

"Juudaime!" Tsuna suddenly tensed when he heard that. "That's my right hand man and also the Storm Guardian, Gokudera Hayato. I'm sorry Primo but I have to go now..." Tsuna bowed once again and started to turn.

"Wait, Tsuna." Tsuna turned to Giotto. "Let's talk again here tomorrow, at the same time."

Tsuna smiled and nodded. "Okay." He walked away.

Giotto stared at Tsuna's back then he smiled. He still called me Primo in the end. Giotto smirked. Well we can fix that, can't we?

"Primo!" Giotto heard someone calls him.

"And I have to go to work too. I'm looking forward for tomorrow, Tsuna." Giotto turned and left the place. As he went away, the wind suddenly blew the circling sakura petals and took it somewhere far away, leaving nothing behind except the small sakura tree.

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