Title: Kami no Shinobi
Author(s): Ra/Rael Orion
Summary: Starts at chapter 500. As Uchiha Madara prepares to unleash the Kyuubi, a surprising person makes his appearance. Saving Kushina and stopping the Kyuubi, this man needs not even make himself a legend. He already is. Rikudo Sennin fans welcome. Time travel. AU. NaruxFemKyu
Main pairing(s): Naruto x Female Kyuubi, Minato x Kushina
Time period: Starts on October 10th, the Kyuubi's attack.
Rating: Rated M just in case I decide to do something later that would require it.
Warning(s): Time Travel. Alternative Universe. Spoilers. Questionable humour?

§§§§§§§§§§ Prologue §§§§§§§§§§

"Fourth Hokage… Minato. Back away from the jinchuuriki or you son dies at the ripe old age of one minute," said the cloaked figure ominously, his hand held menacingly over the toddler in his arms.

The Hokage Namikaze Minato and his wife Uzumaki Kushina stared in shock at the intruder. Seconds ago everything was perfect. The birth of their son had went as well as could be expected and the Kyuubi's seal was about to be fortified. Then a man appeared, killed everyone and took their son hostage.

When the stranger inched his hand closer to the newborn child, the yellow-haired man growled in rage. A tug at his sleeve redirected his eyes to his wife, who nodded tentatively at him before he nodded in turn and returned his gaze to the other figure in the room, inching away a step at a time. Once a few meters of distance had been put between him and the new mother, the cloaked figure unexpectedly threw the child in the air in a swift move, eliciting gasps from the action.

"Naruto!" The yell was mirrored by both parents. The Yellow Flash dashed to his son while the intruder rushed to the weakened jinchuuriki's side. The new father, having just caught his son, turned around quickly just in time to watch in horror as a blade, covered in etched seals, made its way to his love's stomach, the glowing seal on it almost pulsing in anticipation.

A mere inch away from piercing the soft human flesh, however, it halted. Three pairs of eyes, though one hidden by a mask, widened. Around the masked figure's hand was a hand. Shifting their eyes slowly from the appendage to it's owner, they were faced with a dark, shifting cloak, moving in an unseen wind as though made of smoke. A thin mist escaped the strange material and the interior of what could be described as a hood was shrouded from view by shadows. Frozen in shock, none in the cave moved until a strong pulse of vile, malicious chakra exploded from the woman's stomach. A scream of pain escaped the redhead's throat as crimson chakra poured out of the seal, melting the blade's tip and soon after the whole weapon by overcharging its seals. The now unarmed man recovered his bearings first and seemed to phase through the grip that held him as he jumped away from the vicious energy. The hand that previously held him merely disappeared within the cloak at the gesture.

"Impressive but too late nonetheless, stranger. The nine tailed beast shall be mine tonight!" Kushina's pained cries as the demon sealed in her was clawing its way out were a constant noise behind the masked assassin's words. The man let out a short, evil laugh before disappearing from view within a swirling pattern in the air.

The Fourth, ignored until then and shocked into silence, was brought back by his name being screamed by his agonizing wife. When he saw the cloaked man still by his wife, he instinctively threw a small, three-pronged kunai at him, reappearing not even a second later behind the stranger, a normal kunai at his throat.

"I don't know who you are but—"

"Is it really wise, Namikaze-san," started the voice of a young man, slightly distorted through whatever it was that he was wearing. "to use a technique such as the Hiraishin with such a young child as tag-along?" The innocent question immediately drew Minato's eyes to the child in his hands. Seeing nothing wrong, he suddenly cursed his stupidity for looking away from a potential enemy and looked back at the other man in the room, who had not moved an inch. "Just saying," he added, almost absently. Minato was about to retort when a rage-filled howl filled his ears. Eyes wide, his gaze snapped to a stream of chakra, red and bubble-like in substance, which was slowly taking the shape of a fox's head. The head soon started to move in the direction of the cave's entrance. The clang of a kunai impacting against the floor preceded Minato's now free hand as he reached for the beast's seal, only to be interrupted by the same hand that had earlier stopped his wife from being impaled. Minato snarled in outrage.

"Do not move," the man ordered Minato.

"Let me go no-" started Minato only to be interrupted by a humongous amount of pressure to his shoulders. He looked up with a trembling body at the man.

"Namikaze Minato, Yondaime Hokage. If you wish for your family's lives to go on, you will stop acting like a petulant child and obey my orders." The voice, although young, held such power that Minato was practically frozen in fear, despite the reprimand.

"But, Kushina… The Kyuubi! The—"

A loud, sharp noise echoed in the cavern. Head turned sideways and blue eyes wide in shock, a red, hand-shaped bruise slowly started to appear on Minato's cheek. He slowly turned his head back to the stranger with almost uncomprehending eyes.

Namikaze Minato, Yondaime Hokage and the Yellow Flash of Konoha… had just been slapped. For being hysterical. Had the circumstances not been so grave, his ego would have taken a large blow.

"Stay silent and take care of your son. I will take care of the rest. Now stop disturbing me as I need to concentrate." Minato, too shocked and dazed to do anything else, nodded. Both men's gazes returned to the quickly thinning red chakra leaving the limp woman on the table. They waited in silence for a few, excruciatingly long minutes before the last of it left the body.

Instantly, the man's glowing hand was pressed to the cooling stomach of the woman while his other one started a series of one-handed seals. The hand resting on the fading seal gave a pulse of golden energy before being replaced by the second one. As the hand slapped on her stomach, intricate seals instantly expended and soon covered the whole body of the unconscious woman. Changing hands again, the seals soon glowed with the same golden energy before they flashed brightly.

Minato closed his eyes to shield them. A sudden intake of breath later, the light died down. Minato lowered his arm and almost dropped to his knees in relief when he saw Kushina's chest rising and falling in a rhythmic fashion. He turned to look at the man to see him walking toward the exit at a leisurely pace. He stopped in the mouth of the cave to look at Minato.

"Take care of your family for now, Namikaze Minato. I've got a rampaging demon to take care of." With what just had to be a wave, the figured disappeared from his sight. It took him a few moments to recover from the abrupt and yet casual departure before he turned back to his wife. Covering her with his trademark white and red cloak discarded before the whole mess took place, he picked her up bridal style, their child securely held in her unconscious grip. He dashed to the hospital. Bursting through the hospital doors with his wife in his arms, still bloodied from giving birth, he didn't even have the time to ask for help before several doctors and nurses rushed toward him. He barely had the time to step away from her bed before the lead doctor stopped his diagnostic and looked up, frowning. Before Minato could panic, the doctor spoke.

"She's perfectly fine. If I didn't know she had been pregnant only days ago, I wouldn't even believe she had been… Yondaime-sama?" Unfortunately, Minato was already far gone in his thoughts. Before he could start to think too much into things, a small cry brought his attention to his newborn son. He wasn't sure how he'd gone from standing in a lobby to sitting next to his wife's bed but discarded the thought soon enough in favour of the infant. He looked so peaceful in his mother's arms. The moving form of her child waking her, Minato looked at his wife just in time to see her open drowsy eyes. A loving smile spread across her lips as she held her now giggling son before her eyes opened wide in realization and her head snapped in his direction. "The Kyuubi. I can't feel it anymore." Minato was gone the moment she finished her sentence.

He reappeared moments later on a large, open field overlooking the Kyuubi's final steps toward completion. A shadow cast next to him saw the strange man from earlier appear, cloak still shifting as though alive. Both were silent as the beast finished taking form, one lost in thought and the other merely uncomfortable with the whole situation.

"Kushina-san is well, I presume?" asked the cloaked figure. Both knew it was more of a statement than a question but Minato nodded nonetheless. He made to speak but was interrupted before he even uttered a single word. "We shall talk about this later. For now, crazy psychopaths and humongous chakra entities take priority." Minato's look gave away his confusion.

"Crazy psychopaths?" Minato caught what he thought to be a nod.

"The masked man that killed the others in the cave," was the simple answer. Minato nodded, his normal attitude finally coming back.

"And how do we go about this?" he asked seriously. The response was immediate.

"I deal with this. You stay here and look pretty." Minato's head snapped at him in anger.

"Hey! I'm not helpless!" he said, insulted.

"Summoning the Death God does not count." The simple sentence shocked Minato.

"How—" Again, he was interrupted.

"I said later. Now shut up and watch." At those words, the demon gave an earth-shattering roar as it was finally complete and Minato was barely shocked when he saw a swirling shape come out of nowhere in front of it, which soon turned into the masked assassin from earlier. The beast and the man stopped moving, locked in a staring contest, before a shape Minato recognized flashed in the fox's eyes.

The Sharingan…

He looked at his companion, if he could be called that, and raised an eyebrow at the new addition to his equipment.

Where'd he get a shakujō?

He looked back from the staff in the man's possession to the masked ninja in time to see him disappear. The Kyuubi didn't move, though, and stared at the same spot the masked man had been standing on, now occupied by the… monk?

I mean, a shakujō is a monk staff, isn't it?

A roar brought his attention back to the scene before him.

He looked on as the Kyuubi raised one of its massive front paws to crush the man.

He looked on as the man tilted the staff lightly to the side and raised his other hand toward the titanic beast.

He looked on as the paw came down at great speed toward the man.

He looked on as the beast seemingly froze before its eyes flashed.

Minato covered his eyes as a bright flash, brighter than any he had ever witnessed, exploded from their direction. When he could look again, he saw no giant beast of destruction. He didn't even see a scene of total horror and ruins either.

All his petrified gaze saw was the mysterious figure, ringed staff now gone, his back facing him and seemingly holding a figure in his arms. The man vanished again and reappeared just as silently next to him. Minato, having somehow expected this, looked at the figure held by the stranger and was once again shocked.

A woman of incredible beauty was limp in the man's arms. Smooth, unblemished skin was covered by a beautiful attire that he couldn't even begin to describe. Long, vibrant red hair was flowing down her back, a few strands braided with exotic jewels framing her hearth-shaped face. Thin red eyebrows contrasted with the very light bluish powder on her closed eyelids and blood red lips set in a straight line completed the picture. Her bare shoulders and feet took nothing from her exotic beauty.


"The Kyuubi."


"Humanoid form."


"Secret technique."


"Felt like it." The last answer stumped Minato.

"You turned the Kyuubi into a human form because you felt like it?" He couldn't help but ask. This was too absurd.

"That pretty much sums it up, yeah."

"But what if she—"

"She won't go on a rampage. Beside, even if she did, I just proved that I can stop her, no?"

"Okay but what about—"

"I'll deal wi—"

"Stop interrupting me, damnit!" yelled Minato in frustration. Enough was enough. The resulting silence stretched on for a few minutes before the man decided to break it.

"My apologies for my rudeness. I had not realized this might be offending to you." This was spoken in a monotone that Minato was quickly becoming accustomed to.

"You're… pretty bland, you know?" he said in a deadpan. The man raised an eyebrow. Well, at least Minato thought he did. Annoying cloak. Suddenly, Minato felt the effect of all the events that had happened that night as a blanket of exhaustion fell over him. His shoulder slumped down.

"Rough night?" asked the man.


"May I recommend that we return to your wife at the hospital as to get you and the Kyuubi some rest?" Minato stared at him blankly.

"No offence but just who the hell are you?" he asked.

"I'm the Rikudo Sennin."

Minato's well thought out 'Bullshit' died in his throat when he considered just what this man had done tonight. Instead, he just fainted.

The cloaked figure stared at the Yondaime's body. Then, he tilted his head to the side and shrugged before a clone appeared next to him and took the body in his hands. They disappeared and reappeared in the same hospital room where Uzumaki Kushina was resting, being conveniently the only one in the room. She froze when she saw two identical men appear in the room, one holding her unconscious husband and the other a beautiful woman she had never seen before. The unconscious two were placed on different beds before the clone disappeared. The man then turned to her and made a small bow. Before she could say anything, two arms emerged from the cloak and took down the hood covering his head, freeing wild blonde hair and purple ringed eyes from its clutches. Kushina's eyes widened and she let out a gasp as what she stared at was an almost identical copy of her husband.

"Good evening Uzumaki-san. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Namikaze Naruto, your son. I came from the future because I had nothing else to do and also because I could. Nice to meet you."

Kushina fainted. The small Naruto giggled in her arms. The older Naruto snickered, picked up the giggling child and left out the door, slapping a seal on the door to keep anyone else from entering. His eyes turned to a cerulean blue as his cloak morphed into an open white jacket with red flames at the bottom. He smiled happily at the smiling baby in his arms.

"Now why don't we go and play 'I'm the Hokage' for the next few hours?" he said cheerfully. The child giggled cutely and the Yondaime lookalike smiled before walking away from the room.

If all goes according to plan, they'll make each other faint again with what I told each one so I can have more time to have fun.

"Life is great, isn't it, little Naruto-chan?" The giggles attracted several 'awww' from passing nurses.

§§§§§§§§§§ End of Chapter §§§§§§§§§§

AN: Because I felt like it.

Updated on 13/07/12