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Chapter I

Aphrodite gazed at herself in the mirror. She smiled at the reflection she looked perfect. Her golden hair framed her face with soft gentle waves. Her eyes were shimmering blue that reflect the sun. There was the hint of the rose on her lily white cheeks. She was just about to pick an accessory when she heard a mortal beseeching her. She sighed mortals were constantly praying to her. " Ah well it's the price of being one of the most popular goddesses " she grabbed a pink seashell necklace that looked fabulous with her white gown and raced down to Earth. She reached the temple just in time to see a girl placing her offering on the altar. The girl raised her hands to the sky and prayed "Oh Aphrodite please grants me love. I want to marry" Aphrodite looked into the girl's soul. She saw how sweet and gentle she was; she just needed a bit of confidence. She came up behind the girl and blew a soft breeze around the. "You now have the confidence you need young one" she whispered. She then returned to Mount Olympus.

The first thing she saw on upon returning to the heavenly domain was her son Eros and his wife Psyche. She suddenly becomes angry. Psyche that twit who had dared to allow her to be worshiped in her place while on Earth. How could her precious son have fallen for her? She remembered it like it was yesterday. Her son had begged her to allow him to marry the girl and allow Zeus to make her a goddess . There was no competing with Zeus and her son so she was forced to give her permission. Although she was still enraged about the marriage she had to hide it. She knew her son all too well; if she showed her disproval outright she would trigger his protective instinct; so on the outside all sweetness and light. . "Mother we have some amazing news "said Eros running up to her. " What is it darlings" Aphrodite asked forcing a smiling. Psyche is pregnant we're going to have a girl! Eros exclaimed with a huge grin on his face. "How wonderful "Aphrodite exclaimed somehow managing to keep the smile on her face. The couple ran off together; and Aphrodite let a long breath. "You're a great actress Aphrodite "said a voice behind her. She turned to see Hera smirking at her. "I do what I can" she replied. She then returned to her chamber. He'll realize what she really is some day she thought to herself I just got to wait . She than saw something that sent a chill down her spine and knew in that moment her life was about to go downhill fast.