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Chapter II

Hermes sighed as he flew into the chamber "Aphrodite" he said softly She turned to him with a look of resignation on her face. "Yes Hermes I know I've been summoned" She rose from her vanity and let Hermes lead her down the polished marble corridor. When they reached the double golden doors; Hermes sighed and touched her shoulder "good luck" he said before flying away. Aphrodite sighed again and knocked on the doors. "Enter "said a booming voice. She pushed open the doors and saw Zeus sitting on his golden throne surrounded by the Fates sitting on diamond encrusted ones. A lump rose in her throat she forced it back down with a gulp; seeing Zeus and the Fates in the same room was an impressive and imitating site to behold. "You summed me "she said trying and failing to keep the fear out of her voice. " Yes Aphrodite " said Zeus " the Fates have been to see me about a thread that went off track and they discovered you at the root of it" " Was I " said Aphrodite again failing to keep the fear out of her voice.

The eldest Fate rose and gave Aphrodite a hard stare before speaking. " Aphrodite you know why we're here stop the games" Aphrodite lowered her eyes and said softly " Yes I know what happened" The second Fate sister rose " What happened between Artemis and Orion was not meant to be Artemis had a lesson to learn. She was suppose to learn that she could share her life with another without breaking the vow she made as a child ; but as you know this was not accomplished do you want to tell us why?" Aphrodite remained silent there was no point in speaking right now it was a trap and she knew it. The Fate smirked before continuing she liked seeing this vain goddess being humbled for once. She continued Artemis did not learn her lesson because you turned her thoughts to towards lust which resulted in Orion's death. " I think Apollo's jealousy may had something to do with it " said Aphrodite defensively. " Apollo" said the youngest Fate had a lesson to learn as well. He was meant to learn to be less possessive of his sister and to trust her judgment. He learned this lesson but Orion's death was not needed to accomplish it. Aphrodite opened her mouth to speak but Zeus raised his hand to silence her. "Enough "he said" Aphrodite it's clear that you are the cause of this tragedy. What I want to know now is why you did this ; why did you turn Artemis thought towards lust when she had a good solid friendship. Aphrodite considered things for a moment. If she said why she did it she would be in worse trouble ; she decided the best thing to do was to remain silent for the time being. "I have no excuse "she said. Zeus sighed. "Leave us Aphrodite". Aphrodite nodded and backed slowly out of the room.

Zeus turned to the Fates "Can anything be done about her?" he asked. The sisters smiled. The truth was something already woven into the spoiled goddesses 's tapestry they had only agreed to this meeting because Zeus had asked them to speak with her. "She is already fated to face a challenge." " It will be hard to prove and she will resist it but in the end she will be better for it" " I have no doubt of that " said Zeus smiling he was well aware of what kind of challenges the Fates could engineer . " May I know what she will face" The Fates smiled and rose " No one may know another's fate not even the king of the gods" with this and a puff of smoke they were gone.

Aphrodite sat at her vanity again with her head in her hands. She knew what was happening now they were talking about her ; about what they were going to do about her. When the Fates were involved this meant a challenge. She normally enjoyed the Fates challenge they were entertaining , but this time she hadn't asked for a challenge it was being handed down to her . This meant she did not know what the goal of the challenge, which means she could not control it. She sighed and stood up. Therese's no good worrying about it whatever happens will happen and I just got to wait it out she sighed and snapped the old smile back in place and went to see what else was happening.

While Aphrodite was attempting to remain calm the Fates had returned to their home. The sisters were overjoyed at how things had gone. "Do you think she will dare come here and ask us about it" Lachesis asked her sisters. Clotho snorted "even if she did it's not like we would tell her its already woven . Aphrodite's tapestry was still on the loom. The three sisters gazed at it with satisfied looks in their eyes." It is a pity that it came to this I often wonder if humans have the advantage in cases like this " said Clotho thoughtfully . "Their lives are shorter so they have to learn faster where as immortals can waste eons before they mature"..." That might be true" said Athropos reaching over to the loom to put the tapestry away; "but remember we give human's souls second chances because even if they learn the lessons we intend for them they don't always practice what they preach." " yeah but I still like mortals better " said Clotho " they treasure life more and don't take the moments they have for granted like the immortals " Her sisters nodded in agreement and then started their work again with the knowledge that Aphrodite would not be the only immortal effected by their challenge.