This is my first story so i hope you like it : D

Sam stuck her head out of her shower curtain when she head her bathroom door close. The first thing she saw was her nine month boyfriend Tim

Scam. They had been seeing each other ever since Jerry told them that Scam was a double agent being used to take down L.A.M.O.S and since all

the operatives were either in the Detention Facility or dead, Jerry assigned him on their team. Over the months, Tim's appearance changed

drastically. His cropped hair became long and shaggy and his heart shaped face had become paler. Scam had asked her out about a week and

since then they were inseparable. "Mind if I join you?" Tim's voice snapped Sam out of her reverie. Sam weighed the possibilities in her mind. On

one side, it would be relaxing to have Tim in there with her but on the other hand, he would make her late. "Nope," Sam said, going back in the shower.

She could just feel his pout and wasn't surprised when a hand found it's way into the shower. Tim's hand groped around for her body for some

time before it settled on her ass. Sam turned a bright red as Tim's hand started to squeeze and rub. "Please?" She heard Tim's voice say

seductively. "No," She snapped, unfased, and squealed when Tim's hand smack her ass. Sam glared at the hand that had started rubbing her

butt again and took it off. She stuck her head out and placed Tim's hand on his chest. "I think this belongs to you." Sam said with rolling eyes.

Tim pouted. "Just wait for me in my room." She said. Tim faked a sad look and went to wait.

Sam later came out the bathroom with a dark green tanktop and tight jeans. When she saw Tim's idiotic expression, she soon became worried

that no sex made him lose his mind. Just then a crooked grin formed on Tim's face. He licked his lips. "What?" Sam asked blushing. She then

realized that a lot of cleavage was showing and that the jeans, even though they were tight, rode low on her hips. Before Sam could say another

word, Tim had grabbed her and started to kiss her for a while and then pushed Sam to the bed. Before Sam could get away again, Tim pinned her

to thebed and started kissing and biting her neck. "Tim, get off!" Sam yelled, pushing on his shoulders. She heard a faint "no". Sam thought of

ways to persuade him to get off her. "Um, come on, Tim. Later. Ah! I-I promise." Sam said through her screams. Tim had pushed up her shirt

and was now sucking her her breasts. Sam's eyes flew to the clock. 7: 09. Before Sam could try and get him off again, she was interrupted by Tim,

who's head was now in between her

legs. Sam gasped and screamed, not really seeing a reason to stop him.

"Miss Simpson, would you care to tell me why you are late?" Sam turned bright red at the question.