Sam snuggled into the warmth that of her husband of three years Timothy Scam. They were both currently tangled in the sheets, not surprisingly not naked as they had six-month old son named Dune to think about. Sam sighed when Tim wrapped his arms around her and groaned in exasperation when he groped her ass. Sam scooted away from him and squeeked when she felt his hard on against the place he'd just been groping. He started to suck on her neck and Sam wonered if Clover or Alex went through this now that they had a daughter and son of their own. She batted the hands that were trying to take of her hot pink shorts. "Stop it or I'll bite you." Tim chuckled voice breathed in her ear, "Fiesty." He rolled over so that she was pinned down on the bed and he was on top. He immedintly pressed kisses to her neck and Sam pulled at his hair so he would get the message and stop. She felt Tim dry humping her and Sam squeeked and jumped out the bed. Tim leaned on his elbows and gave her a lustful look. "Dune's not up. And he wont be until 12:00." Sam shivered at the suggsting tone he used. "N-No," Sam said, backing up. Tim got up from the bed and Sam saw that he was naked. Sam squeeked and before she knew it she and Tim were on the bed and Tim was devoreing her neck. She went along with it until she heard a squeeky voice ask, "Mommy, I'm hungwy." Sam innediantly pushed tim off her and looked down at their son. Dune Scam had been born with his father's dark hair and his mother's green eyes. he was too adorable for words and had an innocent vibe to him that attracted all those around him. Sam blushed and looked at tim, who still was looking at her lustfully. "Yeah, mommy. I'm hungry too." She scowled at Tim and got out of bed to pick up her son and leave the room to get him something to eat. Tim sighed. he should have known they'd get interuppted.