The Addams Family

Chapter 4: Birthday of an Addams

It's been 11 months. Tomorrow is Wednesday's first birthday. I wish she could stay a baby forever. I just hope she won't grow up for a long, long time.
"Tish! Come in here!" Gomez called from the living room.

I rushed in there in thought that she was hurt.
"Darling, is she alright? Where is she?" I asked.
"I don't know. She was there a few minuets ago. She just crawled away." Gomez said, looking around.
"Wednesday? Where are you?" I called.
Suddenly, there was a small giggle around the corner. I walked over there to see Wednesday.
"There you are. Silly little girl. Hiding from you're father." I said picking her up.
She laughed. She's a sneaky little thing.
"Peek-a-boo!" Gomez said to her.
She loves "peek-a-boo." It's her favorite game.
"Are you ready to meet you're Grandmama and Uncle Fester?" I asked.
She beamed. So, that's a yes. Then the doorbell rang.
"They're back!" Gomez exclaimed
Then Lurch announced they were home.
"Mama! Uncle Fester! Welcome home." I said.
"Oh, Wednesday has grown so much!" Mama said, taking her.
"She looks just like Morticia!" Uncle Fester exclaimed.
"Mm." Wednesday babbled.
"Oh. Gomez, Wednesday day is hungry." I said, getting her from Mama.
"I'll get her something. Does she want chopped toadstools?" he asked.
She laughed.
"I believe so." I said.
After she ate we all sat in the living room.
"Are you ready for your birthday tomorrow, Wednesday?" I asked her.
"Her birthday's tomorrow?" Mama exclaimed.
"Yes. Oh, it seems like yesterday she was born." Gomez said.
"We..." Wednesday babbled.
"Huh? Did she speak french?" Gomez asked.
"I don't think so... What, Wednesday?" I asked.
"Wedn..." She said.
My heart then sank.
"She's trying to talk!" Gomez said.
"Wednday!" she said.
"She said Wednesday! She said her name!" Gomez cried, picking her up and hugging her.
"Mm..." she babbled again.
"You can't be hungry again!" I said.
"Ma..." she started.
"Mama!" she said, leaning towards me.
"I think she wants her mommy." Gomez said, handing her to me.
"Who's that, Wednesday?" I asked pointing at Gomez. Just out of curiosity.
"Da... Da... Dad... Dadd... Daddy!" she said.
"What's my name?" Mama asked her.
"Gen... Genma... Genmama!" Wednesday said.
"Can you say Uncle Fester?" Uncle Fester asked.
"Unc... Uncl... Uncle... Feter... Uncle Feter!" She cried.
She was talking up a storm! She had finally learned how to talk! This is one of the best days of her life.

Today is Wednesday's birthday. Gomez is standing by her crib, waiting for her to wake up.
"Tish, she's getting up." he said.
I went over to the crib and sure enough. She was awake.
"Mama! Up! Up!" she said holding her arms up.
"I guess she wants her mommy to pick her up." Gomez said.
So I picked her up and took her down stairs.
"Happy Birthday, Wednesday!" Uncle Fester said.
"Pesent? Pesent?" she asked.
"Yes, darling." I said.
So we went to watch her open presents.
"Open Grandmama's first!" Uncle Fester said handing her the present.
"Pesent!" she said kicking her feet.
We watched her tear the paper, revealing a picture of the family.
"Baby!" she said pointing at her.
"That's you, darling! You when you were born!" I said.
"Baby Wednday!" she said.
She is getting smarter everyday. Next she opened her father's present next, which is a toy spider.
"Pider!" she said.
The she opened Lurch's present which is a toy drum.
"Bam! Bam!" she said playing her new drum.
"She like!" Lurch exclaimed.
We laughed when she played her drum. Next she opened Uncle Fester's present... a lion cub.
"Haha! Kitty Cat!" she exclaimed. "Him name Kitty Cat!"
"Her first sentence!" Gomez exclaimed.
"Mommy pesent?" she asked.
"Oh. Here." I said.
"Pesent!" she said opening it.
It was the blanket I made for her before she was born.
"Bankie!" she said hugging it.
She loved all of her presents. Later we ate spider cake. She put her little hands in her slice and made a mess. A typical baby. A typical Addams.