A/N: Okay, so this is weird, and not very good, and short, and sloppy. I just felt I should put it up because it's PQ and I haven't written in some time.

One day, Quinn Fabray meets Finn Hudson in their homeroom in eighth grade. He's dumb and easy and gullible. She realizes she needs someone she can control.

On that same day, she forces him to hold her hand in the hallway and Noah Puckerman watches.

Promptly, he snorts at them and says, "I bet she fucks like a pillow."

Finn doesn't know what he means so he doesn't say anything, just looks to Quinn for advice that she doesn't give.

One day, Quinn was sad, Puck had alcohol, no one was home, and they were being horny teenagers.

It was sloppy and stupid and all over the place and no one remembers who forgot the condom, only that someone did. It's a big hot mess and they don't blame each other so they blame themselves.

When it's done no one says a thing, Puck looks scared shitless, and Quinn is laughing but she doesn't know why.

On a nice, breezy day in Lima, Ohio, Quinn's period is late. She waits and waits and waits for it to come but sadly it does not, and she thinks it could be a blessing but then she remembers.

She hurries her guilty ass to the store in shades and a large hat and buys herself two pregnancy tests (just in case).

She can't go home so she goes into the bathroom in that little drug store in a discrete corner of town and -

Two perfect little pink plus signs staring right back up at her.

Quinn's parents kick her out and when Finn finds out about Oops-It's-Puck's, Finn kicks her out too, so she legitimately has nowhere to go and thinks it'd be awesome if she just slept outside the public library with Patches.

Instead, she crawls into Puck's truck before he comes outside, and yeah, he sees her there but doesn't make a big deal of it.

They're quiet on the ride to his house.

They occasionally fuck but usually he's drunk, because they haven't gotten quite at that stage where it's okay to have sex while sober.

She'd drink, too, just to give them an excuse, but his baby is growing in her body, taking over the place as if she has the right, so she can't.

For his sake, she pretends she drank one too many wine-coolers.

Their baby is born one night at a very inconvenient time. Her water breaks, her mother panics, Puck looks like he's going to explode, and Mr. Schuester is the one calm one (he drives, Puck stays in the back flinching every time Quinn screams).

They look at their baby and they decide, together, that they won't keep her, but they still watch Beth sleep in a pink bundle.

It's Quinn's decision not to keep the baby. Puck simply had to follow.

They don't know how to be a couple so the first thing they do is fuck. It's stupid of them and they may be a little screwed in the head, but at the time it seems the only logical thing to do.

They're not good at being normal together, because she'll always be the good girl and he'll always be the bad boy, but they do try, and at least they make an effort.

A lot of people say they won't last and even more people say they're totally not right for each other.

Quinn doesn't know if they're right (neither does Puck but he pretends, he always pretends; they're so good at pretending).

They fight a lot. They break up a lot. Most of time, Quinn is angry at him and most of the time Puck doesn't know what he did, and most of the time they feel like killing each other, and most of the time they're terrible together.

But some of the time, they know how to laugh with each other, and they hold hands, and they kiss, and they do love each other, some of the time.

Some of the time, they're a perfect match.

Most of the time, they're just Puck and Quinn, and they don't know how to be anything else than what they are.