me:yay my first fanfic.

hidan:yeah and it sucks

me:no it does on with the story

It was a normal day for 5 not-so-normal girls. The first girl's name is Sammy. She has brown hair that goes to her shoulders and bright blue eyes. The next girl's name is Kimmy. She has black hair that goes to her mid-back,but only to her shoulder-blades when put up,and her eyes are oyenx black. The next girl's name is Mia,she has blonde hair that goes to her shoulders and green eyes. The next girl's name is Alex. She has dirty-bonde hair that goes to her shoulder-blades,and hazel eyes. The last girl's name is Kira. She has blonde hair with brown highlights,and green-blue eyes.

All the girls were over at Kira's house watching the new Naruto Shippuden episode. When a commercial came on Kimmy asked "Do you have any soda? i'm thirsty and want soda!". All the girls stare at her with a look that say's 'a duh you idiot'. "No need to be mean" she said getting up and going to the kitchean. Sammy looked at Kira. "Where are you're parents?" she answered simply. "Four month vaction. Left me here." Kimmy came back in just as the show came back on.

~Time Skip~

Mia's p.o.v.

I sat up from the painful okay it was very painful positsion. I didn't see Kimmy,Sammy,or Kira. Alex seemed to be sleeping againest the t.v. It was a funny sight. "Sammy get your camera!" i say coming into the kitchean door way. She looks at me with a 'Why?' look. "Alex looks funny when she's sleeping againest the t.v. "I say. " make sure she stays asleep." Sammy said getting up. We nodded and went into the living room. Kira pulled out some washable markers. "Let's draw on her" Kira said smiling. "Hell yeah" Kimmy and me said togather laughing almost like crack-heads. No we are not but the sugar is catching up to us.

~in the akatsuki base~ no one's p.o.v.

Yeah it's a normal day at the base of S-Ranked criminals if you call Tobi getting strangled by Deidara,Hidan cusing out Kakuzu,and the rest just looking at them with bored looks on their faces normal. Pein finally had enough and yelled "STOP IT NOW!". Tobi'meep-ed' and hid behind Deidara. While Hidan and Kakuzu became quiet.
"thank you"he for the quietness. Before anyone could say anything a portal opened and a bright light knocked them all out.

me:so what do you reveiw.

hidan:yeah because it needs help

me:no it's just my first story