My Dark Angel

Chapter One: Save Me

Author's Note: So this takes place after the season finale.

Warnings: Suicide, alcohol use, drug mention, slash/ yaoi, and lemon!

Disclaimer: I owns nothing!

Jeremy's POV

I lied down on my bed, taking a deep breath as my room swirled around me in a blur of color. My vision was hazy as I collapsed onto my bed, wrapping my hands around my pillow as I waited for death to come and take me.

Tears welled up in my eyes and I angrily wondered why nothing good I have ever lasts, especially my relationships. Maybe I was meant to be alone. My parents were gone, Vicki was gone, and now Anna.

But as I lay there I realized I had felt alone even when they were all here anyways. Vicki and Anna had blocked out the loneliness but it was always there lurking in the shadows just waiting to come out and drag me down. Now it was out and I felt myself sink beneath the surface, drowning in my own misery.

My eyes slipped farther closed and I felt unconscious about to take me. I welcomed death with open arms, knowing that when I wake up I would be able to shut out all the loneliness and depression. I would be free.

Damon's POV

I paced back and forth in the living room in the boarding house, my mind spinning around me rapidly. It was revolving around the kiss I had with Elena. It just didn't feel right, if that made any sense. It left me feeling cold and annoyed at myself.

The very thought of the kiss made me feel even more alone then usual, not because this was Elena who had Stefan just because I knew she wasn't right for me at all, no one was apparently. Not Katherine and not her doppelganger Elena.

"Hey." Stefan greeted as he walked in, going over to his desk that I was leaning on. His appearance snapped me out my thoughts and I wondered if Elena would ever tell him about the kiss.

I was about to say hey back when suddenly urgency filled inside of me. My lungs were burning, my head aching, and my heart seemed to be melting away with liquid fire in my chest. I collapsed to the ground screaming in agonizing pain. Confusion clouded my mind like a heavy blanket, I had no clue what was going on. It was like the vampire killing device all over again, minus the sound and adding in the urgency and adrenaline that was screaming at me that I had needed to be somewhere.

Distantly I could hear Stefan calling my name as he shook my shoulder trying to snap me out of it. The pain faded in a few seconds but the urgency was still there. I had to, had to go somewhere. My thoughts weren't clear they were dizzy from pain but it was clear that I had to go somewhere. Something was wrong.

"Damon, what's wrong! Damon!" Stefan asked looking actually concerned as he kneeled down next to me.

"I have to, I have to." I started to mumble when a clear image came to my head. I saw Jeremy laying on his bed, asleep, looking deathly pale. It was finally clear where I had to go, but not clear why just yet.

"Elena's house. Jeremy." I gasped the words out getting out and raced out the front door, my brother following close at my heels, sensing there was definitely something wrong.

When we got to the Gilbert's house there were already ambulance's and flashing lights. Jenna and Elena were out on the front steps of the house crying as a police officer interviewed them. Jeremy was no where in sight so I rushed up to Elena, Stefan right behind me.

"Elena what happened?" Stefan asked, going to her side to envelop her in a hug.

"John, he was murdered." She gasped out sobbing into Stefan's arms.

"Where's Jeremy?" I demanded not knowing why he was so important. It was clear something vampire related happened, so why did I need to see Jeremy so badly? What was that weird moment of pain?

Elena and Stefan both gave me a weird look. "Um, upstairs sleeping I guess. I called up to him but I didn't get an answer. Why?" She asked staring at me.

I didn't bother to answer her I raced inside the house, ignoring the police officers shouts as I went upstairs. I burst into Jeremy's room and knew instantly something was wrong.

Jeremy was lying on his bed, his eyes in slits as he stared at me, a crooked grin on his face. He was chalk white and half-asleep.

My eyes darted around the room and I could see into the bathroom an empty pill bottle on the counter, a couple of pills scattered over the floor. It was a wild guess but I took it and it seemed to match things up. The most disturbing thing I saw though was the empty vile next to the pills where I could smell Anna's blood coming from.

I remembered our early conversation and immediately wanted to punch myself. He had just lost his little girlfriend and asked me if he became a vampire if the pain would stop and I told him yes. Of course he was going to turn himself and of course Anna gave him a vile of blood if he ever wanted to turn himself.

"Fuck, Jeremy." I muttered as I grabbed the dying teenager in my arms. I climbed out his window and raced off into the night, caring the transitioning teen in my arms.

"My dark angel," I heard him whisper just before his eyes shut completely and I felt a violent pang in my chest as I raced towards the boarding house. Once inside I set him on the couch and smoothed my wind blown hair back. I let out a deep sigh and gave one last look at Jeremy and raced off back to Elena's to deliver the bad news.

Jeremy's POV

I was getting impatient with death as I lay there until my door slammed open and I looked up at Damon. He looked agitated and slightly worried. He took one look at me and then his eyes roamed the room stopping a few times. I was sure he had seen the empty bottle of pills by now and the empty vile of blood.

"Fuck, Jeremy." He muttered angrily.

He gave a knowing look and picked me up looking concerned and worried now. He took me out of my window and we started running through the night, me in his strong arms.

As we ran I stared up at him and realized how beautiful Damon really was. Maybe dying made me realize how perfect he looked. With his dark hair, his piercing blue eyes that could melt anyone's heart, and his strong features that were carved out of perfect white marble.

His looks let off an aura of fierceness and strength that usually I feared but tonight I was oddly attracted to it...

I felt safe in his arms, which was really weird since I was dying in them.

"My dark angel." I whispered and in let unconscious take me. The last thing I saw while living was Damon's piercing, ice blue eyes.