My Dark Angel

Previous: "Hey." I greeted flashing my most charming smile as I brushed past him. "Enjoying the view?" I repeated his words from last night and went into the bathroom without another word.

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Chapter Seven: No One Like You

Damon's Pov

When I was done getting a shower and getting dressed I went downstairs to find Elena, Stefan, and Jeremy, now fully dressed, sitting at the couch all looking serious and grim.

"You spend as much time as girls do getting dressed you know?" Stefan informed me with a teasing glare.

I ruffled my hair grinning wildly. "It takes time to look this good, brother." I responded smoothly. I dropped down on the couch next to Jeremy. "So what's going on?" I asked curiously staring around the room.

"Well we still need to figure things out, like who killed John? Personally I think it was Isobel." Elena announced with narrowed eyes as she thought of her mother.

"But she left town, so it could possibly be someone else." Stefan pointed out and then turned to me. "Also we need to figure out how in god's name you knew Jeremy was in danger and what was that weird moment when you were in pain before you rushed out of the house, I already told them about it." He explained giving me a glance.

I looked away at the wall. I had thought long and hard about that weird experience and could only really come up with one explanation. A rumor I had a long time ago from a witch. And to be truthful it scared the fucking hell out of me.

I turned away from them when I gave my explanation, not wanting to see their expressions. Whether they'd be shocked or grinning wildly.

"Soul mates." I announced gruffly. I heard them all turn to me.

"What?" Elena asked confused.

"A few years ago I heard a rumor from a very interesting witch. Soul mates, people destined to be with each other have a physic sense of who they are and they are usually bound together. If soul mates don't eventually find each other it's a rare occurrence." I started my explanation, wishing I had a damn drink in my hand.

"And why are you telling us all this?" Stefan asked me with curiosity. I could almost see the smirk growing on his lips as if he had already figured it all out.

"Because," I went on roughly. "One of the symptoms for soul mates is well they know when one of them is danger. Like a natural instinct."

I turned around to see Jeremy staring at me wide eyed. Did my eyes deceive me? Was there actually some hope in his eyes?

Elena and Stefan were exchanging looks, both of them smirking. I rolled my eyes, now not only wishing for a drink but wishing I could get the hell out of here. Well, I actually could, but should I?

I shook my head softly, I would have to deal with them someday. Why not now?

"So you and Jeremy are soul mates?" Elena asked joyfully. I cursed under my breath shooting both my older brother and his girlfriend a dirty look. They had the nerve to look happy about this? Sure Jeremy was...well fucking hot. Would I love to fuck him, yes. Do I think he's gorgeous, funny, smart, and god damn irresistible, of course.

But, then again, with his record in girls and just losing Anna, would I really ever have a chance? That would be a no.

Jeremy Gilbert, not on my market. No matter how much I want him.

"I didn't say that! I said there is possibility!" I snapped at her in irritation. I glanced quickly over at Jeremy to see he was staring at me eyebrows knitted together as if he was trying to figure something out. If I wasn't mistaking he actually looked...he looked hurt.

Like my words had hurt him. But that couldn't possibly be. No, he was probably thinking about the girl he thinks is his soul mate, Annabell. A surge of jealousy washed over me and I fought to keep in control with my..dare I say it..emotions.

Elena giggled and I could feel Stefan's smirk burning into the back of my mind. There was one simple word to describe this room right now, awkward.

"Damon?" Came Jeremy's hesitant voice. I sighed deeply and whipped my head back around to look at him. Closing off all emotion from my features.

I arched my eyebrows at him to show I was listening. Sadly, I didn't trust myself to speak at the moment.

"What did it feel like?" Jeremy asked in a hush word and I knew what he meant without him having to say it. I looked down at the floor inspecting the patterned carpet and my black boots. I could feel everyone's eyes on me and I knew I would have to answer.

I shrugged my shoulders casually as I looked back up at him. " insides were on fire, like I was burning on the inside." I started out wincing as I remembered the horrid experience. The confusion, the shock, the pain, the fear.

"Like my heart was being torn out. Like I was about to sink into hell if I didn't move, if I didn't get to you." I went on remembering every detail as if I was reliving it again. I flinched when I Jeremy put his hand on my thigh in calming gesture. He was shaking and it took me a while to notice so was I.

I inhaled sharply and silently cursed the kid. He was making me go soft.

So I decided to lighten the mood with the regular Damon."Then I saw you, lying there, deathly pale, smiling off into space like the dumb ass you are." I told him ruffling his hair, grinning.

He gave me a weak smile and laughed softly. "Shut up old man!" He teased ruffling my hair back. Suddenly Elena and Stefan took a long deep gasp and the room seemed to freeze. They were staring wide eyes at me and I smirked knowing what they were thinking.

No one touches my hair unless they have a death wish.

"Make me you young whipper snapper!" I teased back pouncing on him, messing up his hair thoroughly. Our laughter echoed off the room and I caught a few quick glances to see Stefan and Elena had their mouths hanging open, probably shocked I haven't killed him yet.

I smirked. No one did touch my hair, but on the other hand. Jeremy Gilbert is not no one.

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