What Goes Around Comes Around

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Chapter 1

Will Schuester pushed open the creaky door at the back of the theatre. The sight of the empty stage and the tiers of seats caused a familiar tightening in his chest. He tore his eyes away and, as he always did, pretended it wasn't there.

He shook the black bin bag open and began shuffling between the rows of seats, picking up the discarded tickets and drink cups and packets and dropping them into the bag.

He looked at his watch. It was time for the junior ballet class. Sure enough, the motley collection of 8-10 year olds began shuffling onto the stage. Their class was held here because it was scheduled at the same time as an adult class, which meant the dance studio wasn't available.

The theatre was associated with a performing arts school, which was alongside the enormous building. Will was usually well up to date with what was happening in both, watching the goings on from a distance. This was why he was surprised to see that Ms Thorpe was not alone as she stepped onto the stage and clapped her hands together to get the group's attention. Even from row E, Will could hear her piercing voice address them, echoing into the empty auditorium.

"Right then, ladies and gentlemen. I have some important business to discuss. I expect you all to be very grown up and work on your group pieces until I am finished. Wait a second Gabrielle- I didn't say go. I need you to stretch out your arms and legs first. In fact, Gabrielle, as you are the eldest, could you show the others 5 of your best stretches please. Now, off you go."

Wills attention was caught as her companion stepped further onto the stage into his line of vision. She was beautiful. She looked so young and fragile standing there, with striking features definable even from row C, (row D looked pretty clear, it could wait). Her blond hair reflected the light which was directed onto the stage. His eyes drifted down the curves of her body, outlined by her pencil skirt, and finally down her long, pale, legs. When his eyes returned to her face he blushed as he realised she was looking directly at him.

Oh crap, she definitely saw him staring. He busied himself with the cleaning up, embarrassed, and when he built up the courage to look back at the stage; she had gone.

Later on he was engrossed in polishing the stair rail on the theatre entrance hall and didn't notice someone running hastily down the stairs towards him. He looked up at her polite cough. She was even prettier close up.

"Err... Hi" he said shyly, "are you alright?"

"I actually need to ask you a favour... Will"

Oh my goodness, she knew his name, it was fate, she had been sent down from heaven to be with him..."you know my name?"

She looked surprised. "It says it on your name badge"

Oh. Yeah. Of course it did. He felt himself blushing again.

"Would you kind unlocking the ladies for me for a second. I'm desperate."

He nodded quickly. "Of course I can."

She gave a sigh of relief, "Thank you so much. I'm Quinn by the way."

"Lovely to meet you" he smiled. And he thought how much brighter his day had been made by meeting her, mainly because she hadn't seemed to notice (or mind?) him staring at her.

The next day, it was after the lunchtime rush and Will was just wiping over the tables at he end of his cafeteria shift.

"Will!" Quinn was sitting on the corner table by the window, sipping coffee from a cardboard cup.

"Hi Quinn. I didn't expect to see you here"

She smiled up at his handsome face. "Nor I you."

He shrugged. "I'm part of the kitchen staff 9 'til 2, then the janitor 6-8."

She nodded, taking another sip of her coffee.

"What about you?" He put his cloth and spray bottle down on her table and slipped into the seat opposite.

"Well I'm the new teacher of junior expressive arts and their dance teaching assistant." she said proudly, her smile was infectious.

"Wow" Will said, "congratulations! Though, may I ask, what is expressive arts?"

She giggled musically. "It's a kind of mixture between dance, drama and mime. It's basically just inspiration for the younger ones to give the ideas as to what specific classes they may want to take when they get the choice."

"Sounds interesting. Did you always want to do something like that?" he wasn't sure why he asked, he was drawn to this young woman and not just because of her beauty.

She shifted slightly in her seat. She wasn't sure what it was about this guy. Like when he said 'sounds interesting' he didn't just sound like he was saying it because he was making conversation, he said it like he actually did find it interesting and was really listening to what she was saying.

"Sorry. That's a bit personal to ask someone I barely know", but want to, he thought to himself.

"No, no it's okay. You're really easy to talk to, and it's really nice to see a friendly face round here" she babbled slightly.

He gave a short laugh. "Some of the staff here are characters that's for sure!"

She smiled in agreement. "I'd never really planned anything at high school" she began after a pregnant pause, looking out of the window and watching the leaves blown about by the breeze in the courtyard. "It was all laid out for me. I would get a cheerleading scholarship and everything would be easy" she didn't know why she felt like she should tell this stranger her life story. Will began to wonder if she's talked to openly before, and wondered at how he felt like he could talk to her too, when he'd only just met her, and for all he knew he could be some complete maniac.

"And then I got really drunk one night and 9 months later I had a kid" she talked flatly, but when she met Will's eyes, full of sincere sympathy and kindness, she felt emotions stir within her, emotions she'd kept bottles up or years.

She was surprising herself really, opening up like this. There was something about him and it wasn't just his attractiveness and the way she could tell he was well built underneath his shirt and apron.

"She got adopted but my life still changed. I was lucky to had great fiends that were really supportive. But they both went off to fashion college the next year. I did an arts teaching course and now I've got this job. I'm trying to move on with my life but always at the back of my mind is this niggling feeling that that was my one chance and I blew it." she swallowed hard, looking down at her hands on her coffee cup.

"You'll always get another chance" he said softly and reached out a hand to brush against hers.

She snatched hers away and then looked embarrassed. "I'm sorry. It's a natural reaction. I haven't been able to be close to a guy for two years"

"I don't blame you" he said, his heart going out to her.

They sat in companionable silence for a whole.

"It's only fair that I tell you about myself now you've said about you" Will said at length.

Quinn soft eyes met his and she murmured "you don't have to"

"I want to" he said firmly "I want to tell you".

She caught her smile by taking another sip of her now tepid coffee.

He took a deep breath "when I left high school, I married my high school sweetheart. We were young, we were foolish, we were in love I suppose. I had big dreams for the future (she noticed that he didn't expand on this) but I put them aside for a while to spend time with my wife. For a few years we were happy; I don't know, but even them it seemed a bit cheesy. She got pregnant. It was then I decided to give up on the dream. I was 22, I was excited and I really wanted to be a dad. But she lied to me." now it was his turn to look down at the table. "It was a hysterical pregnancy but she continued to pretend that she actually did have a baby, my baby, growing inside of her".

He took another deep breath to calm the anger inside him. "I don't know what she planned on doing in the later stages. I didn't hang around long enough to find out. I was miserable and hurt. I didn't really deal with it in the right way. I spent the best part of a year moping around, moving between grotty apartments and drinking away most of the divorce settlement. Then I took this job on this town and I've been living here for just over a year."

Wow it felt actually uplifting to get that all off his chest. "I'm sorry. You don't need my emotional baggage as well"

Quinn looked at him carefully. She slid her hand across the table and rested it with just her fingertips just touching his. The tingling feeling this caused meant Will wanted more than anything at that moment to grab her hand in his but he knew this was something she had to do.

"Don't apologise Will. It seems like we both could so with leaving the past behind us and moving on"

He nodded solemnly. "Thank you" he said quietly.

"I didn't do anything" she smiled, a twinkle in her eye.

He smiled back and her heart fluttered a little. She was annoyed when the bell rang. "I've got my first class now" she said, reluctantly "I probably shouldn't be late"

"Have a good class"

She got up and he missed the pressure of her fingertips.

"See you later Will"

"I'd like that", he said, almost so she couldn't hear it, but she did, and blushed before leaving hurriedly.

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