What Goes Around Comes Around

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Chapter 12

The doorbell went off slightly earlier the next day.

It was mid morning.

Nevertheless Will and Quinn were still in bed and had intended to stay there for quite a lot longer but the doorbell ringing had rudely interrupted their plans.

Will sighing and grumbling under his breath rolled out of bed and pulled on his sweat pants.

Quinn smiled sleepily, stretching her arms out.

He was such a gentleman.

He tried to find his hoody before answering the door, but it was nowhere to be found and on the third impatient ring he just decided to hope that it wasn't too inappropriate or embarrassing for whoever was on the other side of the door.


He blushed bright red as Mercedes shrieked with excitement and both her and Kurt began talking at once.

"We wondered why she hadn't called in a while!"

"You, you divine specimen of a man, must be Will?"

"Quinn we're here!"

"Quinn was right- you do have a nice butt!"

Will quickly worked out who they were and bringing in their two enormous suitcases just listened in bewildered silence.

Quinn, recognising the sounds of her friends voices arriving, ran down the stairs, knowing her best friend wouldn't mind that she was wearing Will's hoody and a pair of his boxers (the first clothes she could find).

She hugged Mercedes and kissed Kurt on both cheeks, joining in their happy shrieking.

Then she hugged Will because he just looked so cute standing there.

"Will this is Mercedes and Kurt. Guys, this is Will."

He smiled, holding Quinn from behind for protection.

Ah- that's where his hoody had gone.

Though it looked a million times better on her.

It was a little but intense, them staring at him like that.

"I must ring Danté from your home phone, Quinn".

"Sure go ahead, it's in the hall".

"Kurt accidentally almost sat on his dog", Mercedes explained, "And now he's not answering his phone to Kurt because he thinks he did it on purpose".

Quinn laughed.

"I know what we should do", she said suddenly, turning her head to Will. "We should go out for lunch! At Finn's place".

"That would be great", he enthused, "But they're closed today."

Quinn though quickly. "Okay well we can invite them round here."

Will brought over the bottle of white wine from out of the fridge and topped up the glasses, sneaking a kiss to the back of Quinn's neck as he moved round the table, because he could.

Santana nudged Finn.

"Er so.. Will?"


"You can sing."


Quinn's hand on his leg gave it a small squeeze.

Santana nudged Finn again, harder this time, and he very nearly spilt some of his wine onto his plate.

"Do you think you'd want to join our little theatre group? We need another strong male lead so I don't have to take them all."

"Quinn can join too", Santana cut in, "Your two voices blend really well together."

Will met Quinn's gaze.

He knew that if he hadn't met her he would never have even considered this suggestion.

He covered her hand with his.

"I would like to." He said.

Smiles all round.

"Then I will too", Quinn added.

Quinn gave Mercedes and Kurt the last goodbye hugs.

"So… Does Will meet your guys approval?"

"He's part of the family already", Mercedes grinned.

Quinn sat next to Will backstage, able to hear through the curtain the chatter of the audience gathering. It was a small show they were putting on, after a couple of months of rehearsals, to raise money for better stage equipment for the school, in return for being able to use the theatre.

She took Will's hand in hers.

It was cold and clammy.

He was nervous.

She brought it to her lips and kissed it softly.

"I love you", he blurted out.

"I love you too", she breathed.

His watery smile morphed into one of relaxed happiness.

" 2 minutes", Finn called.

After the performance, as the curtain was drawn, Will pulled Quinn into a tight hug.

His eyes were shining with happiness.

He was bubbling with the excitement of standing up on a stage again, in front of an audience, and when people stood to applaud their singing, he felt like his smile would tear his face apart.

He was just leaning in to kiss her, to communicate his emotions where no words did justice to how grateful he was to her, when an awkward cough interrupted them.

"Artie?" Quinn said, incredulous. "Artie Abrams?"

The guy twirled round theatrically in his wheelchair.

"The one and only!" he grinned.

"Wow", Quinn briefly explained to Will, "I used to go to high school with Artie".

"I'm a director now." Artie said. "I'm actually working on a small film at the moment, I needed to get a feel for the place as I've decided to set it here. It's for a big film festival, and all sorts of scouts will be at the festival, if I make a good film, I'll be rolling in it."

"Wow." Quinn repeated.

"You see, I think to make the best film I can, I need your help, well I indirectly need your help."

Quinn nodded.

"I would like to pay your boyfriend to be in my film. I may just be starting out as a film director but I can spot someone as multi-talented as him from miles off."

Quinn beamed at Will.

"He certainly is multi-talented", she said, and he blushed.

They must be doing something right.

The End.

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