Ink on Blank Paper

"I walked inside wanting to get a closer look at the shelves. Honestly, part of me expected to find a ton of maple syrup... – I found books."

Chapter 1: The Awesome Discovery

"THE AWESOMENESS HAS ARRIVED!" I shouted as I kicked open the door.



Still no answer.

That was odd, usually when I kick down Matthew's door and shouted he came running. I contemplated trying again but the house seemed rather empty...

"Hello Matt?" I wondered through a few rooms looking for him. God his house was big.

I gave up when I found the kitchen. What can I say, it was a long flight from Germany and airplane food sucks. So I decided to help myself to the left over pancakes Matt no doubt had stored in his fridge.

I located some maple syrup (Which in Matt's house is easier to find than the nose on your face)then set my sights on the pancakes, but just as I was pulling out the plate filled with the delicious breakfast items I noticed a piece of paper stuck to them.

Well it had words on it so it was probably a note. It read:

Dear Gilbert

I've gone to a climate meeting in Russia. I knew if I told you... Y-you would worry b-but Ivan's not a bad guy... Anyway I should be back in a few weeks... Help yourself to the pancakes.


Oh! P.S: Kuma...Kumaka?... Kumajiro and... And the kids are at their own meetings so the house is probably empty but feel free to stay there as long as you want.

At first I snickered because even in his notes the guy stuttered but after reading it through another time I felt kind of sad. Well not sad! That's not awesome! Just annoyed that my friend was in Russia! Of all places! Plus all the provinces and territory were gone so I couldn't torment them...

"AHH!" I shouted frustrated. What was the awesome me suppose to do! I could go back home, but West was probably busy and that would just be a waste of time! I guess I could go bother Hungary or that piano freak, but I did that last week...maybe I could...

"RAAH I'M SO BORD!" I exclaimed out loud, my sudden outburst disturbing Gilbird. (Who I just realized was on my head... Sneaky bird.)

In the end I decided to deal with this un-awesome situation after I ate the very awesome pan cakes. I noticed there were a lot of them. There was no way Matt would make this many if he wasn't going to be home for two weeks... Had he made them thinking I would eat them?

RRRrrrr these thoughts just made me miss him so I decided to watch T.V. This being Canada, watching T.V meant watching hockey.

I watched it for a good twenty minutes but...Hockey was not the same without Matt. For one thing it was a lot, and I mean A LOT, less life threatening. (No seriously, Matt could get really angry when his favourite teams were losing!)

I flipped the channel the telivised content just agitating me further.

First stop, Curling? – NO! Cartoons ? – The main character was a mountie NO!... A nature show about polar bears? – God was the world after me today?

I turned off the T.V.

"There must be someone I can hang out with or somewhere I can go!" I asked Gilbird who remained silent.

"Yeah... I couldn't think of anything either."

I sighed deeply putting my syrup covered plate into the sink.

"Ya' know Gilbird, we should probably just head home."

No answer.


I ran my hand over my head – just hair.

"Aw Hell! Don't tell me you're lost!"

Of course the stupid bird didn't answer.

"Not awesome!" I muttered trying to find him.

I threw off the pillows from the couch, went through the fridge again (Cause' you never know.), and went through several of the empty rooms.

Nothing. No Gilbird.

"Stupid...bird." I muttered leaning against the wall. I had been looking for hours and I was pretty sure I was more lost than him. Damn Matt and his huge house.

I began to bang my head against the wall. "Damn. Un-awesome. Stupid. Situat-"

Wait where did the wall go?

I fell backwards in a heap, an awesome heap, mind you, but still what the hell!

I sat up rubbing my head a little confused.

"Did...Did I just fall backwards?"

"Peep." came the reply.

"Gilbird!" I exclaimed happily turning around. What I saw took my breath away.

There was Gilbird, of course; happily looking up at me, but behind him there was an expansive array of shelves.

I looked around deducing that I had been leaning against a door...? I was sure it had been a wall... I guess it could have been a hidden door but what on Earth would Matthew want to hide?

I walked inside scooping up Gilbird as I went. I wanted to get a closer look at the shelves (Honestly, part of me expected a ton of bottles of maple syrup.)

I found books.

At first I didn't understand but it slowly dawned on me that this many books, this many hidden books, could only be one thing – A secret diary. From the looks of it, one that has been written in every day, (Trust me, I can tell this kind of thing. After all don't I have my own?")

Course' It's still surprising Matt had something like this... I mean it's Canada we're talking about! (How much history could the guy have?)

I casually grabbed a book off a random shelf. I dully wondered if they were in chronological order but after a few seconds of careful deliberation I decided I didn't care.

I saw a desk, sat down and flipped the book open.

Now I'm not too sure what I expected. Matt was my friend but I'm sad to say I didn't know all that much about him, (Other than the fact that he made the best damn pancakes in the world!)

I stared at Matthew's neat cursive writing and began to read.

Dear Diary,

I think I am becoming a little more independent now...

Maybe...No, not maybe- For sure!

I say this because... I think I made Arthur mad. Not just because I refused to join his stupid war with Turkey, (It's only been a few years since the Great War! How he can think of getting invloved in anotherfight is beyond me... it's actually disgusting when you think about it.)

"Disgusting?" I said the word out loud, it seemed so harsh... Did Matt really talk like that?

I shrugged looking back down wanting to know what this past Matt had meant about becoming independent.

Any way I did that and I signed an official document on my own. Oh! and my boss kind of sort of made Arthurs representative cry...

Umm... Let me explain...

The Liberals and the Conservatives are split down the middle. Both have to rely on a third parties vote to get their way. This third party is called the Progressive party and they mostly side with the Liberals; however they dropped their support because of recent events.

You see prohibition is in effect but-

I gagged, "Prohibition! ...No alcohol? The fiends!"

-But my current boss was making bathtub gin and smuggling it to Alfred... I know this because I help him ...Often.

I couldn't help myself, I laughed. The image of a young defiant Mattie carting contraband across his border was simply too much. I always would have pegged him as being one of those red mountie people he liked talking about so much- Not the person running away from them! HA HA! And according to this his boss was too! Oh Fritz I had to read more!

This information leaked and the Progressive Party didn't take it too well...They full on dropped their support, like I mentioned, and the Conservatives called for a census, which is basically a vote that would condemn my boss.

I frowned at the information. I kind of liked the sound of this illegal alcohol dealing guy.

But my not the type you can get rid of easily...You see he called for an election that day so the census had no time to come into effect.

I thought this pretty clever but the Governor General or Arthur's baby sitter for me as I like to call him, didn't seem to think so.

He demanded that the census be completed first. My boss was absolutely furious, see' you need the Governor Generals approval to call an election, but if the census had been passed my boss would have been forced out of politics. So my boss did the only thing he could- fight tooth and nail! He claimed that the Governor General was refusing to take the advice of a Prime Minister elected by Canadians. The backlash was so great against the Governor General that he never spoke out against my boss again.

Oh, and he won by the way...the election. He's still my boss.

When Arthur found out he cried. Not for real- I don't think he was that upset...B- but still for the first time I caused Arthur disappointment and I-I felt good about it... I wonder if this is how Alfred felt...W- When he realized he was ready to grow up...

Anyway, I'm tired now... good night diary.

I paused.

I always thought Mattie unquestioningly did what his parents (Is parents even the proper word?) wanted. It seemed strange that he would be so happy, even over such a tiny form of rebellion.

I snorted before flipping the page. A rebelling Mattie? Like for real? Now THAT was funny.

I caught my breath and looked back down at the pages.

I was surprised to see that they were blank.

This wasn't the end was it?

I flipped forward a bit until I came to a long yet seemingly hastily written paragraph.

Dear Diary,

I'm so sorry I've been ignoring you but you see...

I got my independence!

Well, technically I was independent before, but now I'm equal to Arthur. Oh, and not just me! Brother New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa are all equal too!See we all signed this lovely thing called: The Statute of Westminster. Not all at once but-

I smiled.

Matthew had gone on and on to talk about what this bill was and what it was supposed to do. Basically it made him an autonomous country.

All the technical words he was using to describe the politics behind the bill, or whatever it was supposed to be, was making my head hurt (memorandum, expounding, Taschereau, Dominion, and Parliaments are all really unawesome words...)

Despite this I liked it. Probably because I could tell how happy Mattie was when he wrote this and I knew if I were under Fuzzy Brows rule I'd be pretty happy to get my independence. (Should I even mention the word scone?)

I flipped towards the end to this section.

T-The supreme courts final rulings are still in Britain but I-I'm still happy because...

I achieved this all w-without a...Without a war.

I swear I could hear Matthew sigh.

Anyway good night diary... I-I am tired now.

Now that struck a chord with me. I'm not entirely sure why... maybe Matthew using the word "war"? No that couldn't be it he used it earlier... AH! I began to rub my head vigorously in annoyance. I think I remember Matthew telling me about his hatred of conflict... Wait conflict? Hadn't I fought Matthew in WW1 and 2 alongside West?... That's right I did.

Hmm...I haven't thought of Canada as a soldier in a very long time...

I suddenly did not want to read further.

"Rarrr! Stop these un-awesome thoughts me!" I commanded myself. (Though if you could remember what it was like back then you would probably agree some things are better left in the past.)

That being said part of me was curious. We were on opposite sides... Had he written about me or West? Had he used harsh worlds like no doubt I had done in my own accounts?

I decided to find out... but not today. I would save those discoveries for later. (Shut up I wasn't scared or worried or nothin'! No way the awesome me would be... I mean it's just paper and ink!)

I set aside the books labelled with the dates that corresponded with the two world wars as well as the cold. Whatever Matthew had done during the Cold war had no bearing on me (At least I'm pretty sure it didn't.) but never the less I removed it out of habit... jeeze I was acting un-awesome...

I decided to distract myself with something. I walked back over to the shelf and randomly pulled of a rather tattered looking thing. I flipped it open and began to read.

Dear Diary,

I have a boss. I- I have a boss. It seems so weird just to write it out like this... a boss.

My very first one...

His name is John and at first I was kind of apprehensive... Maybe nervous? Anyway He's ... Grizzled... Is that the right word...? I-I don't want to sound like I dislike him. Actually quite the opposite... Thanks to him British Columbia, P.E.I, and North West Territories have chosen to come live with my at my house. It makes ne so happy that my family is growing. John even proposed to have a railway built so we can all be together... I'm a little worried though... I mean a railway that stretches across me? Canada? I don't know if such a thing can be done. We'll have to wait and see...

Matthew talked some more about the railway then Yao, for some reason, but I skimmed over those parts. Why? Well on the next page this John guy was drunk:

Dear Diary,

Today in parliament my boss was arguing with the opposition... I could tell that he had been drinking heavily. A life time with Arthur had at least taught me that... I mean he was slurring and he smelled... well he smelled like copious amounts of rye to put it bluntly... Like there was no way this man could possibly pass as sober...To emphasise my point, John puked. Right there in the middle of a meeting... It was kind of awkward. Anyway, the opposition jumped on to that saying: "Is this the man you want running your country, a drunker." This made me anxious but I need not have fretted for John came back saying: " I get sick sometimes not because of drink or any other cause, except that I am forced to listen to the ranting of my honourable opponent." Everyone agreed and the meeting continued as if nothing had happened...

Sometimes I wonder about my politicions...

BAHAHAHAH Oh how I loved that! So classic so amazing so awesome! This John guy sounded like quite the stand up fellow. Puking all over all everything! BAHAHA.

It took me a couple of seconds to catch my breath. (Though seriously a President- Oh wait Matt calls them Prime Ministers- hurling in the middle of a fight? How awesome is that? I'll give you a hint PRETTY DAMN AWESOME!)

I smiled then continued to read however I barely got past the "Dear Diary" on the next page before my stomach began to growl.

Wait didn't I just have a stack of pancakes smothered in mouth-watering maple syrup?

I slowly checked the clock on my cell phone.

Oh Fritz I've been reading for hours! (Not to mention the hours I wasted stumbling through this monstrous house looking for Gilbird!... crafty little sneak. )

Aw hell! I pouted angrily. I was hungry (and kind of tired...) but I didn't want to stop reading...

"Food first read later." I dutifully reminded myself that if I didn't get any nurturance my constant stomach rumbles would become distracting. Plus I could bring food back here for snack purposes.

So reluctantly I got up, stretched and made my way to the kitchen.

Alright! My first multi chapter series! I tried to make it as historically accurate as I could... though I probably failed in that department. -_-; (Did anyone notice how much I cheated when it came to talk about the CPR?)

Anyway...Please review and comment. I'm really looking for ways I can improve my writing and ideas for this particular story to help it move it along.

So any ideas you have. Any Canadian (or German) historic event/ Character interaction that you absolutely adore and want to see Gilbert read in Matthew's secret diary. Don't be shy to say. :D

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