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A Lesson in Curiosity

"I don't know why we're doing this. He's not here," said Clary, a little apprehensive.

"You don't know that. For Christ sake he doesn't even crack an eye open till 2 o'clock in the afternoon," Isabelle retorted as she whipped out her stele. Expertly, she carved the simple unlocking rune on the door to a familiar Brooklyn loft. This is such a Jace thing to do, Isabelle thought to herself, not entirely averse to the notion.

The girls were in need of assistance from their local High Warlock. Of course, the obvious first step in locating Magnus was to ask Alec to call him, since the warlock was infinitely more receptive to his blue-eyed boy toy than to the two shadowhunter girls. Not that he was rude to them or didn't like them—he was just automatically in a very chipper mood (and conducive to doing favors) when it was Alec's name that popped up on his caller ID, and his (they thought) sad attempt at sweet talk that did the asking (apparently it worked on Magnus even if they thought it was lackluster). However, beginning at about 8 o'clock that morning, Clary and Isabelle had searched the Institute high and low for the eldest Lightwood, only to come up empty handed. So now, close to noon, they were slowly intruding up the entry steps of Magnus's apartment to entreat his help on their own.

Clary knew this could very well end in disaster when Magnus, already agitated (or perhaps a stronger word) that whoever it was had the indecency to call on him before 2pm, realized they had broken in without even buzzing up. AND they weren't Alec; that was always a disappointment to Magnus. Well, if we could have found him anywhere, we would have brought him here wrapped up in a glittery rainbow sweater as a peace offering, she thought to herself. She chuckled as the image of Magnus's delight and Alec's discomfort at that particular situation crossed her mind's eye.

"Shush! You'll only make it worse if we make too much noise and wake him violently," Isabelle whispered harshly. Clary shushed.

They crept to the top of the stairs and peered into the apartment. "He's not here, Izzy. The door was locked, all the lights are off and there's no sound coming from anywhere. If he were here, at least the agonizing theme of Gilligan's Island would be floating around. And if he were receiving clients, the door would be—"

"Shh" Isabelle whispered again, her index finger pressed to her lips, though Clary could barely make it out. The girls were nearly invisible in the darkness while wearing their traditional shadowhunter black. They crept slowly on through the room where they had first met the glitter encrusted warlock at his cat's birthday party (well, the first time Clary had consciously, knowingly, met him). The memory still made her uneasy, considering the events of the night. Poor Simon. "I hear creaking," Isabelle said.

They froze. The very faint, very subtle sound ceased for a moment. "That's us, Izzy." The fact that they were breaking and entering a powerful warlock's home, and the implications of that, was not lost on them. They continued on, the creaking picking up again. When they reached the middle of the room they paused again. This time, the light sound continued. They looked at one another. "I really don't want to be on the receiving end of this," Clary murmured.

"The receiving end of what?" Izzy remarked.

"A prematurely woken warlock who is drowsy enough to just blindly throw sparks at the smallest sign of movement in his periphery, and pissed off enough not to give a crap what he hits as long as it goes away," Clary said. Isabelle mentally agreed Magnus would not be above that if he was in a diva mood, which was a lot of the time.

When they reached the hallway, they both froze. They heard breathing. Not labored or heavy, just more noticeable than normal. Soft sighing sounds. They crept closer to the bedroom door, which was standing ajar about a foot, faint candlelight pouring out into the hallway. Some unknown force was driving them on, even though they both had a very large suspicion they were intruding on something private. Hmph, Alec will be a little hurt when I tell him Magnus has been canoodling with someone else while he was nowhere to be found, Isabelle thought acidly. Her anger urged them forward enough to peer in the open door, and then it completely dissipated. Isabelle's jaw went slack and Clary's hand flew to her mouth.

What they laid their eyes on was silky black hair cascading down bare shoulders and a lightly tanned upper back that sported a fine sheen of shimmer. The canary yellow comforter rested at about mid torso, hiding most of what was going on. However, the girls could make out a slight figure, also naked (at least from the waist up, as far as they could see) underneath the slim, hovering frame of Magnus. It was clear they were just making out, nothing incredibly naughty, nor anything Clary or Isabelle hadn't done with Jace or Simon, the position included. However, as they stood their transfixed by some power unknown to them (like that power that keeps you from looking away from a car crash even though you know you should), the lips of the bodies in the bright bed came apart and Magnus leaned up a bit.

Alec's face was flushed from the makeout session, and his head lolled to the side so that he faced the door. The girls, already frozen, couldn't do anything but stare. Alec was oblivious. Thank God, Izzy thought. He would be mortified if he caught us. Yet they still couldn't look away. They felt like voyeurs. They were voyeurs.

At that moment, Alec's face changed. His eyebrows pinched together and he looked as if he was experiencing some acute unknown pain. Magnus had shifted slightly under the covers; one hand pulling Alec's left leg out from under the bright comforter and hitching it over his hip. Magnus shifted his hips again and Alec cried out, though this time it sounded like pleasure mixed with pleasurable pain. Magnus absorbed the cry with his mouth, pressing his lips against Alec's in a deep kiss. He came back up and stared down at Alec's face thrashing back and forth on the mound of pillows. Alec let out little whimpers of ecstasy while Magnus nibbled his own lower lip and slowly let his head fall back, closing his eyes and letting out a long, low moan.

Neither of the lovers had noticed the girls standing there gaping. How could they? They were nearly invisible in the darkness, standing there rapt. Neither of them had ever watched porn or anything of the sort; never watched anyone make love before, even though they knew the mechanics. They were both virgins, even though Clary and Jace had pushed quite a few boundaries lately, and Isabelle had done her fair share of base running without ever making it to home. Well, I guess we found Alec, Clary thought to herself. Who would have thought shy Alec would be the one to get his cherry popped first, Isabelle wondered. They both were in shock at how hot it was to watch.

Alec's face was turned toward them again, still in rapture and completely oblivious to his audience, as seemed to also be the case with Magnus. His palms were placed on the bed on either side of Alec's head and he was thrusting slowly and deeply, moving their bodies back and forth on the bed. They were both breathing harder as Magnus sped up and his thrusts became more fervent. With each inward stroke, Alec let out a breath or a moan and sunk his nails deeper into Magnus's lower back. Magnus continued to bite his lip, staring down at his lover as sweat began to bead on his brow which was tensed with effort. The girls knew they should move. Still, they couldn't. At least, they both thought to themselves, neither of the boys had noticed them. They could make a quick getaway if they had to, while the boys were still in the throes of passion.

As if in answer to that mental statement, Magnus's right hand came up off the bed in a fist. He flicked his hand open, as if flicking off water, and glitter burst into the air from his palm, drifting toward the wall above the headboard. The girls fought not to gasp, and if possible, their jaws dropped further and their eyes got wider. They stared at the wall above the headboard.

ARE YOU ENJOYING THE SHOW? The letters glowed with a vivid blue sparkle. Magnus hadn't even shifted his focus from the task at hand. It was almost like his hand had a mind of its own, while the rest of his body was busy pleasuring Alec. The girls just stared, shocked at being caught. But of course, if anyone was cunning enough to notice them, in his own house, it was Magnus. As he leaned down to kiss Alec again, he lifted his hand again and flicked it in the same gesture as before. Alec's moans were getting louder, muffled only a bit by Magnus's mouth.

I SURE AM. YOU SHOULD STICK AROUND…MY FAVORITE PART IS COMING UP, the glowing blue wall read. By now, Alec was squirming underneath the hovering Magnus, thrashing his head from side to side and digging his hands into Magnus's back, then into the surrounding sheets, then back to Magnus's glittery skin. With his free hand, Magnus caressed Alec's face, and then thrust up with even more abandon than before. "You like that baby?"

"Ahhh…..yeeesss…yes...oh, please, please" Alec whimpered, now clutching at the back of Magnus's neck.

Magnus was being his flirty, coy self, even while speaking in between labored breaths. "Well…since you…ahh…said the magic…word…mmmh…"

Then, as the girls watched with rapt attention, Magnus snapped his fingers. All at once Alec's eyes rolled back in his head, his back arched off the bed, and he let out a cry of pleasure, "Ahhhhh GOD!"

"Alec….dear God Alec I love you…" Magnus was whimpering as he continued thrusting through his own climax, falling out of rhythm. When he was spent, he half collapsed on top of Alec and let out an exhausted sigh. Then, almost as an afterthought, his hand reached behind him and he flicked his wrist. The bedroom door slammed shut in the girls' faces. A few seconds later, glowing blue letters appeared on their side of the door.

ALL RIGHT, SEX EDUCATION IS OVER FOR THE DAY LADIES. IF YOU REQUIRE MY SERVICES, YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT IN THE LIVING ROOM LIKE MY OTHER CLIENTS. The girls turned around, abruptly released from their make believe spell, and returned to the living room, Isabelle turning on the light as they both strode over to the couch. They sat there for a minute, staring straight ahead, not knowing if the other girl had had the same experience. They glanced at each other, and twin smirks rose to their faces.

They heard the bathroom door open and close. Five minutes later, they heard it again. The bedroom door opened and closed. Then it opened again, and out strode Magnus in a gorgeous teal and purple silk kimono tied loosely about his waist. He saw the girls' tiny smiles and threw them a fleeting smirk of his own. Just then, Alec walked out of the bedroom, fully dressed in his ratty brown/black sweater and dark jeans, hair disheveled beyond repair. When he noticed the girls sitting on the couch, his face turned the deep velvet red color of a Christmas bow and his eyes grew wide for a split second.

With an attempt at nonchalance that was completely obscured by his involuntary reaction, he asked, "Oh, hey. How long have you guys been here?"

Without missing a beat, Clary quipped, "About 5 minutes. When we walked in we heard doors slamming around the hallway, so we figured we would be welcomed in soon enough and we hung out here on the couch."

"Yes, darling. While you were in the bathroom I came in to greet them. What a nice surprise!" He immediately conjured three caramel frappucinos and a black coffee from the Starbucks on the corner. He knew his boyfriend well enough to know he didn't have a taste for creamy, fluffy excuses for coffee. Especially after a delicious romp like that. He needed a real jolt to get back to being the uptight Alec that kept their bedroom antics a secret pretty well.

"Oh thanks!" exclaimed Isabelle as she commenced sucking the icy brown substance through the obscene green straw, now seeming perfectly at ease; as if the last half hour were the most normal occurrence.

When it looked like Alec had accepted Clary's alibi, Magnus watched as he took a tentative seat beside his sister and sipped his coffee with a small grateful smile. Magnus instinctively knew he was distancing himself to keep up the appearance that what had just happened did not happen because the girls had no clue. Little did he know.

Leaning back into his own chair across from them, Magnus sipped his frappucino and smiled contentedly. "So, ladies, what can I do for you that I haven't already graciously done for you up till now?"

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