Title: The Luminosity of Darkness

Rating: M

Pairing: R27 RebornXTsuna

Summary: As Reborn stared at the adorable little creature before him, whose large brown eyes were blinking curiously at him, he couldn't bring himself to pull the trigger and finish the job.

Disclaimer: Don't own and if I did then the whole world would be filled with yaoi

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Chapter 3

It was time.

Reborn knew that this strange relationship between his target and himself had gone on long enough. Tsuna, at the moment, was downstairs, wondering about, probably washing his blood-stained shirt, while Reborn was left upstairs to finger his gun in his hands. He clicked it, holding the weapon up. Suddenly, he groaned, he didn't want to do this, he didn't want to kill the demon, but he knew he had to. It was his job, his orders.

Gathering his resolve together, he placed the gun into his hostler and got dressed but didn't put on his jacket. The hostler was in his arms, carrying it since he needed his shirt first. It was still dark outside, almost morning, but the sun wouldn't start to rise for another few hours and the moonlight in the house was all he needed to make his way around and down the stairs. His shoes clacked against the wood but he didn't care about being quiet. As he made it to the bottom step, Tsuna appeared, smiling brightly as usual.

"Here you go, Reborn." In the demon's hands was his white dress shirt, all cleaned up and sown. The hit man nodded and pulled it on, then his hostler and jacket. Right after he finished, he reached into his jacket and pointed his gun towards the brunet.

Tsuna's eyes went wide for a moment then relaxed, taking a deep breath. He placed his hands together and closed his eyes. "I'm ready."

Reborn, for a moment, hesitated. "I really…don't want to do this to you."

"It's okay, I understand. The villagers want you to get rid of me. It can't be helped."

'Rid?' Reborn thought for a moment then shook his head. His fingers slowly pulled at the trigger. He could hear it being pushed down, the sound filling the silence.

Then it clicked.




A bright red was glowing in the mountains and there was smoke rising from it. It was still dark, the moon still out as a crescent. There were no clouds in the sky and the stars were shining brightly, however, that slowly went away with the smoke. People from the village, at the sound of yells and screams from others, came running out of their homes to see the flames burning in the distance and began whispering to each other in wonder and terror. Soon the village leader came out, pushing his way to the front of the forest entrance. They all paused when they heard the sounds of footsteps and a shadow appearing in the darkness. The figure stepped out and stopped in front of the large crowd of people.

"It's been completed. I've…gotten rid of him." The man whispered, pulling his fedora downward to hide his expression. He eyed the group of people, disgusted with each and every one of them. They cheered and screamed for joy unaware of the emotions that were raging inside the hit man. The leader came up to him and held out a bag.

"Here, this is for you and Vongola."

Reborn took it without a second thought and stared at the bag hatefully. The village leader noticed the look.

"Is something wrong, sir?"

"Do you really want to know?" The hit man growled, eyes threatening and dangerous. He wanted nothing more than to kill the person in front of him. "Honestly, I hate these types of jobs."

"What do you mean?" A couple of people had stopped to listen, some had even flinched by the tone of voice Reborn was using. It was dark and scary.

"The person you wanted me to kill wasn't a demon." Reborn whispered but it was loud enough to hear. Some of the villagers' eyes went wide. "He has been living up in those mountains for years because no one wanted him, no one acknowledged him, no one cared for him. Alone and isolated, he lived up there. He was too afraid to come down here, actually, he never really did. He was well loved by the forest and its inhabitants and decided to stay there and away from contact with people. The fires that were created weren't made by him but by nature and the creatures you saw coming down here, are bears and other animals. You all say that the 'demon' only comes out in the dark? Its dark, nothing is ever as it seems and that forest has the ability to manipulate the way one sees things."

"Are you telling me that the person that's been living up there was just a regular human? How do you know that?" A whisper cut through the silence, Reborn was tempted to shoot that person right there and then but held that urge back. He was pissed off and that was rare as he was known for always keeping his emotions in check but right now, all that that's been bottled up was pulling loose.

"I met him. For those days I stayed up there, I was with him the entire time. He was…really a misunderstood person and I had to get rid of him. If anything bad happens after this, do not call me or Vongola. I want nothing more with any of you." He began walking away, ignoring all the calls and voices behind. He wanted nothing more with these horrid people. Sure, he had made a few lies in his words, twisted the truth, but he knew it was for the best. Reborn abandoned the crowd (ignoring the still burning fire on the mountain) and went straight to his car. Some people that hadn't heard what he had said, cheered him as he entered his vehicle and watched as Reborn drove off as fast as possible.

The road was messy and bumpy since it was mostly dirt and no pavement. As he drove, he picked up his phone from one of his pockets and dialed a familiar number by memory, his eyes still on the road. There were no other cars on the road except his. After all, it was early in the morning and the sun was just beginning to peak out from the distance. He yanked down the blinder to prevent the light from hitting his eyes and listened to the dial tone of his phone.

It clicked.


"It's Reborn, mission complete." The hit man stated in monotone, this was just something he always had to do. There was a mutter of words on the other side and Reborn listened to them halfheartedly since it was all procedure until he decided to interrupt. "Hey…"

The voice stopped talking.

"I'm going to take a few days off, I want some rest."

"Did something happen?"

Reborn sighed. "You can say that. I had to walk all over a mountain to find my target this time. It was a pain in the ass."

"Alright, so their request is complete. Good. I should be able to let you off for four to five days, depending on how bad your next mission is going to be."

"That's fine." With that, Reborn shut his phone off, not wanting to deal with the other any longer. He pocketed the device into his jacket and continued driving.

And after a couple of minutes, when he knew that he was a couple of miles away from the village, he suddenly pulled over.

Reborn turned off the engine and leaned against his seat before opening the door. He went around, his door still open and went to the back. Popping open the truck, a pair of honey eyes peered up at him, blinking.

A smile graced his lips.



Smoke was coming up from the gun, a sound was echoing through the room. Reborn's eyes were cold and hard, staring at the body on the ground. Blood, red in color, oozed out, staining the wood.


Reborn turned to the side, his eyes gazing into the honey orbs, unwavering at what he had just done. The hit man tilted his head. "Why? What?"

Tsuna stepped forward, his eyes drifting to the animal that was bleeding onto his floor. It was a snake, a large one, and its head had been blown clean off. Stepping closer to the other, he was curious as to why he was still alive and not dead.

Reborn tilted his fedora downward and put his gun away then reached out. He grabbed the demon's arm and yanked him closer, connecting their lips together. A gasp came from the other in shock but relaxed into the touch.

Reborn was the first to break contact, licking his lips. "I found a loophole."

"Loophole?" Tsuna blinked, his lips still tingling from the touch.

"The village leader just said to get rid of you, he never did say kill." Reborn smirked. "That means all you have to do is leave, basically that's getting rid of you, right?"

The brunet gasped, clasping his hands over his mouth but then his shoulders slumped. "B-But where will I go?"

Reborn kissed him again. "With me. I'm not letting you go. And I have a plan on getting you out of here without anyone knowing." He leaned into Tsuna's ear, whispering words into it. The expression on Tsuna's face brightened up each passing second. "Next, I'm going to need you to burn this place…"

Reborn's slender fingers ran over the soft skin, memorizing the features. In just two days, he couldn't let himself let this demon go. His smile never left, leaning over to claim a kiss. Tsuna moaned instantly as his mouth was invaded by a sly tongue, his eyes closing, and wrapped his arms around the neck, pulling Reborn in closer.

As the hit man ran kisses over to Tsuna's right cheek and then to the bottom of the neck, the brunet shuttered, bending his head to the side to allow better access. Then it stopped.

Reborn chuckled at the expression Tsuna was giving him, the pout adorable. "Well, we better get going. We can continue this at my house." Reborn made one last kiss on the lips before picking the demon up with his arms. The other squeaked in responce.

"W-What are you doing, Reborn?"

The hit man just grinned, closing the trunk with ease and maneuvered himself over to the passenger door before letting Tsuna down. The demon just blushed in embarrassment and stepped inside, buckling down for the ride. His eyes watched the surroundings carefully, still afraid of getting caught.

"Don't worry." Reborn huffed as he sat into the driver seat, turning the engine to life. "They will never be able to find you ever again." He drove off, clearly aware of the smile that was on Tsuna's lips. Reaching over, he wrapped an arm around the demon's shoulder, pulling him against his body as if cuddling.

No one was going to pull this one away from him.

No one.

Tsuna is his and his only.

Months later…

"Hey, Reborn."

The hit man looked up at the call of his name, turning around to see a blond man coming up to him. He observed his younger friend, Colonello, though he will never say that to anyone. "What is it?"

"About that kid…" Colonello trailed off, motioning to the said person that was wandering around the ballroom, looking uncomfortable with all the people that were in the room. Tsuna had changed, he was dressed nicely and his hair had been cut but it always remained in the rebellious untamable mess. He was much cleaner now too and the smile he showed was bright and charming. His nails had been cut to a normal length but the orange color couldn't be masked. And in the ballroom, it was filled with mafia members, military personal, leaders, mostly those of the dangerous variety, all those that normal people tended to avoid. Colonello took in the sight of Tsuna. "You've had him with you for months but are you really sure he can take care of himself? He's an easy target to get to you, you know."

Reborn smirked at that, knowing Tsuna's true self and having seen the powers the demon held within. "There's no need to worry. Tsuna can take care of himself. I believe you know the saying, don't judge a book by its cover." He then whispered to the side. "He's probably even more dangerous than me…"

Colonello tilted his head at that, not getting the meaning, but stared at Tsuna, trying to find out why. He didn't get it. The other didn't look dangerous at all, more like a naïve weak little kid. Reborn smirked at the expression and glanced over to his lover. Tsuna, at that moment, looked over with a smile and began making his way towards the hit man. The brunet instantly wrapped his arms around him, holding him dearly.


The said man chuckled in amusement and patted the caramel-colored hair. "Alright, we can go now. I too had enough for today."

Tsuna pulled back to smile and nodded his head. "Okay." He wrapped his arms around Reborn's left one and slowly made their way out. Colonello remained behind, rubbing his head in confusion, still not sure on what was going on. As the couple made their way to the car, Reborn made some warning glares at anyone that tried to get too close, he was a hit man after all. Meanwhile, Tsuna clung a little closer when he felt the glares on them but relaxed once they made their way into the car.

As they drove off, they made it to a stop light that was red.

Reborn leaned over, grabbing Tsuna at the shoulder, and pulled him in close. He kissed the demon hungrily, his fingers tangling into the thick locks. Tsuna returned it as eagerly, opening his mouth for entrance. Their tongues tangled for dominance, dancing and playing with each other. They didn't even care when the light turned green. Their car was the only one on the road since it was so late.

As they pulled apart, a little out of breath and lips bruised, Reborn smirked. "Let's continue this at home."

Tsuna nodded. "Yeah, lets." He leaned over for a quick peak on the cheek before settling down into his seat.

As they drove off into the night, their fingers remained tangled together between them, unwilling to let go.

And that's the end, glad I managed to finish this one. Hope you enjoyed this.