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It was spring. Cherry blossoms fluttered down onto the footpath. Two girls were walking on them with the shorter girl skipping happily in front while the taller one just making sure she doesn't go too far and get lost.

The taller one was very beautiful, with long charcoal black hair and emerald green eyes with long eyelashes and pale peachy skin. Nearly every part of her appearance was picture perfect.

The shorter one was pretty but not the same as her older sister. She was a cute type of pretty, with dark brown hair in two pigtails with little bits of hair dangling out, with a rabbit clip trying to keep it back. She had big hazel brown eyes and her cheeks a light colour of pink. She was holding a pink bag with a picture of a rabbit on it.

They arrived minutes later at the gates of Rikkai Dai Fuzoku.

"So where are we supposed to go Ruka nee-san?" asked the shorter one.

"To the principal's office, Sakura," replied Haruka.

"Ok!" then Sakura grabbed a mini packet of sour worms and started eating them.

"Sakura, I hope you aren't going to eat while the principals talking to-"

"Don't worry Ruka nee-san!" Sakura cut in. "It will be fine!" she said while smiling her ever so cute smile.

Haruka sighed, "If only that was true."


They found the main office block and decided to walk in (of course Sakura bouncing in first.) A kind looking receptionist asked, "What may I do for you two?"

Haruka pulled out some form sheets and handed them over to the receptionist saying, "Good morning, we are transferring to Rikkai Dai from today and we were supposed to have a little meeting with the principal. Oh and nice to meet you, my name is Haruka Yozora and this is my younger sister Sakura Yozora." She bowed as she said the last part.

The receptionist smiled warmly and said, "Nice to meet you too. Ok, won't be a moment dears."

Haruka glanced at Sakura and noticed she was still eating her sour worms.

"Put them away! You can eat them later," Haruka commanded

Sakura did as she was told but kept quiet with a sad look on her face. Everyone knew they were sisters, non-identical twins; well Haruka was older by a couple of minutes. Then you would know that Haruka looks like she is doing everything for them but in fact Sakura is the organized one who actually does everything behind the scenes, but since she is a little shy, Haruka tends to do all the social stuff while Sakura does all the organization.

Haruka and Sakura both looked at their new school.

"I Hope we Can find what we're looking for," Haruka said.

Sakura responded by smiling.

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