Just a small 'what if'. What if, the Doctor had came back for Amy three years earlier when she was sixteen?

I don't own Doctor Who or it's amazing'ness.

Please enjoy.

The rain slowly falls, pattering on Amelia Pond's window streaking down like fallen diamonds. Another day has passed, another boring, normal day. Another day has passed that the Doctor still hadn't come back for Amy. She had waited relentlessly the first three years, eager to see him once again. The next four years were a little less optimistic and now as Amy turned sixteen, she wondered if the Doctor had really thought anything of her at all. She stared down at the sketch of her Doctor, her Doctor.

Amy sighed deeply to herself and in a deep agitation threw her pencil down and pushed everything on her desk onto the floor. She took a deep breath attempting to calm down. Whenever she thought of the Doctor she either became depressed or extremely pissed off; sometimes both. Amy especially thought of the Doctor on her birthday or Easter because it labeled even more time passing that the Doctor didn't show up. That's when she heard it, a strange whooshing noise that was defiantly not the wind or rain. Amy squinted out her window and almost stopped breathing.

Quickly she ran down the stairs and into the pouring rain going back toward the old shed that Rory's dad had built the week after the Doctor had smashed it with his peculiar blue box. Now, in the middle of the night, a tall blue box stood right next to the shed. Amy held her breath as the tears started to stream down her cheeks mixing with the harsh rain. The wooden door opened slightly and a pale face peeked out, a small smile on his face.

"Am I late?" He said quietly, almost hiding behind the door. It took a moment for Amy to even register that he, the man she had been waiting for nine years, had spoken. She swallowed the lump that formed in her throat and nodded, unable to form words. He stepped out, the rain plastering his hair down to his head. "I'm sorry," he said quietly. Slap! Amy swallowed again, a heavy frown on her face as she struggled to stop crying. The Doctor was hunched over, his hand cupping his now throbbing jaw. "Okay, I deserve that."

Amy then tackled him into a hug, holding onto him so tightly so he wouldn't fade off again. "Please, please don't leave me."

The Doctor smiled into her shoulder, pulling her tighter to him, "Never will." She grabbed his hand and pulled him into her house much like she had all those years ago. He looked exactly like he had nine years ago, dripping wet and just a bit confused.

Amy ran up stairs, tears still in her eyes, "I'll only be a minute." Amy pulled her small suitcase out from under the bed and ran to her closet throwing random articles of clothes into it. She ran back down stairs, "I'm ready." Amy looked around, there was no sign of the Doctor. Fear plagued her, what if he left her again. "Doctor?"

The Doctor poked his head from the kitchen, his fringe dropping down into his eyes. He smiled sweetly, "Hello," he said wiggling his fingers at her.

Amy gave a small laugh of relief, "Hello." She dropped her suitcase and ran over to him, hugging him tightly. The red-head smiled at him and picked her case, "Well come on, lots of catching up to do. You owe me nine years."

The Doctor winced, "Nine years?"

"Nine years."

The Doctor took her other hand and lead the out into the rain again toward the TARDIS, "Well we have a lot to see then!" Both Amy and the Doctor laughed and soon they were both back together and neither one of them would have it any other way.