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Cold brown eyes glanced around impassively, narrowing at the sight of the dripping blood that soaked into the red-stained earth, 'I cannot save anyone here.' Kikyou thought, looking down at a young girl's corpse with seemingly no emotion.

However, she mourned as much as she could on the inside (which wasn't saying too much) as the dead miko continued on with her journey to find the culprit for this horrible massacre.

'Did no one escape?' Kikyou avoided the bodies, though blood did manage to stain on her billowing hakama. She ignored it for the time being and raised her head as she narrowed her cold eyes even more, 'The cause of all this... is over there.' She thought, hatred brewing in her empty chest because she could immediately sense that it was a youkai.

A demon completely slaughtered all the humans here.

She couldn't allow it to get away.

A deathly pale hand grasped at her long bow; fingers caressing the arrow with expertise. She strung the bow silently, aiming with perfection as she came across the disgusting creature that caused this village such harm.

It was a small child, no more than a toddler in human years – but, Kikyou, in all her years of being a miko, did not let it affect her in the very least. In fact, she felt nothing but contempt for the small being of a youkai as it blinked large red eyes up at her. Her lip curled as she noticed its black clothing was absolutely drenched in human blood.

"Demon – did you do this?" Kikyou asked indifferently, ready to fire and purify and be done with the demon. The youkai child didn't answer as Kikyou did not expect it to and it simply licked the dripping blood from his chubby fingers and stared at her ruthlessly.

"Prepare for death." Kikyou murmured, not feeling any sorrow for the demon as she allowed her spiritual powers to flow into her arrow. It glowed a dull pink in response and the demon let out a ferocious growl in return, obviously able to feel her holy power in the air.

There was only one reason Kikyou did not fire within that very second.

And she was standing right behind her.

"Kagome," Kikyou greeted coldly, not bothering to look back as she held her stance towards the growling demon, "Inuyasha is not with you, I see."

"No." Kagome uttered softly, her blue eyes taking in the scene quickly. She leaned against Kirara and the nekomata purred lightly in response for comfort. She had never expected to come across such a horrible scene on her way home, but knew that she couldn't let Kikyou kill this demon child, even if he was the possible one to kill all these humans.

It could be self-defence for all they knew.

"I cannot be persuaded," Kikyou drew back her bow even further, though the demon didn't move from his blood-soaked spot, "This demon deserves death."

Kagome sighed, knowing that Kikyou hated demons as any other miko did, "I won't let you do it," She said fiercely and Kirara growled at Kikyou warningly, "I don't care if he really did kill all these people. I'm sure that he was only defending himself." She tried, stepping closer to the toddler. He glanced up at her with big crimson eyes and the modern miko almost melted on the inside (though, the blood on his face ruined the image).

Kikyou smirked bitterly, finally letting her arrow to fall, "Not everybody can be saved as you think." Kikyou merely warned before going on her, stopping momentarily to pray for the lost souls.

Kagome stayed silent at Kikyou went on about her business, before turning to smile kindly down at the child demon, "Hello," The miko kneeled down, noting that he didn't try to move away at all. In fact, he moved even closer to her, "Do you have any parents?" She asked softly, doubting it.

The demon didn't answer, but Kagome insisted and moved even closer, "What's your name, honey?" She asked and moved to cautiously pick him up. The youkai didn't put up any struggle as he stared at her with those large unblinking red eyes. Kagome turned around, smiling as the youkai rubbed at her cheeks with his small hands and she tried to ignore the blood that slid down her face. Kirara seemed cautious, but Kagome ignored it as the child spoke in a high-pitched voice.


"Where the hell do you think he could be?" A stoic, but alluring voice asked, turning cold golden eyes onto his underling. The demon shuddered slightly and looked away from the fox's golden glare.

"I don't know." He muttered, gritting his fangs when an amused snicker sounded.

"If we can't find the brat, then your life should be forfeit," The black-haired demon swung a pretty pendulum and stared at it if it was the most fascinating thing in the world – as if he were worth nothing compared to it, "You should know how valuable that kid will be to us when he grows up."

The silver kitsune snorted, crossing his arms over his chest as his tails snapped in irritation, "I want Hiei found now." He ordered, giving Yomi a death-promise glare. He got up, as did his partner in crime and prepared himself to search for the demon brat.

"And kill anyone who gets in your way."