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"Are you going to a certain place in mind?" Mukuro asked, reluctantly following after the dead miko as they travelled along a rushing river bank, "Why do you seem so intent on going there?" She mumbled, not expecting any answers because Kikyou wasn't a talkative one.

Not that she minded, of course.

"Why is it that you are still following after me?" Kikyou retorted back in an impassive irritation, "You are fortunate enough that I did not decide to kill you on the spot," She eyed the red-haired youkai coldly, "However, I still could change my mind."

Mukuro snorted, still unsure herself why she was following after the miko corpse, 'For protection, maybe?' She thought, looking over her disfigured shoulder in a paranoid-like manner in case her 'Father' had sent any demons after her, 'Or is it because...?'

She didn't want to finish that particular thought.

Kikyou allowed a bitter smile to appear on her deathly pale face, 'See, Inuyasha?' She thought, narrowing her indifferent eyes to the small demon child, 'I can be just as kind as Kagome is.'

Her kindness was allowing this youkai to live...

"Aww, it looks so cute on you, Hiei-chan!" Kagome smiled brightly, placing the white headband around Hiei's forehead as he blinked his large red eyes up at her, "Do you feel any different?" She asked hopefully.

Hiei blinked again, placing a chubby hand on his stomach, "I don't feel hot and cold at the same time anymore." He explained childishly, no longer feeling his blood clashing. He then stayed silent, lifting his arms like he wanted to be hefted up into Kagome's arms.

The futuristic miko lifted the hybrid with no hesitation, wrapping her arms around him tightly and squeezing affectionately, "Thank you so much, Totosai!" She said gratefully to the blacksmith.

"Keh," Inuyasha snorted, his golden eyes twitching as he snottily raised his nose into the air, "Damn old bastard!" He hissed under his breath, glaring darkly at Totosai because now Kagome would definitely pester him into making Hiei join their little makeshift pack.

He preferred his pack like the way it already was.

"Ahh," Totosai scratched at his mostly bald head, "Who are you again?" He asked with senility, groaning as Inuyasha slammed his fist into the top of his head in pure irritation at the stupid question.

"We should get going," Miroku stood up, stretching his arms as he moved closer to Sango, despite her suspicious glare, "Did you not want to go back home for a few days, Kagome-sama?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'm running out of supplies," Kagome nodded, "Especially the medical aid," She explained, already sensing Inuyasha's glare on her person, "AND, I need to get some more ramen for you, Inuyasha." She smiled at him, though the inu-hanyou could see the hint of a threat behind it.

Shippou saw this as his chance to get Kagome's attention back to him.

"Kagome!" He wailed in a high-pitched needy voice, jumping onto her shoulder and nuzzling her underneath her chin, "Can you get me some more candy when you go back? And chocolate? And some more paper and crayons?" He pleaded childishly.

Kagome blinked her blue eyes, "Of course, Shippou-chan," She smiled at the little kitsune, rubbing his fiery-red hair, "You don't need to ask me."

Shippou purred under her touch, glad that she hadn't forgotten him with the new addition of Hiei to their pack. He didn't care if Hiei joined so long as Kagome still belonged to him!

And, as if hearing Shippou's thoughts, Hiei narrowed his crimson eyes dangerously at the small fox, his body temperature heating up ever so slightly.

Shippou let out a small cry, feeling a pain in his fluffy tail as Hiei used his power to light it on fire, "Kaaaaagome!" The kitsune sniffled, hugging the miko around her neck while she muffled out the flames on his tail.

"Hiei-chan, you can't attack my friends and our pack-mates!" Kagome scolded harshly, glaring down at the unsympathetic Hiei as he looked away boredly.

"Hn." Hiei snorted, frowning darkly when the miko put him down on the ground and cuddled with Shippou. It was rather obvious he would have to play nice for now if he wanted the girl's affections to himself.

But it didn't mean he couldn't be sneaky.

"Let's go," Inuyasha muttered, though he was smirking down at the hybrid child, "I want to go back to Edo before it gets dark," He slouched slightly, allowing Kagome to get on his back as she always did, "I'm sure the little fire bastard can keep up himself." He smirked wider, a fang peaking out as he dodged Hiei's attempts to jump on his back.

"Inuyasha." Kagome warned lowly, hearing the inu-hanyou to grumble and growl under his breath when he finally stopped moving, letting the demon child to jump on Kagome's shoulder – the opposite one that Shippou was perched on.

The two children demon glared hatefully at each other.

Kagome noticed and sighed silently, 'This is going to be a very long trip home.'

Why couldn't they just get along for her sake?

Meanwhile, a certain four-tailed silver fox limped towards a broken down-looking well after tracking the futuristic miko's scent. He dropped into the long green grass beside it, curling his four tails over his body and scanning the surroundings with his alert red eyes.

'This will be amusing.' Youko thought, his lips pulling back into a vulpine grin and revealing his razor-sharp fangs dripping with anticipating saliva.

He had never toyed with a miko before – especially not as one as powerful as the Shikon no Miko.

It was the kind of rush he was looking for...