Author Note: All right, it's time to take a short break from Kaname and Zero! This is a little something I started writing last year. It's actually an excuse to write a yuri (f/f lemon)... eh, just to see if I could... -embarrassed smile- so please excuse the lack of plot and deep characterisations in general, OK? :D

I didn't want overzealous readers hunting me down so decided not to write about Yuuki, Yori, Ruka or Rima. I also didn't want to write about purebloods like Shizuka or Sara but then realised I was running out of VK females! Hence, Seiren became my vic - eh, chosen one! I've paired her up with the female Sun Dorm President instead - the girl who in manga Vol 5 who reprimanded Yuuki for wanting to go into the boys' Dorm to see Zero when Aido turned up and said he was running away. Her name isn't mentioned in the manga so here, she's called Hitomi. Poor dear. XD

I'm really nervous about posting this so for now, here is just a little prelude to gauge what kind of responses I'm going to get so I know whether to continue or just ditch it. But please, no flames, OK? -wipes sweatdrop and clicks on Submit Story with a trembling hand-

Appreciation: To VaneCaos and Vine Sliver for telling me to go for it many months ago :)

Summary: Seiren is sexually attracted to (but not in love with) Hitomi and has been going to her room in the Sun Dorms for hot and heavy encounters since a couple of months ago. This is one such session.

Rating: M

Disclaimer: Vampire Knight could only and does belong to the great Matsuri Hino.

- Story Start -

"The gates are opening! At last!"

"Oh, finally!"

"Kyaaaa, I'm so excited!"

The frantic squeals of the Day Class girls grated on all the Night Class students' ears but none more than Seiren, the silent shadow of Kaname Kuran. Still, her expression remained as stoic and unmoving as ever. It was time for class changeover on Friday night. The enormous Moon Dorm gates slowly creaked open, driving the Day Class girls' excitement over seeing their beloved idols to even more feverish heights. As they squealed out their favourite Night Class student's names, Seiren's pale violet eyes flicked past the familiar backs of the two School Prefects – Zero Kiryuu and Yuuki Cross - who stood just outside the gates, in search of someone else. She couldn't see that someone now but it didn't matter. She would catch sight of that person soon. She always did.

With a lapse of her customary control, Seiren allowed an image of that person to unfold in her mind for the briefest of seconds - a tallish girl with blond, slightly wavy hair caught in two low ponytails behind her ears. Not really slender. Not fat either. Just... curvy enough to be appealing but as mindless and stupid as all her other female classmates. Still, she was blessed with one single redeeming factor.

The mere thought of that factor caused heat to curl in Seiren's stomach and she almost stopped walking. Almost instinctively, she forced her mind to a blank before it affected her heart rate and body temperature. They might be minute changes but still discernible to any of the vampire nobles surrounding her. Such was the need to preserve her secret and Seiren walked on, looking as ever, bored and expressionless.

"Yoo hoo, 'Idol-sempai'!"

"Look over here! Look at me and 'shoot' me!"

A frown tried to make its presence known on Seiren's brow but she didn't allow it. She did however, give a mental snort as the Night Class students continued to make their way past the two School Prefects, trying not to wrinkle their perfect aristocratic noses at the almost visible miasma of perspiration laced teenage human female hormones that clogged the thankfully cool evening air.

"Good evening, Kaname-sempai!"

"Good evening, Yuuki."

All the nobles stopped walking when Kaname did. They waited silently and patiently while their pureblood leader greeted and hugged Yuuki, who was happily blushing, stammering and ignoring her fellow prefect who glowered at the both of them as he usually did. Seiren barely glanced at the three of them but she kept her senses focused on the angry ex-human standing just behind Yuuki just in case he tried to harm her beloved leader. Thankfully, nothing happened. Kaname released Yuuki, thanked her for her efforts as usual and turned to continue down the path towards the classroom. The nobles followed him and the high pitched squeals grew even higher, spurring the two prefects into action once more as they tried to keep the girls in check.

Mindless, useless creatures! Good only for the crimson liquid flowing in their veins…

Seiren kept her face impassive, ignoring the frivolous and irritating behaviour of Aido on her right side as he played up his playboy role with relish. Seiren didn't care about that. Now that Kaname was more than a few feet in front of her, she was interested in catching the scent of one particular person... and there she was, screeching Aido's nickname with as much fervour as her classmates.

Boring. Stupid. And immature beyond belief. But still... the one who had caught the silent, silver haired girl's interest.

Hitomi. The female Sun Dorm president. She was a pretty girl as far as the Day Class girls went... not really stupid but then, not particularly intelligent either. Not that Seiren cared about what was between the girl's ears. She was only interested in the rest of her - to put it crudely, from the neck down.

What Hitomi looked like under that Day Class uniform. Preferably naked.

What Hitomi's skin felt like against her fingers. Preferably the skin on her breasts and on the insides of her quaking pale thighs.

What Hitomi's scent smelled like. Preferably from the opening between her legs.

What Hitomi's essence tasted like. On Seiren's tongue and going oh so slowly down her throat.


Heat coiled again in Seiren's stomach and she almost, almost licked her lips. Hitomi must have felt something of the noble's heated gaze because she suddenly turned and caught those intense pale violet eyes on her. The serene lips tilted just a little in the barest of smirks but Hitomi gulped, forgot what she was shouting out to Aido and blushed a deep, deep crimson. That made Seiren smile and Hitomi swallowed once more. That Night Class girl's mouth was closed but that smile was predatory. Frightening. And damn if it didn't make Hitomi break out in goose pimples all over and cause a most inconvenient dampness in her most intimate place.

Having caused the right sort of reaction in Hitomi, Seiren was satisfied. She shifted her gaze forward and walked on. Tonight was Friday - her favourite day. Especially Friday night.

And the best part? Hitomi knew it too. Seiren's visit would be expected and the outcome would satisfy them both.

Seiren would settle for nothing less.

To be continued...