A collection of Fushigi Yuugi drabbles by otaku-no-miko

Author's Notes: (August 22, 2010)
I cheated a little bit on this one; this song came on while I was listening to shuffle and I realized halfway through I wanted to write a story for it. So I listened to it again a couple times. Gomen ne! The connection here is really more symbolic than anything.

Slavedriver: The nice thing about some of these is they are open for interpretation =) I intended that one to be Suboshi, personally, but hey, it's vague enough it could be anyone.

She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly
Off the coast, and I'm heading nowhere
She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly…
(Ben Folds Five, "Brick")

He couldn't sleep.

He'd always had trouble sleeping (especially lately, without his brother's reassuring breathing and heartbeat next to him) but tonight he couldn't keep his mind from wandering.

It wandered, as it invariably had for the last week, to her.

He hadn't even met her yet; he was running this fool's errand for her, this task that would most likely get him killed, and other than a vague glimpse of bright hair and long legs rounding a corner the day before he left he would've thought her not real. She was all Suboshi could "speak" of, on the occasions they'd been able to speak; her hair, her eyes, her rare smile that could melt snow…

He wondered if she was worth it. He hoped she was. And as he tossed and turned, eyes closing once more, he thought idly that this must be one hell of a woman to even catch his little brother's eye. He hoped she knew that.

More than anything, though, he hoped one day to tell her these things himself.