"Wow... Tenten it's beautiful.."

"You really think so, Hinata?"

"Of course I do. They all are."

"That doesn't make it any easier to choose, Hinata-chan."

Row after row of colorful fabrics surrounds the girls; The older of the two is pawing through the cotton fabrics, while the younger slowly handles every one, admiring it before putting it back on its rack.

"Well..they all are very eye-catching. Maybe.." , thought the Heiress as she browsed through the colorful fabrics, Still deciding on which one to wear to the upcoming festival .Hinata didn't want to wear a kimono; the reason being that she doesn't carry that much money with her and her father would insist on 'approving' her choice of dress. Which meant that he picked it out. She sighed, trying to enjoy the shopping date with her friend, Tenten.

Hinata cheered up, thinking of the previous day's event…

"Hinata-san! Wait!"

"Oh.. Naruto-kun. Is everything okay?"

The two are almost at the Hyuuga estate, It is around 9o'clock at night

"Say Hinata.. May I walk you home? I mean.. There are plenty of jokers who would take- ack" Naruto blushes slightly

Hinata stifles a giggle at the flustered Naruto; she is surprised at his actions.

"You may, if you want," Hinata says with a smile that could rival the sun.

They walk in silence for the better part of the trip. Naruto speaks abruptly right before the two approach the gates

"Hinata! I-I'm going to do it! Hinata-chan, do you want to go to the Leaf Festival with me?"

Naruto is blushing profusely now, his head turned downwards in embarrassment.

Hinata is surprised at the blond nin, but not in a bad way. She feels her face grow warm, "Y-yes. I would love to go with you.."

"Great!" They are now at the gates. Hinata is just about to take her leave, but before she can proceed Naruto pulls her into an enormous, but gentle, hug. "Thanks Hinata.."He plants a soft kiss on her forehead.

Hinata turns away, embarrassed. She watches Naruto leave before going inside…

"Hinata-chan. Hinata. Hello?" Tenten snaps Hinata out of her thoughts. "Yes?" a familiar pink blush adorns her face.

"Hinata Hinata. Don't zone out on me or this will take longer than it should," Tenten scorned the heiress. Of course, it was a playful scolding. Tenten resumes her method of browsing before she stops abruptly. She approaches a nearby Hinata, a length of cloth in tow.

Tenten holds the yukata to Hinata's face "This is so pretty! It's perfect for you Hinata-chan." The Yukata was a dark shade of lavender which grew lighter as it neared the bottom, and it was adorned with light pink flowers.

"(It really is pretty)" Hinata thought with a contented sigh.

"Bet Naruto would love it, don't you think?" Tenten made fun of her friend, smiling teasingly. "Tenten!" Hinata's face took on a tomato-red color.
"What?" Tenten, of course, relived the previous day with Hinata several times. The two pay for their purchases.

They were both laughing as they left the store. Tenten's Yukata was a dark red, with a white stripe pattern criss crossing the back. As well as the Yukatas they bought matching white fans and Hairclips. Normally Hinata would not act like she did but she found it hard to be shy around Tenten. They became best friends when Tenten saved Hinata from an attempted kidnapping several years ago...

* (10 years ago)*
Hinata was resting in the Compound's Garden when she heard a familiar voice, "Hinata, Hinata!"
A servant approached the Heiress as she began to rise. "S-S-Satomi-san?" "Your Father wants you back in the Estate immediately! There was a break-in, in your room. We believe that they may be after you!" "W-w-what?"

"You have to go! Now!" Hinata stumbles into a run, not towards the house but away from it. She was clever enough to know to not go towards the place where the perpetrator may be. She dashes towards the low clearance branches of the garden's willow tree, thinking that it would hide her.

Little did she know that the intruder has thought of the same hiding place. She is panting slightly when she hears a unfamiliar voice, "Got you, brat." Hinata froze when she heard the unfamiliar voice. She tried to fight, but in vain. He wasted no time into binding and gagging her. He hefted her up and slung her over his shoulder, much like a heavy sack. Checking beforehand, He tore through the compound with the young heiress slung over his shoulder.

Avoiding the eyes of the guards who continued to seek him out, He continued to weave around buildings until he exited the compound.

Now, at this point, you could imagine how scared Hinata was. She ended up passing out shortly after her assault, much to her Kidnapper's advantage. He continued In the same manner until He reached the gates. The guards were occupied with finding Hinata and left their posts to search for Her. As the Man was leaving,
though, A kunai was thrown at him. He managed to dodge it but it left a small gash on the bridge of his nose. 12-year old Tenten then appeared, with a second kunai sheathed. "Put her down, stupid." She calmly stated, preparing for attack. He ignored the threat and attempted to pass her.

"Idiot" Tenten chuckled, then lashed out.


"Hmm?" Hinata woke up encased in blankets, On a soft bed/couch. After a minute of internal debating her childish nature decided that she didn't want to move from the spot she was in. She began to drift back to sleep when she heard a voice,

"Hey! Please don't fall asleep!"

She immediately sat up, which caused her head to hit something hard, which caused her to squeak and clutch her head with a pained expression adorned. When she saw that she hurt someone else, She jumped up from the bed and glanced into her savior's face.

"You-u're Te-tenten, r-rig-ght?"

"Yes, and you are Hinata, Hinata Hyuuga, correct?"


"I knew you were. Can't be Hinata without the stuttering, am I right?"

"I do-on't always stu-utter!"

"Right. Well... we'd better get you home soon. My mom already contacted Hiashi Hyuuga."

"N-no! I would l-like to stay, please."

The words Hinata uttered surprised both of the girls. Hinata just felt oddly comfortable with Tenten and wanted to stay a little longer. Tenten's Mother arranged so that Hinata could stay the night.

"And that's how our friendship began. I stopped stuttering years ago, except around Naruto and strangers." She smiled at the thought that she has overcome the problem (mostly). She and Tenten then ate dinner with Ino at Ichirakus.

Afterwards they went their separate ways,
each to her home. They all fell asleep, dreaming brightly colored dreams.

"Deidara, Itachi, We'll wait here."

"Why?" "It's to be safe. We'll know when it starts."

3 men donned in black robes stamped with red clouds, representing the Akasuki, were setting up camp and a watch schedule.

"Great idea to attack the leaf during a festival, when everyone is distracted."

"Of course, with my impending geun-"


"Sorry Kisame..." The three were fooling around, with plenty of time and freedom from their boss's iron grip.

Itachi, the Black-haired nin, was planning their strategy while the other two, a blonde and a shark-like nin, were sparring violently. After a while though they decided to get some rest, with Kisame taking the first watch.

"Fireworks won't be the only thing lighting up the sky..." Deidara muttered before succumbing to his exhaustion.

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