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Hinata swirls in place, jumping towards the tree nearest to her. The poor unsuspecting tree takes the 110lbs of sheer force, branches quivering in recoil.

Hyuuga Hinata quickly scales up the tree, closely monitored by the 3 akasuki that took to nearby surrounding trees. Hinata seemingly disappeared into the tree, but only to the untrained eye. To the 3 ninja however every move was broadcast clearly to them, easily dodging the onslaught of kunai and shrunken thrown at them. Kisame attempts to send a water clone up into her tree, but it quickly was dispelled by the now-byakugan using Hinata. The darkness of the forest slightly hindered Deidara's sight, causing him to fall back and wait for the heiress to embellish herself into sight. Kisame and Itachi had no problem "seeing" the Hyuuga. Itachi threw senbon at Hinata, trying to distract her while his comrade scaled the tree in an effort to contain the girl.

Mission failed. Kisame, in his haste, failed to acknowledge the offhand possibility that, while running up the tree, that the heiress would think it was a good idea to let herself fall directly off the branch and directly onto Kisame. Now the shark-man lies on the ground, fuming heiress on top of him with a kunai at his neck.

Kisame simply stared at the raven-haired girl, still clad in her yukata. Her hair accidentally brushed his face, causing a cold bolt to run throughout his body. If it wasn't for her murderous expression, He would have enjoyed the moment.

Hinata sneered at the man who assisted in taking Everything from her. She was totally prepared to take his life, until a little thought was brought to the forefront of her mind.

She didn't actually want to kill him, or any of them. She didn't expect to be put in a situation in which she had the ability to kill her enemies. She wouldn't take a life in cold (or not so cold) blood.

Her rage ebbed into the recesses of her mind as she slowly removed the kunai from his throat. She stood, her expression softened into one of frustration and sadness. Kisame rose, his carefully masked expression unchanging.

Hinata shut her eyes, waiting for the killing blow. Itachi and Deidara leaped onto the ground, ready to attack if necessary.

Seconds pass, then minutes. Hinata risks a peek at the now-unmoving akasuki. Three unfaltering pairs of eyes greet her. Hinata deactivates her bloodline, still waiting.

Blade then graces the clearing with his slightly-less-than-wanted-appearance. He rubs against Itachi, purring loudly.

What an icebreaker. Deidara couldn't take it and started laughing hysterically. He laughed even harder when he saw Itachi's expression of utter disdain for the extremely bipolar creature. Hinata appeared utterly confused by the akasuki. She scowled at Kisame, who ignored the heiress.

She realized that although she would die, it wouldn't be today. Deidara got over his spasm and made extremely tight bracelets of clay, which he secured to Hinata's arms and legs, "Now listen, yeah? If you try to pull them off, kaboom. If you try to escape and I release the juutsu, kaboom. Understand, yeah?"

Hinata nodded solemnly. She decided not to care about her state anymore. She had no reason to.

Deidara signaled for her to run behind him and Itachi but in front of Kisame. They wasted no time in escaping the clearing and into the black forest.

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