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So it's basically my first fic (Hoooraaayyy!)

The setting is after Persona 4 True Ending. Maybe you will be confused by the story since it's not an "usual" Persona story, but it's my idea about the whole scope of Persona World, from Persona 1 – Persona 4. That's why you will see so many OC because I'm trying to chronicle the driving force behind all Personas stories, to explain why Dark Hour is happening at Port Island or Midnight Channel is in show in Inaba or Nyalarthotep (spelling?) is rampaging there or Igor is snoring here.

I am also kind of infatuated with Xenosaga story since its soooooo EPIC, thus, you may spot some similarities (just similarities, not exact copy!) between my story and Xenosaga story.

Disclaimer: The Personas gangs as well as utilities belong to Atlus while some of the OC are inspired from Xenosaga, so they belong to Namco.

Anyway, enjoy!

Chapter 1: The Usual Meeting

"Now your last bishop is away. Check."

"Nah. Playing a swift game aren't you, eh?"

"You ask as if you are oblivious" The man in question retorted. "Although you are in cahoots with those so called vanguards of yours in the event, aren't you?" He answered sarcastically; his butterfly-looked mask flickered as he talked

"I noticed a slight rise in your tone. Do I see anger?" The platinum-haired boy hissed as he glanced over his arrays of pawns. "Or should I say, fear?"

"You are starting to annoy me brat." Suddenly a long-barreled rifle tore the darkness engulfing both men, appearing behind the butterfly-masked man with its tip pointed to the silver-haired boy. "You sure know how to talk big, do you?"

"And I believe you are capable of threatening someone with that oversized rifle-hand of yours." He answered casually. "It's a pleasant thing for someone to live up to his name, until he crossed the point of no return and ended regretting his pitiful act." He continued nonchalantly, moving his pale hand across his still knight, letting it set ablaze.

"But I believe you are more considerate than that exemplar, aren't you, o thou the menacing Reaper?" He sibilated deeply as his translucent blue eyes pierced the cowering darkness, uncovering the face of the asker.

Another man appeared abruptly; his shiny hand on the rifleman torn coat "He's right. The Pact is still active. Put down your gun, err…, I mean your hand."

"Tch." The Reaper muttered as he lowered his gun, err…, hand.

"Ah. The eminent deity himself honors me with his grace." The boy said with dragging tone. "You are joining us to watch the game after disposing my poor bishop, do you?"

"I'm here in case something happens. Seeing that you brought your men with you, I believe my present isn't in any objection." The deity replied as he swirled his gallant spear before it vanished in darkness.

"Seems that your eyes can see through deceit, huh? As expected from the supposed creator of Japan's archipelago." An abrupt blaze ensued as a man appeared behind the boy. His blood-red cloak basked as the flame subsided.

"I couldn't agree more with you." An immense icicle rose from the darkness below, shattered profusely beside the man clad in red before revealing a man with deep blue cloak.

"Hmmm. Finally you reveal yourselves eh, dogs of Wilhelm? Where's the other guy in your pussy gang? Hitting on girls with his shot mark on his forehead?" Replied the rifleman with a clear disgust in his voice.

"We are happy for being "dogs of Wilhelm" so I'll take that as compliment." Riposted the man clad in blue. "And about our friend, he's definitely not hitting on girls right now, but he sends his warmest message to his shooter. He'll be sure to return the debt, so I think you shouldn't worry too much about him."

"Tch. Tell him that I'll blow his entire head the next time."

"Why don't you tell him yourself? I'm not an owl in Harry Potter whose task is to send mails across country. Besides, it's raining outside. My majestic cloak will get drenched!"

"You dare to make fu-."

"That's enough you two." A man who's sitting on a sofa not far from the group stated loudly; his grip on his glowing sword tightened as he continued taking care of his sets of coffins. "Your infinitesimal banter is holding the game from proceeding."

"He has a point there. Shut up pussy blue! Tch. You should have dispatched this fool when you have the chance, Ookami." The Reaper rejoined as he assumed his seat behind the butterfly-masked man.

"Hey! You're the one who started it, jackass!" Answered the masked, clad-in-blue man, ready to initiate another mockery contest.

"Enough Voyager." The boy spoke suddenly; his saturnine tone made the adjacent man flinched. "You should, at the very least, respect the word of the Messiah."

"Okay. Okay. I understand. My mouth is closed now. Period."

Silence crept into the dim room for long as the watchers took their own seat in the room. After that, the silent player broke the creepy silence with his brisk voice.

"Now, shall we resume the game?" The butterfly-masked man finally spoke after all the ruckus.

"With all of my pleasure. Is it my turn now?" Asked the boy calmly as his hand stopped atop his nonmoving knight.

"Indeed, it is."

"Before I assume my turn, may we have a small "undisturbed" chatter?" Said the boy with slight press on his word. Voyager cringed as he heard the statement.

"As you wish. What is it that you wish to enquire?"

"Can I see her before the game resumes?"

"I thought you of all people should have known what's written on the Pact. Beside, you want to see the face of someone who you had long killed so badly now? That's pretty ironic. No wonder she chose him over you."

As the butterfly-masked man finished his sentence, a ray of beam homed down upon him, blasting every bits of him. Surprisingly, no one in the room was shocked or even flinched by the occurrence.

"Ethereal form as always eh, Philemon? You're pretty slick even after ages the Pact took place. No wonder you're always in his arsenal of weapon." The silver-haired boy remarked as he returned his gaze on the chess table.

"I prefer to use the reference of "partner" instead of "weapon". Beside, what are you doing by attacking me? Seems that you're not afraid of breaking the Pact." Philemon replied coldly as his body began to take form once again, revealing his unscratched body.

"Of course not. I will always pay homage to the Pact. That's the least I could do to my former friend."

"Former friend my frickin' ass." The Reaper grunted from his seat, his yellowish orbs perforate straight to the boy. If looks could kill, it would surely kill the boy.

"Shin…" Uttered Philemon softly as he put his vision on the window. The pale moon was shining brilliantly with shimmers of stars along it. One of the stars shone brighter than the others, showering the dark sky with reddish rays.

"I know, I know…." The Reaper grumbled faintly; his yellowish orbs transformed to warm brown.

"Thank you so much my dear Philemon. I concur that I don't have the permission to see her now, do I? Then I'll just wait until I reclaim her in my arm. Knight to E-4." The boy stated as he moved his ebony knight.

"That place? What are you going to do in that place?" Philemon questioned as he gestured a sign to the hollow air.

A wide screen appeared from nowhere, showing the modern city of Tokyo in view for both man to see. Children and parents are walking the busy street, each with their own business and thought. The city rolled normally, oblivious to the approaching happening.

"A chess game wouldn't be so exhilarating if the players share tactics, would it?" The boy replied easily as his bluish eyes turned to sparkling yellow. "Your turn now."

"My turn. Rook to E-4" Said the butterfly-masked man as he move his rook to the very same spot of the boy's knight. A burst of dark flame ignited as both chess pieces came in contact.

"Oh. A direct contact. That's a very swift play of yours." Commented the boy as his eyes reverted back to its bluish color.

"Noid. You know what to do?" Philemon muttered softly as he closed his eyes, ignoring the boy's previous remark.

A feather fell down from nowhere and suddenly the room was filled with intense light. As the light wore off, a gallant figure stood still. His short pale hair rested still despite the blow of the wind ensuing his arrival. His attire was nothing fancy; just usual T-shirt with long jeans. His hands were covered with a pair of black glove with a big, translucent pearl on each of them.

"Yes, I do." The man in question answered his summon firmly, answering the question directed to him with no hesitation.

Satisfied with his answer, Philemon turned his sight to the corner of the room. "Theodore, is Elizabeth back yet?"

Hearing his Master question, the man clad in bluish attire lifted his gaze from his opened book to face the asker. "She will shortly Master."

"Great. Please tell her and Igor to accompany Noid. They have another Wild Card to aid."

By that order, both Noid and Theodore sapped into the darkness of the room. As soon as the last of Theodore was gone, the boy's men and Philemon's men joined the darkness as well, leaving the two players alone.

"You are really interfering with my business you know?" Asked the boy rhetorically as his eyes met those of Philemon's. "Should you just be quiet, I would have had Sets of Anima in my possession by now."

"Yes, I am interfering with your business and I will always do that as long as I can, so rest assured."

The boy chuckled upon the older man comment, a light one, yet filled with certain grimness. "Gaining extra boost of confidence after consecutive win, eh? Let's see the scoreboard now."

With that sentence, the boy flicked his hand, and the rest of the room was devoured by complete darkness before appearing again, but with a gigantic gate stood still near the two players. The golden gate was covered with relentless eyes and a statue of certain boy plastered on it, as if the boy was crucified on the gate.

"Your marvelous win here, eh? I was sooooo close to checkmate you back then though. Huff… Your last move saved every one's butt, eh?" The boy said lightly as he flicked his hand again. The darkness crept in again, engulfing the room with every particle of it. Not long before the room appeared again, now with a vast, crystal-clear lake replacing the immense golden gate. The view of beautiful world was reflected from the lake.

"And here too. Your move was pretty ingenious. Why don't you participate in professional chess tournament?" The boy stated insouciantly as he flicked his hand once again,

"However..." The boy paused his speech suddenly. An image of fallen city came in reality. The city was collapsing into its demise with both men stood on its hazy sky, witnessing the catastrophe. A faint, yet clear song was playing from the background. A very, very sad song, fitted perfectly for a funeral of a city.

The scene changed again, now showing a collapsing hospital room. The installments there were obviously futuristic. At the middle of the rubble, a petite girl was spotted. Hiding in one of the locker, her faint sob echoed through the room.

"Mommy… Daddy…." She cried vaguely as she cowered in the broken locker with no one to console her except her parents' dead bodies.

Suddenly, a man materialized from one of the room corner. A black, skinny "man" with scythes in place of hand and bluish mask in place of face.

"Mommy…. Daddy…. Will I…. soon join you….?" The girl maundered softly, paralyzed in fear as the "man" approached her. Not long that the man was in front of the girl. Raising his right scythe, he prepared for a finishing blow. And he swung his scythe.

Just before the blow channeled with the girl, Philemon raised his hand, showing a glowing ring to the illusion world. Everything was stopped, the girl, the "man", the collapse, but not the song. "That will be enough."

The boy put his sight upon the sparkling ring. Amazement was shown on his eyes. "Ah, the Ring of Anima. Your trophy from our previous skirmishes, eh?"

"I believe our time is up. For now…"

After the sentence, the ring's glow died down. And with that, the rest of the room became hazy, as if thick mist suddenly settled in.

Meanwhile, in the train travelling to Tokyo from Inaba, the white-haired Souji Seta awoke frantically from his nap. Breathing desperately, he tried to recall what just he saw.

"W- Wh-What the hell was that ?"

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Sorry for the slow start as well as short length though. I'm not writing too much since basically, this chapter is pretty much a spoiler, and leaking spoiler too much will reduce the story's quality.

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For those who haven't figured it out or too lazy to try figuring it out, here's the list of the character casted in this chapter :

Personas gangs:

-The Reaper

(Someone: Is it that badass Reaper who roams in Tartarus in P3 and stupidly hides in a chest in P4? The Reaper who kicks my ass every time before I use Armageddon on him and say "BWAHAHAHAHAHA! DIE NOOB!"? The Reaper whose dual rifles are so bla bla bla bla bla…..

Me: You are correct.)

-The man with the spear


-The man with sets of coffins and glowing sword


-The man with butterfly-like mask

(Philemon = for those who haven't played P1/P2 like me!, Philemon was the Master of Awakening, the one who was responsible in awaking the power of Wild Card. He was said to be able to transform into bluish butterfly hint: P4 save point, P3 beginning and ending. However, after the end of P2, Philemon vanished from the world after the confrontation with Nyalarthotep (again, spelling?). It was also said that a portion of Philemon power was transferred to Igor, although there was no clear evidence of it)

-The statue in front of the golden gate


Original Characters:

-The man clad-in-blue

(Voyager= You know him.! He's on Persona.!)

-The man clad-in-red


-The sobbing girl in the collapsing room


-The man with scythe-hand and bluish mask

(It's shadow. Simple.)

-The emo boy with silver hair and weird color-shifting eyes which add to his emo-ness


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