Kuroshitsuji is an original creation of Toboso Yana. Nothing will ever change that.

This takes place on the last part of the first episode of the second season. This will be short, so bear with me as you read…

The woods held onto their silence, as a shadow brushes past. He continues to dash on ahead, the tails of his coat fluttering breezily. Red eyes fixed on keen concentration, all the while a hand firmed onto holding a hefty-looking trunk.

Mist enveloped the darkness, yet the mist couldn't envelop the man in fear as he rushed past the trees with their branches bringing shadows. No whispers, as the woods continue to not utter a word, as the shadow skidded past.

The woods held its cries, its whispers and its snaps. It keenly waited, as the shadow disappeared, along with the blackness.

Dawn was beginning to break.

Twilight. How long have he not managed to feel that time of day. Since in that place, along with the softly-soothing hymns of the river, the sun never existed. It needed none.

Yet, in this dwelling-place of mortals, the sun was a necessity for their world's survival.

As a demon, he wonders about that. The living are already warm, yet they desperately need the glow of the sun, but the dead do not, yet they need the rays the loosen the clamminess they already felt.

He finally opens the trunk. He doesn't smile when he sees the contents; oh not yet. He will be using it later, when he finishes his duty. He looks on, to see the child in black, the white rose still intact, planted carefully on his breast pocket. His eyes are closed, with lashes of long length carefully arranged to adorn his eyelids. The china skin was framed with a mop of black hair that gave off a bluish sheen. The sleeping child, to him merely looked like a still-unopened cocoon.

But, really, he needs not to jest himself. This child, his young master was worth more to him than a mere empty cocoon. No, he was more than that, more precious to him than any material possession he had ever gained in this world, and probably more important than the stinging hunger he tries so hard to conceal.

It was only then, as he was about to feast on his master's soul, did he only realize that.

He then hold the finely-crafted doll of a master up, and then places his body gently onto the softly-laid grass. From God-knows-where, he then fishes out a box of cyan.

He looks at the empty shell of his contractor and then opens the box, loosening the covers and finally finding out what he had managed to gain.

Quietly satisfied, he then places the metal object onto his master's thumb. The object, a metal ring with a lustrous diamond then glows softly, a job well down.

And before he knew it, he, Sebastian Michaelis finally lets out a smile. After all this time, his desire would finally be granted once more.

To smile… was it really impossible for a demon to do?

But he continues doing so, as he lets his young master's hand rest on his.

"Young master," he croons, the smile now inevitable to give away. "It's time for you to wake up."

He, Sebastian Michaelis, as the butler of the Phantomhives, was once more now able to say those words in the morn.

And his master was once more able to crack his porcelain seals, to reveal jewels of blue.

He looks at Sebastian, his dutiful, obedient butler once more. The first thing his eyes were able to behold upon.

"How long was I asleep, Sebastian?" He asks, his tone playful as he struggles to stand, with his demon helping him up.

"Long enough, to be able to see the twilight, Young Master." The butler answers, returning the playful tune as he leads his master forward, past the trees, and into the edge of the crevasse, to the vanilla horizon.

Dawn was beginning to break.

In the end, I just got lazy, so here. I know, it was an uninspired piece of work but when I watched the first episode of the second season for the nth time, I couldn't help my fangirl self. 8D