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I can't sleep. I can't rest knowing that I'd just sentenced my two best friends to impending doom. Radames and Aida lay in their jail cell; hours remain until they are to be buried. I killed them. I am the one that is causing them to die. I must make things right.

I get up from my bed and throw a robe over myself. It is about an hour from dawn; everyone would be sleeping. Even the guard assigned to watch them, probably. I grab a torch and quietly make my way to the cellar. My torch burns bright and my face is illuminated in the darkness. I hear mice screech and scurry away, frightened by my arrival.

I walk down the last three steps of the cold stone stairs. I was right; the guard was asleep and snoring, a half-full bottle in his hand. I sigh; I would have to fire him sometime later. Anyway, my walking is more careful now and I creep to the cell where my best friends lay, locked in each others arms.

"Radames? Aida?" I whisper. No one stirs. I grip the bar with one hand and peer at them. I was happy that they had found true love, even if it broke my heart. I set the torch in a holder and walked back over to the guard, slowly reaching down. I touched something metal and pulled it out of his pocket. The keys jingled a bit; I winced as they made noise.

I put the key into the rusty lock and slowly twist it right. I hear a faint click and I push the door opens. It creaks a little bit, but no one noticed. I walk over to the two figures laying on the stone floor an gently shake each of their shoulders.

"Radames! Aida! Wake up!" I whisper. Radames stirs and opens his eyes.

"Amneris? What are you doing here?" he asks. His voice wakes Aida, and they both sit up.

"You can't die. I'm getting you out of here," I explain.

"Princess, what will happen to you if someone finds out?" Radames counters. I hadn't thought of that, but I reassure him quickly.

"They don't have to know it was me. The guard is drunk, maybe they'll assume it was him," I say, hoping they would believe me.

Radames stands, than offers Aida his hand. She takes it and gets to her feet. Radames puts his arm around her; it hurts me at first, but I quickly get over it. Aida's look is solemn; she begins speaking.

"Are you sure you want to do this, your Highness?" she asks. I can tell that she is sincerely worried about me. That's nice.

"Aida, if I wasn't sure, would I have risked my life and come?" I ask her. I see her considering this. Finally, she reaches out and grasps my hand.

"Thank you," she whispers, tears in her eyes. I smile at her, and pull away. I look at Radames next.

"Lead on," he says. I nod and walk silently out of the cell.