After arriving at their stakeout room, Gibbs and Tony arranged and setup the equipment for their surveillance. Gibbs was taken by how quickly they accomplished this and how much of it was done only by Tony. Tony was now sitting by the window, waiting for their stakeout of the terror cell to begin. Gibbs picked up his cell phone to call McGee and Ziva. As he finished talking to them, he looked back over at Tony who was standing/sitting on the edge of arm rest of the couch waiting for their cell. Gibbs approached him from behind, looking out the window and back to Tony. After some time of observing nothing from across the street, Gibbs focused only on Tony. From the intense Gibbs' stare, Tony finally could not take the attention any longer.

"Boss!" Tony jumped to a standing position, as he tried to maintain all of his emotions. From the second he jumped up, Gibbs noticed the internal battle that Tony was experiencing. Tony quickly controlled himself, realizing that Gibbs had done nothing but stare at him.

"Tony." Gibbs sharply and strongly replied, not missing a single movement or gesture coming from Tony. Tony huffed in response to Gibbs' stares and question.

"Is there something you want to ask me?" Tony asked. Gibbs continued to watch him, noticing that Tony's body was starting to heave the way it was in the hotel bathroom.

"Tony. . ." Gibbs said in a reassuring tone. "Settle down." Gibbs said forcefully as he watched how Tony's body continued to heave.

"I'm fine." Tony said over-confidently to Gibbs. As Gibbs let the comment pass, he watched as Tony continued to struggle with himself. His body was heaving, and he tried to contain all his emotions. Finally, Tony's emotions won the battle. Tony grabbed his head and yelled out his frustrations.

"Uhhh! This is why I kept switching stations so much early in my police career. My dad showed up in Peoria with his new fiancé, raised some havoc, invited my co-workers to the wedding, and bang. Time to find another job! Same thing happened in Philadelphia." Tony exploded into a rant as Gibbs watched.

"It is just incomprehensible to me. . .The man let me go nine years. . .almost nine years without showing up at NCIS. What changed? It doesn't make sense to me. He knew I lived in D.C. He sent me that wonderful yet worthless power sander." Realizing this rant was getting them nowhere, Gibbs finally intervened.

"Tony." Gibbs said with a pained expression.

"Sorry Boss." Tony composed himself and returned to the edge of the couch.

"Tony." Gibbs said. "Are you okay?"

"I don't know." Tony answered truthfully. The next statement seemed to slip out of Tony's mouth.

"Boss, she already caught my dad cheating on her about a month ago." Tony confessed. "He was still seeing Phoebe Bertucci, our suspect, and the woman that shot the Marine by accident."

"DiNozzo!" Gibbs snapped at the revelation. "You are hiding information from our case."

"You told me to stay out of it." Tony tried to defend himself.

"You know better, Tony!" Gibbs yelled. "What are you doing?"

"Does that information really change anything?"Tony asked.

"It might to the jury. You don't ever keep information like that." Gibbs chastised him. Tony threw up his arms in defeat.

After a moment of silence, Gibbs just shook his head watching Tony as he circled, looking so frustrated and lost. "Tony." Gibbs put up his hands, in frustration and showing that he did not know how to help.

"What are you thinking?" Gibbs asked softly. "You are not being yourself. . .barely saying a word."

"I am not thinking." Tony said. "Normally, I do tell you all about my dysfunctional family. However, you have seen it for yourself now. It just isn't the same to make jokes about how insane they are." Gibbs closed his eyes as he heard Tony realizing that being there in Rhode Island to investigate the murder at Tony Senior's wedding might have actually done more harm than good regarding their Tony. As a result of their being there, Tony was now walking on eggshells around them, could no longer hide behind his humor, and was unable to talk to him seriously about this either.

"I think I need to resign, Boss." After the silence, Tony added his statement with a haunted glance at Gibbs.

"You aren't going anywhere, DiNozzo." Gibbs ordered him so strongly that Tony knew that he had no strong argument in the matter.

"Let's see how you do in this stakeout. . ." Gibbs started treating Tony to his grilling eyes.

"That's the thing. My dad is on his honeymoon right now. I am just anticipating the problems that will come, when he returns." Tony jumped in.

"What? Tony." Gibbs stuttered over his own words trying to contain his frustration with Tony. "Nothing is bothering you? You are just anticipating a problem later?"

"If this is going to interfere with your job, Tony . . ." Gibbs started.

"You are not quitting." Gibbs forcefully ordered. ". . .see a therapist though."

"A . . ._" Tony was so devastated over the concept that he could not even repeat the word. "Boss!" Tony charged at Gibbs in frustration.

"Tony." Gibbs stopped him. "Deal with your father this time. Stop hiding from the problem."


"Tony! You aren't talking to me. You aren't talking to Ziva. You are way too distracted."

"Our cell is in the apartment." Tony announced. Gibbs cursed from not noticing first, especially after lecturing Tony about his being distracted. As Gibbs sat down at the surveillance equipment, he silently swore to himself for still not getting Tony's situation under control himself.

"I hear you, though, Boss." Tony said as he collected himself, as he began to work as well. "If I can't deal with my father, I'll start talking to a therapist." Tony repeated obediently. Once they had their positions and had started the equipment, both agents started to relax.

"Boss?" Gibbs turned to look at Tony, who seemed to be in a more relaxed state focusing on their cell.

"Do you think it is too early to introduce my new brother or sister to Magnum P.I.?" Tony asked him with a faint sign of real Tony excitement. Gibbs turned to look at him, simply raising his eyebrows before returning to their equipment.

~The End of Part II

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