A/N: Just a sweet little thing that popped into my head. Implied 10/Rose & hints of 9/Rose


"...I'm left travelling on my own 'cause there's no one else"

"There's me"

I looked at her then, my thoughts dark and my eyes serious "You've seen how dangerous it is, d'ya wanna go home?" I don't remember now why I offered. Even then I wanted her to stay and I remember the ice entering my heart when she paused

"I dunno... I want ..." I didn't dare breath, and even thinking back on it makes my breath catch "oh, can you smell chips?"

The ice melted and I laughed. I'm grinning now at the memory "Yeah!"

"I want chips" She wasn't leaving!

"Me too!" I'd have eaten Borian Slugs for her at that moment! (by the way, Borian Slugs look and taste about as disgusting as they sound, I haven't liked them in a single one of my regenerations … I have some taste)

"Right then, before you get me back in that box, chips it is and you can pay..." This was so domestic, but once again I just didn't much care... then a thought struck me and I shrugged, my jacket moving across my shoulders

"No money"

I felt bad but she just grinned "What sort of date are you? Come on then tight wad, chips are on me"

I hate chips in this regeneration.

They're all sort of messy and mushy, and dry. The fat in them makes my stomach roll, and I feel decidedly sick staring at the polystyrene container full of the blasted things.

We've been to almost every planet in the galaxy that sells chips trying to find 'the best ones' I tell her, but really I'm just trying to find some that I can stomach.

So far Earth, England, Bristol, 21st Century seems to be the best but that's not saying much.

We're in Bristol at the moment, she wanted some familiar chips instead of the green ones on Parviens IV and as I stare at the container of greasy fried pieces of potato I can feel my throat tighten.

I pick one up, smothered in vinegar and salt, suppress a shudder and swallow it quickly, watching her beam at me I hide a sigh with a manic grin of my own.

I hate chips in this regeneration; But I'm never ever going to tell her that.