Author's Note:

I hope everyone enjoyed my little adventure… I've been writing fan fiction for some time but this is the first time I've left it open to public opinion! I tried to stay within acceptable boundaries of what would be 'realistic' as far as racial tensions etc, and some of the more observant of you no doubt noticed within minutes that Apothercary Keever had a definite "out of character" element to him :P But, since Keever only has one set dialogue that I'm aware of in the game, I had to expand it a bit hehe…. Hope no one took offence to me giving the guy a bit more of a voice!

Please review it, let me know what you thought and where you think I could make improvements… I have other idea floating around, so if I think you guys would like to read more of my stuff, I'll make sure it gets onto this site as it's finished!

As a side note, Jehann is currently found making his way back to Mairwen on Llane at the impressive level of 69... In the story, both are level 80 with the exception of poor Jehann when they met :P

Thanks for reading, and take care!

~Quantum Cascade