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I can't believe I'm doing this, but it's for the Flock's own safety.

They're after me, and only me, so I shouldn't be dragging my family in with me, especially not my love, Fang. For the past 4 weeks we've been on the run again with Dr.G-h after us again.

I was not going to let him hurt Fang in any way like the last time, especially not risking the fact that I might loose Fang again, the only other way of not loosing him, is giving up myself. After Angel betrayed me, and Fang almost leaving me, I was done, I was going to give up.

I silently tip-toed around Gazzy, Nudge, Iggy, and Angel. But when I got to Fang, I gave him a long lasting gaze that was combined with love, longing, hope, and fear, then, I bent down and kissed him silently as he groaned out, "Max..." Just with him saying my name, I almost gave up on leaving them, but I forced myself to turn around and burst out my wings to soar into the night. I hope they will never come to find me, because if they do, they won't be able to find me.


I woke up this morning without Max by my side, I frantically searched around for her but I couldn't even find a single strand of her hair, "WHERE WAS SHE!" I mentally screamed in my mind. I threw up my pillow, my bed sheet, everything that was in sight of me. When I thrust the pillow out of my sight, I saw a slightly crumpled letter laying face down, when I lifted it up, it said, "To Fang, and only Fang." I quickly ripped open the letter, but before I took it out, I flew deeper inside the woods so the Flock wouldn't find me that easily. Once I found a nice rick to sit on, I gently took out the letter and held it with my violently shaky hands.

"To Fang,

I know you will hate me for this, but I decided to go somewhere no one can find until their time has come. Maybe you don't know what I mean now, but you will know later. At the place where we should meet, there will be a secret, a secret that will reveal everything to you. I know I feel all mushy and emotional now, but you have to believe that the choice I made was right. I couldn't stand putting any of the Flock in danger anymore, especially not you. You were my sunshine, when we were together, the sun is shining, when we are apart, everything is in shades of gray. I'm sorry, but this is a mission for you, and only you. I love you, forever with all my heart wherever I am.

-Love, your Max"

WHAT DID SHE MEAN BY THAT! She thought leaving was the right choice. If she was right next to me now I would kill her and the reincarnate her and then kill her again, why did she leave me? I was in sobs by the time I was done mentally screaming, there was nothing that could explain the pain in my heart right now, and I really mean nothing. Right now, I felt like the world was ending, the apocalypse was coming; I fell over the flock on my hands and knees and wept like a baby.


I flew to the place where we were supposed to meet and left my clues there, hoping that Fang would find them before it was too late. I took one last look at the cave as I walked out, with my tear streaked cheeks.


Apparently I had cried myself to sleep, or else I wouldn't have up with the sun glittering through the trees that enveloped me, hoping all that had happened was just a dream. But it wasn't. All that was around me was the rock I fell off this morning and the goodbye letter. Since Max and I disappeared at the same time, I felt that maybe I should give the Flock an excuse before going off on my mission. I flew back to my Flock to find that they had just woken up and haven't noticed that Max was missing.

Angel looked up to me, and furrowed her eyebrows, before she could read my mind, I quickly thought of something reassuring to fool her so she wouldn't find out what truly happened.

Iggy stretched and said, "Morning, where d'ya go?"

"um...Just to go...check out the nearby water sources!"I mentally slapped my head, WATER SOURCES?

"Ok then..." Iggy said, obviously not believing me.

"Fang, you're hiding something, where did Max go? And why are your eyes red? Did you cry?" Angel stared at me with the mot innocent eyes, sometimes at times like this you could literally forget how dangerous the little doll could be.

As I thought of something to fool angel with, all I came up was, "Ok, everybody, Max went to go find her own way of defeating Dr.G-H so not all of you have to be fighting and sleeping on the ground everyday, other than myself, everybody is going back to 's house. So Iggy will be in charge now till we come back, and everybody start packing."

Everybody stared at me with wide eyes and excitement while all I could push out was a grimace. I gave them all goodbyes while I headed off to my own journey, hoping that I could soon find Max.

As I flew in the wind, I thought, where was this place we were supposed to meet? Then it hit me, the cave. Even though I didn't have Max's super speed, I could still get there pretty fast, when I landed, the cave was empty, there was nothing there. I slowly walked in, and there it was, a small brown notebook with the gold letters "MAX" engraved. I picked it up and opened the cover. Written in my beloved's handwriting,

"To Fang, once you see this, please read the whole thing, it was all I ever thought of you, and all of our wonderful memories together. If you love me, then read every entry, every single word of it until the last one."

-love, Max

I turned to the first entry with a smile on my face as I took the time reading it.

The first entry

When the flock was sleeping, Fang and I took a little flight to the edge of the pond we were camping near. He entangled his hands with mine and led me towards the crisp blue water. He suddenly turned me around and said, "I love you Max." I couldn't help but giggle at how serious he was, he was just like a little boy who was determined to take care of a puppy, not that I was a puppy of course. His eyebrows squinted in confusion as he heard my laughter.

I pulled him by the shirt collar so he was the same height as me and planted a kiss on his lips. This wasn't the first time I kissed him, in fact, it was the second time considering when he was beat up by Ari, but still, he was just so cute. Before I went forward again, he made the move and pulled me into a passionate kiss, his lips were just so addicting. It wasn't those French kisses, just the lips to lips kiss. I slowly pulled away as I needed air, I could see a hint of disappointment from his eyes, but he also needed oxygen.

We just sat there on the edge of the pond for a little longer before we decided to fly back in case the Flock was too worried. As we glided back to the campsite, my cheeks were burning hot with embarrassment as he tightly wound his hand in mine, they fitted perfectly like the puzzle and the piece. That's all for now, got to go sleep or else the Flock will wake up.

I couldn't believe my eyes, it was Max's diary, the one that she spilled all of her emotions onto, the one where she trusted that nobody would see. I continued to flip to the next page to see what she wrote.