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I woke up to the soft and warm feeling around me. Gods, this felt like heaven! Wait... no, actually heaven is kinda boring since I'm stuck with all those old people...never mind.

Because I just awoke from my pleasant sleep, I really have no thoughts what-so-ever to open my eyes and begin my day. All I would think about if I woke up, would be about how to get my full body back. My hand reached out in front of me to stretch, but instead of finding cold air to greet me, I found a warm and smooth surface with creases on there. What could that be? Opening my brick-like eyes, I found a flush starting to creep on my cheeks. I was in bed, with a hot guy that looks too much like fang, and he was top-less... TOP-LESS! That explains what my hand touched, the smooth surface being his chest, and the creases his abs... Curse my female horomones.

"Hey beautiful" he mumbled. With his eyes still closed, he brushed my bangs out of my eyes gently. As a substitute of replying, I kissed him softly on the lips. And instantly, his eyes snapped open at the touch.

"You know, we should reallly get searching for the items on my list. I don't have much time..." I nudged him in the side. As Fang was never the morning person, neither was I. But duty calls, and I have to answer it.

2 hours later

"Ouch! Why are you so freakin' clumsy?" Iggy shouted at Gazzy, "I can see better than you, and I'm blind!" He yelled over the whirring of Nudge's blow dryer, and the sizzling from the pancake maker, along with the blasting music from Fang's Ipod. Gazzy dumped a whole cup of ice onto gazzy on "accident" as the ice was for the drinks they got from the cooler. Fang was trying his best to calm everyone down so we could actually get a move on. But these just might be the seed of my destruction... Ahh, wonderful, wonderful life...

"STOP EVERYONE!" The normally composed one yelled over everyone. "I'm sick of you guys fooling around like children. Gazzy, get dressed. Nudge, stop doing your hair! We're not runway models. Iggy, stop being a pissy girl that's PMSing. And Angel...just...ummm...be Angel?" He started off all powerful and strong, but I knew he didn't have the guts to really scowld them. Ha...I loved that about him.

I snickered in the side of the room while everyone got cleaned up, and ready to leave the city. All was well until gunshots were heard downstairs (because we had super hearing), and we all rushed out of our room and into the lobby.

"My...my daughter's gone!" The manager of the hotel yelled at everyone in his heavy-accented English.

"Someone must have killed her! Please! Anyone who will help me find the murderer will get a reward! Please, anyone!"

Something told me in the pit of my stomach that this was what I was looking for. The fith item to the puzzle. But what could relate to the death of her daughter? Surely my items couldn't include a person, right? Sighing as I walked towards Fang, I whispered into his ear about my plan and sixth sense. Nodding in approval, he walked up to the hysterical manager to calm his sobs.

"We can help you, just give us anything clues or hints that he left." He assured the man. With doubt written all over the man's face, he couldn't help but agree to what we were offering, for all the officers in the country believed it was a suicidal act. But oh well, even though we weren't detectives, I needed my life back, and my past along with it.

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