I have big plans for this story, I hope I get some readers! I'm actually pleased with the plot, so stick around! This is only a small opener, to gather interest.
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A tall blue box touched down on foreign ground, having whirred and screeched its way there, and the wind and the ruckus it had stirred up on arrival ceased abruptly, leaving only stillness.

Inside the magic box, that had seemingly appeared out of nowhere, stood a red headed girl in cowboy boots and a mini skirt, and a man with a lot of hair and a bow tie. They stared up at an old fashioned screen, protruding out from a hexagonal console, buttons and lights flickering and buzzing. The man was the Doctor, the girl was Amy Pond, and the magic box was the Tardis.

"So this is Mainpoll six, yeah?" Said Amy, glancing at the Doctor with bright green eyes, shining with child like curiosity.

"Mainpoll six, yep. Three thousand years into the future. Gorgeous this time of year." He checked his watch. "Well, assuming we've arrive on time."

"Well come on then! Let's get out there!" Amy was impatient to see the wonders of a new planet. She would never tell the Doctor, but it never ceased to amaze her. She took the crook of his arm roughly and dragged him down the steps towards the doors, and past the hat stand. The Doctor stumbled slightly and grabbed his sonic screwdriver from the edge of the console, pulling himself free and straightening his bow tie once Amy had wrenched the doors open.

The view outside wasn't anything particularly new to the Doctor, he had seen Mainpoll six before, in all its glory. The flowers were large and in bloom, flowering around the Tardis and framing it, while grass the shade of highlighter pens brushed at their feet. A city lay in wait some distance away, silhouetted against two moons. Amy's eyes shone, the Doctors smiled.

"So what do you think? Any remarks?"

Amy was still looking around, amazed, when another voice chimed in from behind them.

"I think you left me in the Tardis- Why didn't you tell me we'd landed?" Rory Williams stepped out of the Tardis, rubbing the back of his head and straightening his hooded jacket. He gave his surroundings a passing glance, then whirled on the Doctor, who hadn't been paying much attention to him. "You didn't tell me the corridors moved in there. I had to come back from the bathroom a different way, it was like being in Hogwarts." His tone was an irritated one, and he tried his hardest to make eye contact with the man beside him as he spoke.
"Yeah, she does that." Responded the Doctor casually, staring up at the sky. Rory opened his mouth, wanting to argue, but Amy interrupted with her usual tendency.
"Ohhh shutup both of you, we're here now and I want to explore." She twisted around, grabbed both men's arms and grinned. "So let's explore!"

The Doctor was grinning. He was going to let her do so anyway, but he knew Amy Pond, and she would have gone to explore regardless. He nodded, and Amy grabbed Rory's hand gleefully.

"C'mon then!" Rory gave her a look, took one last glance at his surroundings, and the irritation on his features slid away almost instantly. His face broke into a wide grin and he followed as Amy tugged him through the long grass.

The Doctor stayed behind for a moment, smiling, and then he turned and pulled the Tardis doors too, locking them. A drop of rain fell, splashing against the bridge of his nose, and he frowned, wiping it away and glancing up at the sky. He stared up at it for a moment, looking anxious, but no more rain fell. Amy called his name.
"Doctor what're you doing! Come 'ere!"
Giving a wary look to the sky, the Doctor followed at a quick stride.