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They walked through the streets of Mainpoll Six's city, glancing in shop windows, sometimes entering. Rory and Amy marvelled at the alien species, for the most part large quadrupeds, an array of colours, and an array of legs.

"Mainpolians, amazing creatures you know, so resourceful. They're experts in the art of blowing glass, as you can see-" He held his hands up and span around as he walked, regarding the glass buildings and statues. Amy and Rory drank it all in. "And the nature, what you saw by the Tardis- extraordinary. It never rains, water runs through the earth, feeding things, feeding everything- it's a constant sunny day, for everyone." He looked thoughtful, waiting for some acknowledgment from his companions.

"So it's the happiest place...Ever?" Said Rory, glancing around.

"Happier than Disneyland?" Frowned Amy, and the Doctor laughed, not pinning Amy Pond down as someone who would enjoy Disneyland.

"Well, everywhere has its problems, I suppose." Murmured the Doctor, and he breathed out and glanced around.

"Kill joy." Said Amy, and she smirked, nudging him.

"I'm hardly a kill joy, Pond." The Doctor responded, giving her an almost offended look. "I made it to your wedding."

"What, with the top hat and the stupid dancing?" Rory muttered, and he didn't look at the Doctor. There was still some bitterness there, somewhere, despite Amy having married the guy. The Doctor had never fully understood humans, so he ignored Rory, glancing up at the sky, and frowned deeply. Amy paused, mirroring the Doctors expression, and approached him.

"What is it?"
"Clouds are forming." The Doctor responded simply, not taking his eyes off the sky.

"Yeah, so?" She pouted and folded her arms, regarding him through tangled red locks. The Doctor span around to face her, annoyed.

"Have you not been listening? It doesn't rain here! It never rains!"

Amy's eyes darted around thoughtfully while Rory deadpanned, not following.

"So something's wrong." The Doctor's pupils moved up down and side to side, not focusing on anything in particular, and then he turned away and ran.

Amy and Rory swapped looks and then followed, used to his erratic behaviour.

"But it's not raining!" Amy called, hurrying to keep up.
"Not yet! It's not raining yet!" The Doctor slowed in his strides and looked up, just as a crack of thunder exploded above and a thick shower of rain followed.

Panic ensued.

Mainpolians scattered, shrieking in fear at the anomaly, of the rain drops falling from the sky. Plates smashed in restaurants, windows shattered, things were knocked over. The Doctor had to drag Amy and Rory into an alley to protect them from the stampede of utter madness. Rory pressed his back to the wall, making a rather pathetic attempt to shelter himself with his jacket as the rain fell.

"Why're they panicking? The rain can't hurt them-" He paused, a little unsure of himself. "Can it?"
"Well..." The Doctor watched the Mainpolians running back and forth, utterly terrified, and found the anxiety in his stomach growing. "I don't know. Can it?" He glanced at his two companions, and then sprinted back down the alleyway.

"This is insane!" Amy said, in her usual disbelieving manner as she went after him, Rory by her side. "It's just a bit of rain!"

"It's not just a bit of rain, Amy, it's more than that. Can't you see the fear? Can't you smell it?" He stared at her as if she were stupid and then delved his hand inside his jacket, producing the sonic screwdriver from within. He held it up and pushed the main button and a green light flashed, reflecting off the drops. "Water from the sky has different properties than the water in the earth." He glanced at the sonics readings, muttering to himself, "yes, precisely." He faced Rory and Amy, pushing his sopping hair out of his face. "This rain is going to destroy the intricate water system that runs through the earth of this planet, it'll destroy the growth of plants, of crops, of everything. It will throw everything out of whack-"

"I can't believe you just said 'out of whack'." Amy said with a roll of her eyes. The Doctor ignored her and continued.

"As of right now, I'm not entirely sure of the actual effects of this anomaly."

"Is that enough time for us to get to the root of all this?" Asked Rory, standing alert. The Doctor watched him warily.


"Are you saying someone's done this on purpose?" Amy's frown deepened. The Doctor almost scoffed.

"If I'm involved, someone has always done it on purpose."