Based sometime in the 9th series after Ollie is back to being Green Arrow and before Lois and Clark's kiss. Most of the characters from all the series' will appear or will be mentioned. I own Hermes and any of her family. At the moment I don't own anyone else.

Although this will mostly be about; romance and friendship, there will also be an element of adventure.

I hope you enjoy this.

Clark was busying himself around his home, in Smallville. It was an unusual night, only a few people had requested his assistance. His mind wondered onto his job, at The Daily Planet, and, irrevocably, to Lois.

The sound of something skidding in the dust outside, woke him from his thoughts.

Clark opened his front door, to see a girl breathing deeply, knelt on the ground, one hand on the floor, one on her chest. There was a long track of … something behind her, like a snails trail, Clark guessed it was some kind of ice. Though, he couldn't be sure in the darkness. She had long dark hair, that covered her whole face, granted she was looking at the ground.

"Hello?" Clark approached her slowly, she jumped back quickly. Even in the poor light, Clark could see her pale blue eyes, large with fright, they were almost spooky. Her face was covered in muck and her hair was a tangled mess. "Do you speak English?" He asked, quietly, trying not to scare her again.

"Yes." She breathed.

"What's your name?" He sighed and smiled at the girl. She looked about eighteen.

"Hermione, but, er, everybody calls me Hermes." She told the man huskily. It was obvious she hasn't spoken for days.

"Hermes? As in the Greek god?" He asked shakily.

"Go figure." She said, under her breath.

"I'm Clark. You lost?"

"No." She whispered, looking over her shoulder.

"Do you want to come in, for something to eat?"

Hermes paused as she looked Clark up and down. She eventually nodded and he lead her inside. When Clark looked at her, in the light, he realised that she had bruises over her face and her uncovered body. Her tank top was full of grime and she wore, disgusting and dust covered, baggy jeans.

He pulled out all the food he could find, in the cupboards and fridge. Shelby walked over to the new guest, delighted he had someone new that would fuss over him, and licked her hand. "Hey boy." She smiled and scratched his head, her face immediately lighting up.

"That's Shelby." Laughed Clark, nodding to the dog, while pulling out a basket of fruit from the fridge.

Hermes picked up a few slices of bread and make an untidy sandwich, slightly ripped from the way she applied the butter. After a lot of eating, in silence, Clark thought it strange that someone so petite should eat so much, Hermes stood up and asked, "Can I use your shower? I'll be out of your way as soon as I've finished, I promise."

"Yes of course, you don't have to leave immediately though. I have enough rooms, you can rest here and then I'll take you into Metropolis, tomorrow."

She smiled, but stayed staring at him, "I can not figure you out, Clark." She turned and bolted up the stairs.

"Here, Shelby." Clark called to the dog, as he tried to follow Hermione. "You like her? Do you?" He stroked his loyal companion.

He entered the room, he was letting the woman sleep in, not that she knew it yet. He made the bed and tidied the room, before departing and leaving the door open. He turned to the window and looked at the trail Hermes had left, or had she left it?

He pondered on it for a while, before he heard someone scream. He briefly glanced at the staircase before running as quickly as possible, towards the sound.

There was a man trying attack a young woman, in a dark alley in the middle of Metropolis. The man, who wore a balaclava showing only his wild eyes, held one hand over her mouth, trying to silence her, and had a knife to her throat. Clark had to act fast. He pulled the man's arm, the one holding the knife, back awkwardly so that it broke. He then grabbed the man's throat and bashed his back against the wall of the alleyway.

The woman ran screaming and the man fell to the fall limply. Clark checked the man was still alive before racing back to the house. It seemed that nothing had happened in his absence. He switched on the TV, just for something to do. He heard some noises from upstairs and he couldn't stop Shelby from going to find Hermes.

He heard the woman enter one of the rooms and greet Shelby. There was some scuffling from upstairs and the sounds of doors opening and shutting.

Eventually, she reappeared in a long jersey and stuck her clothes in the washing machine. "Sorry, I er, had nothing to wear. It was in the wardrobe." She explained, as she walked into Clark's sight.

Clark's mouth fell open at the sight of her. Hermes's hair was tied up and her cheeks were pink, from embarrassment he guessed. The jersey only covered the top of her legs. Shelby was at sat at her feet. Clark turned away, he didn't want her to know he was staring.

"I'll sort that out for you." He nodded, at the machine.

"Thanks." She rubbed her neck, nervously.

As he passed her he realised that, under all that muck, she was incredibly pretty. "He seems to like you." Clark murmured, as he turned on the machine with super speed. Her back was turned so he could get away with it.

Hermes smiled at the man and he stood still leaning casually on the machine. She then turned to the dog, "I like him too." She scratched his head and yawned. "I'm gonna go to bed. I'll, er, see you in the morning."

"Yeah, yeah alright." Clark stammered and lent on the dining table, as Hermes made her way to the stairs.

"And Clark?" She turned back to him, half way up the stairs, he looked up at her face. "Thanks." She smiled warmly, her pale blue eyes lighting up, almost looking grey. Shelby followed her and jumped onto the end of her bed.

Any other man would have followed me up. She thought to herself, suppressing a giggle.

She looked on the chest of drawers, there was a picture of a couple, on their wedding day. Are they Clark's parents? She thought to herself before putting it back in it's place, climbing into the bed and falling asleep, to the sound of Shelby's soft snoring.

Clark walked outside to the trail Hermes had left, he touched the surface carefully, it was indeed ice. He looked up at the house, worried.

Hope you enjoyed the first instalment. Hopefully the second will be up soon. Tell me what you think!