Hermes turned, to see a large hole in the wall. "Clark." She whispered, fearing the worst. "Stay here. All of you. You need to look after Aqua-dude-"

"Man." The whole team replied.

"Whatever! Look after him and Chloe. I need to find Clark and my father." Hermes said, turning from her new friends.

"You don't have to do this alone." Replied Ollie.

"Yes, I do. Later, slick." She smiled with a wink. She jumped out of the window and summoned some ice, so that she wouldn't fall to her death.

She skidded down a long line of ice, that only just kept up with her. She jumped and dived over and under trees and lampposts, following fire and carnage, knowing her father would be behind it somehow. She raced towards a large bang, it was the sound of something hard hitting metal. The warehouses. She thought, as she got nearer them.

There was a bright red flash of fire that flew straight into the air. She panicked for a second, wondering whether or not it was Clarks doing. She sped as fast as she could, her legs moving faster than she had ever known, she came towards the two men and stopped the ice under her feet so she would be running on thin air. She jumped dramatically and both men stopped to stare at her. She landed like she had, when Clark had first set eyes on her.

Hermes looked up at her father and growled. "Stop this now."

"You aren't going to fight your dear old dad, are you?" He crooned and Clark moved back.

"The hell I'm not." She snarled running at him, her hands bright blue with ice, her eyes became almost white they were so bright.

She hurled a ball of ice at him, which he immediately melted. "Surprise!" He laughed. Clark frowned and joined Hermes side, he was unscathed.

"We can do this." He whispered."Go home, Clark. I have to do this alone." She ran on the new ice that she created under her feet.

"No you don't." He said, as she vanished.

Hermes turned her hand to ice and tried to attack her father. Clark was ready, for when the blast of hot air sent her back towards him. She bashed into his open arms and snarled. "Let me help." He pleaded.

Hermes didn't answer. He father laughed and started rising off of the ground. Clark was holding her tightly around the waist.

Bart was suddenly stood beside them, a strange grin on his face. There was a pause and then the three of them heard a roar of a motorbike that was drawing closer. Ollie skidded to a halt on the other side of Clark and Hermes.

Ollie revved the biked again and smiled at Hermes. She felt something like admiration and appreciation in the pit of her stomach. "You ready?" She whispered.

"Always." All three men smiled.

"Then let's do this." She felt Clark loosen his grip and her father smiled down sceptically.

He moved towards them and Hermes ran forward, creating both a ramp for Ollie's bike and a runway for herself towards her father. Ollie strung up his bow and sent one flying, narrowly missing both Hermes and her father.

Hermes almost flew she was moving so fast, she sent iced energy into her hands and hit them together, sending icicles towards her father, hitting him in the arm and stomach. She slid underneath his legs as he screamed out in pain.

Bart moved around the area, not sure how to help. "Clark!" Cried Ollie. "Get me higher." Clark nodded and picked up the man almost throwing him in the air. Hermes's father saw and sent blistering fire towards the two men. Ollie fell off of Clark as the younger man tried to hold back the flames.

"Clark!" Hermes screamed, she was shocked to see him rising through the flames, only his clothes burnt. She didn't have the time to think, "Bart. Run around my father!"


"Trust me! Do it now!" She bellowed at the boy.

Bart did as he was told, running underneath the flames and around her father. Ollie looked at Hermes and nodded slightly. She took a deep breath and used the ice to rise her up to the same level as her father. She started forward and made a large ball of ice in between her hands. She rose higher, he was concentrating on burning Clark, so she looked over her father.

Bart was running full speed around him and Craig was holding his chest, lowering slowly. She whispered, "I'm sorry." Before throwing the ball of ice at his head.

It was like slow motion as she watched the ball fall through the air, tumbling down towards her fathers skull. It hit with a crack and he fell, Bart didn't stop running. Hermes dived, she had to save her father, forgetting about using her ice to save her, "Stop, Bart!" She screamed, still falling.

He didn't hear. "Bart!" Her throat cracked and she tried to make ice, she couldn't. The lack of oxygen caused by Bart's race-with-himself was killing both her and her father.

Panic set in and she heard a roar in her ears, she was suddenly swept out of the air, she didn't feel the ground hit her. It was something louder, warmer and God did it smell good. Ollie had used his motorbike and one of her ice ramps to save Hermes.

Bart stopped when Clark angrily stuck out his arm, seconds before Ollie caught the woman, not enough time for the oxygen to awaken her senses again. There was a screech as the bike slipped off of the ice and almost crashed. Ollie led Hermes down.

"What the hell do you think you are playing at?" He screamed at Bart. "Hermes? Hermione? Winter? Wake up." He shook the woman. Hermes could hear him but he seemed so far away. "Dear God, please wake up."

Clark moved forward, he wasn't wearing an awful lot (thanks to the flames) Ollie tried not to look at him, "Give her a little time, she's breathing. She's probably in shock." He went to pick her up and Ollie glared at him. Clark moved back and glared at Bart. "What do we do with him?" Clark asked turning his attention to Craig.

"If he's alive, kill him." Ollie growled.

Clark looked down at the man, he hadn't seen him react in that way in a long time. The man walked over to Craig and felt his pulse, it was very low and he was hardly breathing. Bart walked up to him and glanced at Clark, hoping for guidance.

"This guy can't be contained." Clark whispered, almost to himself. "Maybe if we put him in more iceā€¦" He looked over at Hermes. He stood up and walked back, Craig opened his eyes and started raising off of the ground. Bart growled.

Craig laughed, "You can't defeat me!" He yelled. Ollie and Clark stared at him.

"Come on wake up, we need you. Don't you leave me too." Ollie almost threatened, he shook the woman in his arms again.

Craig looked down at his daughter and started burning brightly. "What's happening?" He asked. None of the men on the ground could look at him, he was so bright.

There was a loud bang and pieces of the man flew everywhere. Ollie shielded Hermes from the pieces of corpse.

Hermes coughed and blinked forcefully. "What happened?" She asked and Ollie half laughed. He pressed his lips against hers, without thinking. Electricity followed through both of them at the contact. Bart and Clark looked away, "Is this a dream, I'm pretty sure it is." She laughed.


"He blew up?" Asked Chloe. She had changed her clothes and she had gauze over her cheeks, the rest of her wasn't too badly burnt. Arthur was sat upright enjoying the story.

"Yeah." Ollie shrugged, making sure not to let go of Hermes's hand, he squeezed it slightly.

"The concentration of nuclear waste could have been too high. That or he couldn't control his powers." She said, tears stinging her eyes.

"He saw you and he started blowing up. You did look dead, maybe that triggered it?" Clark suggested.

"Strong feelings make it hard for us to control our powers. I suffer from it, even now." Hermes admitted, feeling ice in her fingertips that she was trying not to sting Ollie with.

Bart was stood away from them all, looking guilty. Hermes had wanted to spare him and not say that he had almost killed her, Ollie was furious and disagreed. Bart hadn't even been able to apologize because Ollie was so overprotective.

"You guys have all the fun." Complained Chloe, humorously.

Hermes sat down and stared at the floor. Clark and Ollie suddenly went off together, she didn't know why. Bart decided to take his chance and apologize, "Winter. I'm sorry, I'm so damn sorry. I didn't realise- I didn't hear you and I never wanted-"

"I know. It's ok. You didn't mean to and I'm fine, aren't I?" She stood up and hugged the boy. "I guess we're even."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I would say you saved me from myself earlier and then you tried to kill me so I don't owe you anything." Hermes half laughed, the sound hurt her throat.

Chloe shook her head, "You forgive way too quickly."

"The only grudge I've ever held was one against my father and you've heard how that turned out." She sighed, sadly. Chloe looked at the floor.

"You're staying now, right? For good." Half stated, half asked Bart.


"Then welcome to the team, Winter!" Beamed Ollie. He and Clark entered with another suit for Hermes. It was the same as her other one.


"You'll need a second one, trust me." Said Ollie, putting his arm around her shoulder. Clark walked over to a large closet and put the uniform inside. Hermes kissed Ollie's cheek, "Thank you." She sighed. "Is it like this everyday?"

"Not always. Most of the time Clark almost dies." Ollie (only half) joked.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed. Sorry it was a bit abrupt but I had no idea how to finish it. Tell me what you think.