The Shape of My Heart

Chapter 1

There's been nothing but emptiness in my heart since the day mom died. I have nothing for life anymore. Her smile used to melt every bad feeling of mine away, but she's gone. The sweetness of her voice must have been the gift from God because it easily made me sleep at night. At this distance of time, I can do nothing other than standing on the emptiness of my room.

Lauren looked through her camera lens at the beautiful lake of New Rawley. It was a perfect summer day that the surface of the clear water was shimmering brilliantly. She was so in good mood as tomorrow was her first day of school. Since her childhood, she'd been looking forward to staying at the dome away from her home. Walking around to search the best angle of the lake, she heard the small sound of engine running. It sounded like getting nearer to her. For a brief moment, her lens caught the source of that sound. It seemed an old Harley-Davidson running through the woods. With the wave of sudden curiosity, she dashed to the direction the bike had run into. She was sure that the rider was a student for no special reason.

"Wow, it must be something interesting!"

She thought it running with her sweet SLR camera under her arm. As she reached to the other side of the lake, she found that old motorcycle leaning on the big oak tree. And there was him, the rider. From the distance, she could see him lying on the grass by the lake. It was a perfect moment that a skinny brunette boy was sleeping in the early summer sun. To see more clearly, she approached to him.

But the sound she footed on the grass seemed to bother his quiet world; he turned his head to her. That took her breathe away. The pair of impressive blue eyes was piercing straight into her. She almost thought he was an angel or something, because his pale face was amazingly formed by clean-cut features that made him looked fragile. The way his curly raven rocks were loosely hung over his angelic face was like the one some artist wanted to draw in his work.

"What're you doin' here?"

The boy snapped displeased at her. He seemed in the bad mood right now. Lauren was a little scared at his tone but her curious nature gave her braveness.

"Well, it's usually my place that you're lying on. I just wondered who the stranger was."

The boy seemed confused at her answer.

"I've known here like my backyard, so I very much know this place is like a secret garden."

She smiled at him. He looked relieved a little. She was sure that this boy must have been a student of Rawley Academy because his reaction was not the townies'. He must have wanted to hide his Harley because students were not allowed to have motorcycles.

"But you should hide this bike more safety. If you like, I know the place."

She raised her left eyebrow at him.


His deep calm voice asked. Then she smiled sweetly.