Thank you to those who purchased the drabbles I auctioned for The Fandom Gives Back fundraiser. The recipients have graciously allowed me to share them with you all.

This drabble was purchased by mycrookedsmile. It's set in Deep Dish, when Jacey visits Jack over Spring Break. Her prompt was as follows:

"I'd like to know what Jacey was thinking/seeing/whatever while sketching Jack."



God, look at his jaw...No, I wasn't looking at you...That's right, back to your paper...His hair's shorter than it was in January...Can't believe I'm finally here...Is this the most comfortable couch ever?...Hmm, a little smile - wonder if he's reading the comics...5H pencil's too dark. 8H? Yep...He has a perfect profile...Keep your hair short as you want, that curl still has a mind of its own...Oh, he's totally grinning! Definitely the comics...Tall, dark and handsome with a sense of humor? I think I'm in love...OH. Jesus. I'm in love.


I'm grouping the drabbles by story or fandom – watch for some OTT goodness and a couple of Spork drabs.

All the stories with their accompanying imagery are being posted today on my blog: starfish422 at blogspot dot com.