Neal finds out one of Peter's fears.

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The two men walked into the elevator auguring, like usual.

"Peter, I *only* borrowed your computer to look up a case file!" He kept his bright blue eyes on the agent.

"Neal," Peter let out a deep sigh. "It's NOT the fact you borrowed my computer, but the fact you figured out my password. I know it was locked!" The doors closed at that point and Neal quickly pressed the ground floor button, wishing and praying the elevator would go faster before Peter could start a lecture. They made it down two floors before Burke opened his mouth then it happen.

Both braced themselves again the wall and heard the worst sound you can hear in an elevator, it powering down.

Neal, by no means, was Claustrophobic. But after spending four years in prison, he rather not be trapped in a small room with no escape. Especially when that room held an angry agent. He collected himself from the sudden stop and looked at the FBI agent. Something was wrong.

Peter stayed curled in a ball. Usually he wouldn't show fear in front of Caffrey, but at the moment he forgot all about the young con standing next to him. He has no way out, no escape and who knows how long it would take for the rescue time to get here. Wait, have they been called already? He glanced over to the emergency phone located right by Neal. Right now all he could do was point to the phone and hope that the message was loud and clear.

Neal picked up the phone while letting the facts sink in. Peter was Claustrophobic. Now he knows for a fact that the agent has been in small rooms before, but never trapped like they are now. A voice jolted him from his thoughts.

"Hello? Can you hear us? Help is on the way." Neal responded, answering all the questions like 'Is anyone hurt? How many is in the elevator? Ect.' When it came time to wait, Neal sat by Peter thinking of a way to get him out of this funk. The con would rather have him yelling about the computer than to be scared speechless.

"I figured out your password because you used the same one as your email password back when you were chasing me." Neal looked down at his hands then from the corner of his eyes he saw the agent slowly getting up.

"Neal," Peter's voice was shaky. "Why did you know my email password?" Neal could feel the anger rising in the agent, but he knew that if he kept Peter talking (or in this case yelling) that it would make time pass faster.

Though being truthful about this was making Neal feel uncomfortable, he continued to talk. "Well, when you were chasing me, I knew some very important facts about a case was being sent to you via e-mail…" Neal saw Peter open his mouth but stopped him. "No, I will not tell you how I knew, I just knew ok? Anyhoo, I needed to stop that e-mail from getting to you right away so I had a friend help me hack into your home computer. I was shocked when it still worked for one of your passwords… Tell me why did you pick…" Neal started to say the password but Peter chose that time to yell.

"WHAT? I remember yelling at a probie for not getting that e-mail sent right away and it was YOU that was to blame?" Peter started to do some breathing exercises that he learned after catching Neal the second time to help him calm down.

Neal could tell his plan was working perfectly. Well, not perfect, for Neal didn't want Peter yelling at him, but it was better than the odd silence they shared when the power first went off. Neal's mind wandered while Peter went on and on about how he felt about Neal's secret. Neal had to let a little smirk.

Peter forgot all about being trapped in the small space and just focused on what all he wanted to say to Caffrey. He didn't know he had so much to say until the elevator powered up and the doors opened to the lobby. Both men quickly got up and both felt the need to get out of that building fast, but first they talked to the EMTs to make sure there was no injuries, then to Hughes who finally gave the go ahead to go home. They had been stuck in there for 45 minutes. Both men remained quiet on the car ride home but once they got to June's house Neal was stopped by Peter.

"Thank you for telling the truth." Neal smiled. "But if you EVER tell anyone what happened in there, you are going back to prison." Now it was Peter's turn to smile when Neal's face went from smile to shock. "See you tomorrow, Neal."

Hope this wasn't too out of character. For some reason I always pictured Peter with Claustrophobia. Let me know what you think :D