Peter had to pretend to be Neal because Neal pretended to be Peter?

I just re-watched the Tim/Matt webcast again today and just remember that the elevator plot line was one of Tim's dream episodes, along with this one. I am nowhere as good as the White Collar writers, but I figured I would give it a shot. Again, I own nothing.

Peter walked down the stairs in June's house, flipping Neal's fedora in the air and trying to catch it on his head. He failed but still smirked at the look Neal gave him. Neal recovered and gave a smirk of his own. "You look like a cartoon." He said in a perfect imitation of the FBI agent. Again Peter tried the famous Neal Caffrey hat trick, and almost made it. "Okay Peter, that's enough, lets go to this party." Neal tried to avoid looking down at the *horrible* FBI outfit he was wearing.

Peter shot a stern look at Neal's expression. "Why are you looking at the clothes like it's going to eat you?" Both started for Peter's car. "And this is your own fault anyways. If you hadn't pretended to be me we wouldn't have been in this mess!" Neal silently agreed when they got into the car, but felt the need to defend himself.

"Well I very well couldn't have told him who I really was!"

"But you could have used one of your many aliases. Like Bill Bomen." Peter started the car, looked out his window but still could see Neal's shocked face. "You still underestimate, Caffrey? Anyways, this is a topic for later. I still can't believe you used my name."

"Look, I told you I'm sorry." After that they spent the rest of the car ride talking about the case.

A/N: I've had this fic on my brain for over 2 months and have not been able to finish it, so for now it remains this one-shot… if anyone would love to take the challenge to finish it, be my guest (and let me know since I would LOVE to read it).