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Chapter One

He was used to the ignorance, used to the pain, used to people not hearing him, seeing him, remembering him. He knew it so well, that it hardly hurt when his father died in a car crash while on a business and no one remembered to tell him, and he had to find out himself by hearing it from seeing a story about an investigation for the cause of the accident on the news three days later. Or when he got left behind at Disney Land by his family when he'd gone to the bathroom really quick before they left. And it didn't even hurt too bad when he got hit by a car while walking home from school one day, and the driver didn't even notice and kept going, while he sat in the middle of the road unconscious for nearly an hour before he was found when a person tripped on him when going across the cross walk he had been using when hit. Or even when he was the last to be told that his mother would be getting remarried to Mr. David Jones, their widowed, nice, neighbor who he thought was very good for his mother. Though, he had seen that the man was in love with her long before they'd started dating, which his family also neglected to tell him. He had to find that out himself.

No, it wasn't too bad. It was nothing unusual. He had no reason to be hurt by it. It was his own fault for being so quiet and reserved. It was his own fault for not trying hard enough, or... Just something. Because even if his brother was a loud and annoying jerk, it's not like he meant to forget his birthday, even if it's the same day as his. And just because his mother can remember everything about Alfred without thinking twice, that didn't mean that it was her fault she told people Alfred was her only son. She was just so overwhelmed from being the single mother of twins, with such a hard and demanding job.

Yes, he always told himself it didn't matter, that he shouldn't be so selfish demanding the attention of the rest of the world, and he had no right to get upset if he wasn't noticed for anything he did. It's not like he did much anyways, right?

So, if he ran away, no one would notice, and everyone could go on with their merry lives without having to worry about remembering him any more. Right? Well, either way, he was leaving. He couldn't stay there, constantly being ignored. Despite always telling himself it wasn't their fault, he knew he had to leave. So he did.

A Friday came along, the last day of school for the week, and Matthew was ready to leave, his books replaced by clothes, money, and food, as well as a picture of his family from before his father died when he was eleven, five years before. He had everything he needed, as well as his pet polar bear, Kumajirou, in his arms. Now all he had to do was sneak away from his brother while walking to school. Hell, who was he kidding, there would be no problem with that.

Matthew clutched his bear close to him as they drew closer to the school, Alfred chatting animatedly with his friends as they walk, Matthew silent as ever. Even though he knew no one would notice him, he couldn't help but have a bit of fear that perhaps they would, and they'd stop him. No, actually, he hoped they would see him, demand where he was going, and try to stop him from leaving, truly caring about him. But as he carefully turned on the corner instead on continuing straight with the rest of the pack, he remained unseen, and scurried away, his back pack smacking against his body as he walked quickly.

The morning winter air around him was cool, and it was slightly damp around him, as it had just rained the night before. Twice, Matthew narrowly avoided slipping on a puddle and crashing to the ground, delaying his escape. After a few minutes of running, he found himself three blocks away from his apartment complex, and had to stop to breath. Kumajirou looked up at him in what could be seen as concern.

"Who?" he asked in his soft voice. Yes, his polar bear talked. Not that it mattered, of course. He couldn't even remember who his owner was.

"I'm Matthew," Matthew reminded his pet in his extremely soft voice, that could hardly be heard as he gasped for air. The bear clearly didn't really comprehend that, and just looked away, seeming to just zone out.

Matthew finally seemed to regulate his breathing, though his heart still raced at the idea of what he was doing. Would he ever see his family again? If he did, would they recognize him? Would they even remember him? Would they ever even notice that he left? That was probably the most important question.

Matthew kept walking, slowly this time, his thoughts running wild. He crossed the street at the cross walk, cautiously, as he didn't really feel like getting hit again, and reached the other side with ease. He walked a few more blocks down until he reached his destination, the small playground he'd always come to as a kid. He'd loved this place because it was the one place he'd ever seen a person who actually noticed him. He personally didn't remember the guy very well, but he remembered he was a year or two older, and had spoken to Matthew when he'd seen him on the swings crying, clutching his bear.

It had been the day he'd learned about his father, and had run to the park crying. While on the bench sobbing to himself, the other boy had walked up to him and handed him a tissue saying, 'dude, it's unawesome to cry. Did someone bully or something? My awesome self will beat them up if you want. It's unawesome to upset a cute kid like you.'

Matthew had at first been really surprised that someone had seen him, but quickly recovered, denying anyone hurting him. The boy before him grinned, waved, and walked off.

It really wasn't too significant, he was just being nice, but the thought itself of someone noticing him cheered him up quite a bit, and he'd never be able to forget the boy's kindness, as... abnormal as it was.

So Matthew just came here, not really knowing what else to do. He never really planned anywhere to go. He just knew he needed to get out.

At a loss as to what to do, Matthew found himself sitting on that swing again, holding his Kumajirou close, and just sat there, thinking to himself. It wasn't long before his eye lids began to droop, and he was asleep. He sat there, dreaming of maple syrup and hockey until a light breath on his ear woke him up. He tried to ignore it, assuming it was just the wind or something, when he felt it again, this time stronger.

Irritated, Matthew opened his eyes to face a set of shocking red ones, and nearly fell backwards off the swing at the shock of seeing a face so close to his. Crying out, he flailed the arm that wasn't holding the lazing Kumajirou, and grasped on to the chain to keep from falling back.

The man in front of him cackled at his reaction, holding his stomach. "That's too awesome," he laughed. Matthew glared.

"What was that for?" he demanded quietly, standing up, stepping back from the stranger, hiding behind the swing as if were a barrier between the two.

"I couldn't help it. You're just too cute!" the man, clearly Albino with his pale skin and silver hair, exclaimed through his laughter. Matthew bit his lip, his face heating up. The man, after a few more moments, seemed to reign control of his laughter, and straightened, grinning brightly. Surprisingly, he was almost shorter than Matthew. "What's a cute guy like you doing here all alone? Shouldn't you be in school or somethin'? You look like the kinda kid who wouldn't dare skip school."

Though it probably wasn't meant to be offensive, Matthew wasn't used to interacting with people, and out of nerves and such took it that way. "What's it any of your business anyway, eh?" The Albino met his eyes, and Matthew internally begin to panic, worrying that he'd made him mad. "I-I mean, shouldn't you be in school, too?" he added, stammering.

"Nah," he said, waving his hand dismissively. "School is too unawesome for my awesome self. So, I dropped out." Dropped out? It was a common enough thing for a rebellious teen to do in high school, but good ol' Mattie could never recall ever meeting someone who'd actually done that. Though, technically, he was doing that himself now, but it was still weird.

"Dropped out?" he echoed. The Albino nodded eagerly.

"It's totally awesome. I get to do whatever I want now! My awesome self can wander as I please, gracing people like you with my awesome presence." He looked Matthew up and down, making the Canadian start to feel very uncomfortable, a strange look in his eyes that if on anyone else, he might of seen it as want. But this was Matthew he was staring at, and it was odd enough he was even being seen, there's no way this guy would look at him like that. Right?

"U-um... Who are you, exactly?" Matthew tried asking, though his voice was so soft he was worried the man wouldn't hear him.

"Me? Oh, I'm just the most awesome guy on earth!" he declared, clearly hearing the inquiry. "My names Gilbert! Gilbert Beilschmidt." He held out a hand for Matthew to shake.

Hesitantly, Matthew took the hand. "So y-you're German?" he asked. Gilbert scoffed.

"No! The awesome me is Prussian! My brother's German, though." Matthew didn't really know much about Prussian history, or much about the country at all, but he was pretty sure that that country had been dead far too long for this guy to be from there. Nor was it likely that he was of direct, pure descent. But, maybe it was just what he liked to call himself. Some people were like that, Matthew reasoned. Who was he to judge?

"O-oh," was all he could think to say in response. Gilbert looked at him expectantly. "What?"

"What's your name?"

"Oh!" Matthew cried, realizing. "I'm Matthew Williams." In the back of his mind, he wondered if it was okay to tell him that, in case he told the police where he was going or something, but then he remembered no one would care anyways. Hell, Gilbert would probably already forget the second they parted.

Gilbert grinned, releasing his hand, leaving Matthew with a strange empty feeling in his palm. "So, you gonna answer my earlier question about why you're out here?"

"Oh, um... I just f-felt like skipping today is all..." Matthew lied. But, of course, he was a terrible liar, and Gilbert could easily see right through it.

"You running away or something?" he asked. The Canadian's face lit up like the Fourth of July as he stammered out random words and sounds, trying to give a good excuse.

"I-I just don't like life at home anymore," he finally managed to get out. He mentally kicked himself for being found out so easily. It was just his luck too that the one day he really needed to not be seen, this guy notices him. He expected him to laugh at his dumb excuse, or maybe even roll his eyes and call him the typical teenager, but instead he frowned and almost looked... Sympathetic.

"What's going on at your place?" He spoke as if he went through the same thing at some point in his life. Well, he was a drop out. Maybe he had.

Matthew blushed, trying to think of what to say. He couldn't just out right tell him he was sick of never being noticed. Most teens probably already felt that way, and Gilbert would probably tell him that, and maybe even try and drag him back home. But, there was no way he'd really care that much about him.

"I just... Have a l-lot of family issues..." he responded simply. The Albino grinned, stepping a bit closer.

"C'mon, you can tell me. You'll come to learn I'm really great with secrets," he insisted to the blushing blond.

"I-It's none of your business anyways! Why do you care?" Matthew cried out, holding Kumajirou even closer. Gilbert smirked, sending shivers of fear (because there was no way it could possibly be anything else) down his spine.

"I'm just a concerned fellow citizen, is all." Matthew had to laugh at that. Why would anyone be concerned about him?

"Right, and my brother actually has a chance of passing math," he retorted sarcastically, unable to stop himself. He regretted it instantly. His brother wasn't an idiot or anything. He just had trouble paying attention.

Gilbert raised one eye brow. "He can't pass math?" he scoffed. "That's sad."

"It's not his fault," I snapped. "He just has a really short attention span. Sometimes he even forgets my birthday, it's that bad. But at least he tries!" In math, anyway...

"He forgot your birthday? Dude, how does he forget your birthday? That's like, the most awesomest day of the year for a person!"

"He's just forgetful, is all. He even forgets me sometimes, b-but I think it must be some form of ADHD or something, because he's n-not a bad guy or anything-"

"He forgets you? How does he forget his own brother?" His voice rose an octave or two, but he wasn't quite yelling. Still, it made Matthew take a step back, worried he might... Well, he didn't really know what he thought he might do, but he was worried, that's for sure.

"I don't know! But, really, why do you care? It's none of your business! It's my life, stay out of it!" Matthew cried out in his quiet voice, defending himself, not wanting anyone to know just how deep his problems went. He couldn't let anyone else carry his burdens on their shoulder. It wasn't right. But he hadn't expected himself to lash out like that. Clearly, nor did Gilbert. But the Albino's expression softened, and he have a light smile.

"Come stay at my awesome house tonight. Just for the night. You need a place to stay, right? What place is better than with my awesome self?"

Matthew swallowed nervously. What if he tried something? What if he wanted to hurt him, or kidnap him, or something bad like that? He couldn't be too cautious. He didn't know who this guy was or what he was capable of, so why was he nodding?

"Awesome!" Gilbert declared with a grin. "Let's go!" He grasped Matthew's free hand (that wasn't clinging desprately to Kumajirou's fur) and started pulling him in some random direction that he could only assume led to the man's house.

Matthew honestly had no clue what was going on anymore. He had left his house this morning expecting to find himself wandering the town completely unseen, no one caring who he was or where he was going, and now he found himself following some guy to his house where he'd be staying the night, all because this guy decided to actually open his eyes and see, and looked like he actually was concerned about Matthew.

But this guy... He couldn't possibly care about boring, invisible Matthew Williams, right?

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