Her screams pierced his ears from his position under her bedroom window and the scent of blood assaulted his nose as he ran inside. Elena was on her knees in the kitchen, screaming and Damon could see the pool of blood spilling around the counter in front of her. "Elena," he said, sharply as his sensitive ears started to hurt from her screams.

"Oh Damon," she whimpered latching onto him when he crouched down next to her.

Damon scooped her up and made his way to the living room, cradling her close to his chest. "I got you," he said, sitting on the couch. She was his first priority, to make sure that she was okay before he checked the rest of the house. How could things have changed so much in the last half hour since he had seen her? "What happened?"

She shook her head. "I just got home and I heard a noise," she whispered.

He chose to keep the fact that he had seen her a little while ago. And he didn't think this was the best time to bring up their kiss right now. "Can you call 911 for me?" he asked, holding her chin between his fingers. She looked scared and pale. She could give him a run for his money in the skin color department. This couldn't have been easy for her and he wished he could take away her pain. "Give them your address, and tell them you don't know what happened."

Elena nodded and he eased her off his lap. "I'm going to check the rest of the house," he said, heading up the single flight of the stairs. He found Jeremy passed out in his room, head phones blaring over his ears, but alive and unharmed. Where was Jenna? He went back downstairs to the crime scene in the kitchen and noticed a note scribbled on the fridge. Maybe Elena had interrupted whoever was here before they could do anymore damage.

"They're on their way," Elena said, from the doorway, the phone still clutched in her hand. Damon thought she was going to pass out and he struggled to figure out what he could do for her.

Damon pried the phone from her white fingers and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "Jeremy's sleeping and Jenna is out," he said, leading her out to the front porch. No one liked John, but it couldn't be healthy to find your birth father murdered on the floor of your house.

If it was possible, Elena paled further and leaned over the banister to empty the contents of her stomach in the grass. Unsure of what else to do, Damon held her hair away from her face as she finished dry heaving, and he rubbed her back gently.

"Sorry," she whispered, wiping the fluid from her mouth.

"Nonsense," he said. The color still hadn't returned to her face and he continued to worry. "You should sit down." He was so used to seeing her in control and collected, but to see her like this, unnerved him a little. It wasn't like her.

Elena stared up into his bright blue hues. "Thanks for being here," she said, unshed tears in her eyes.

Once again he held her close to his chest, running his hands through her long locks. "Don't mention it, we're friends right?" He pressed a kiss to her sweaty hair as sirens blared in the background. "I can handle this. Then you and Jeremy will be staying with us."

"I don't think Jeremy will agree with that," she mumbled, turning her head against his chest.

"He has no choice," Damon said as the ambulance and police pulled in. He was about to move away from Elena but her clammy hand gripped his tightly and he wasn't about to tug his away from her. It wouldn't be safe for her here, not for anyone in her family. He knew Katherine was involved in this somehow, which meant that things were going to get a lot worse for Mystic Falls.