Summary: It's two years since Nat graduated from Hogwarts. But something is still unresolved.

Genre for this chapter; Pure unadulterated fluff.

In a cloud of soot, Nat emerged into Mr Small's living room.

" Hi, Everard. " she said smiling at the tiny, elderly wizard whose fireplace was a godsend when she was working abroad.

" The lovely Natasha. Are you going home today, dear? "

" Two weeks holidays. " said Nat, grinning as she brushed the soot off herself. " Are you sure you don't mind me using your fire? I mean, you could be doing //anything//. "

" I assure you, seeing you is my only pleasure these days. " said Everard sadly. " Give my regards to your parents. "

" Will do. And thanks again. "

She quitted the tiny apartment and hurried down Stoat's End Lane to her parent's house.

" Surprise!" she said as Harry opened the front door.

" Natasha! " he exclaimed. " I wasn't expecting you. "

" I've got two weeks off since the International Confederation of Wizards conference finished early. So I thought I'd come home. "

Since graduating from Hogwarts Natasha Granger (she had explained at length to Ron how being a Weasley-Potter could be a hindrance as well as a help) had made a real name for herself as a journalist, following in the footsteps of Lavender Brown, her mentor and friend.

They had kept in touch ever since the wedding and Lavender had pleaded with the editor to give Nat a start. He had never regretted it and neither had she.

Sitting with her parents, looking at their well-loved faces, she felt herself relax.

" I hope you don't mind. " she said, a trifle sheepishly. " But I've got a date tonight. "

" Of course you must go. It's rare for you two to be in the same time zone, never mind the same town. Enjoy yourself, love. " said Harry.

Later that night Nat made her way to the Warlock's Head eagerly anticipating the meeting with her lover. She had missed him terribly in the weeks they had been apart, but his job kept him every bit as busy as hers.

He was already there and they kissed tenderly before the obsequious waiter ushered them into their seats.

" I missed you. " said her lover, taking her hand. " Was it too awful? "

" Dry as sticks. " smiled Nat. " And I missed you too. Wherever you go, you'll be in my heart always. "

He smiled. " Which reminds me, there's something I need to ask you. "

" Oh yeah? " said Nat teasingly.

Her lover stood up and dropped to one knee.

" Natasha, will you marry me? "

" Oh my god! " she exclaimed. " Get up, you look ridiculous!"

" Well, he demanded. " Will you. "

She reached out and drew him to his feet.

" The answer is yes. I could think of nothing that would make me happier. I love you, Oscar. "

Oscar's heart filled with joy as he wrapped his arms around the only woman he had ever truly loved.

" And you'll be in my heart always too. " he whispered just before he kissed her.