My second oneshot! Yeah, I know, I write a lot of stories about China, but Chinese is the only other language I sort of know. Sorry if the translations are wrong! By the way, should I continue with iMiss Sam? Opinions please! Oh yeah, and I don't own iCarly!

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Sam Puckett groaned. "What do you mean I have to take an extracurricular?"

Principal Franklin shrugged, looking the so-called "bully of Ridgeway" right in her icy blue eyes. "I mean what I say, Samantha." Sam looked pained at being called by her full name. "Anyway, you have a choice this time. You're very lucky. You may choose between AV Club and Chinese class."

Pain was evident in the blonde girl's eyes as she mulled over her choices. "Ugh. AV Club means I'll be stuck with a bunch of nubs like Frednub, and Chinese class is a lot of work." She finally made a decision. "I'll just go to Chinese class. At least then I can talk like a ninja."

"Ninjas are Japanese, but fine." Principal Franklin scribbled her choice down on a small notepad. "You can go now."

"What?" Sam yelled. "It starts now?"

"Yes, Samantha, it's fifth period," Principal Franklin reminded her. "What do you normally have for fifth period?"

"Study hall," Sam groaned. "So, no more study hall?"

"Nope," Principal Franklin replied, a gleam in his eyes. "Go ahead! Have fun!"

Sam grumbled all the way down to Room 10, where on her new schedule she learned she'd be having Chinese class. She spotted Freddie in the back of the class with an empty seat beside him.

"Ni hao," the Chinese teacher said. "Ni yao shenme?"

Sam had already had a crash course in the basics of Chinese (Carly had wanted to go, so Sam agreed to go with her….well, more like was forced to go with her) so she knew that the teacher was saying, "Hello, what do you want?"

"I'm supposed to be in here, lady!" Sam yelled.

"Calm down, child," the Asian woman said soothingly. "Ni jiao shenme mingzi?"

Sam knew this meant, "What is your name?" She replied, "Wo jiao Sam."

The teacher glanced down at her roster. "Oh, dui, ni shi Samantha Puckett." she scribbled quickly on her notepad. "Huanying ni. You are a beginner, correct?"

"I just had one crash course," Sam shrugged. "Now can I just sit down?"

She'd just realized that all eyes were on her and the teacher, who immediately blushed. "Yes, you may go sit beside Wei Guang over there."

"Wei Guang?" Sam asked. "Who the HECK is Wei Guang?"

"The boy in the back row," The teacher told her. "Oh, and by the way, I am Lin Laoshi."

Sam then realized that Wei Guang was Freddork himself, and settled in the chair next to him. She then threw him a note. Nubbish name.

Whatever, Sam. Freddie wrote back a few minutes later. So, this is your punishment?

Yeah, they say since I beat up so many dorks that I need a "positive way to spend my time", which in their opinion is Chinese or the nerdy AV Club. Why are you in here? Thought you LOVED Spanish Sam replied.

A few minutes later, the note landed back on her desk. Two languages look better than one a college application form.

You're such a dork. Sam almost laughed aloud.

The teacher then asked, "Any questions?" She'd apparently been teaching on how to say various animals' names, but Sam wasn't paying any attention.

"Yeah, how do you say ham in Chinese?" She asked. The class laughed and Freddie shot her a glare. "Or 'Fat Cake'?"

"I meant questions about animals, Samantha," the teacher growled, shooting daggers out of her eyes at Sam.

"It's Sam, and last time I checked, ham comes from pigs, which are animals." Sam informed her.

"And how do you say pig in Chinese?" Lin laoshi challenged. Sam sat in silence for quite a few minutes, and the teacher began to laugh. "I just taught that. Pig is zhu."

"Zhuuuuuu," Sam dragged it out purposely. "Yeah, I got it."

Lin laoshi decided to give up. "Whatever, Samantha."

"It's Sam!" She yelled.

"Sam, you need a Zhongwen mingzi." She announced.

"A Chinese name?" Sam groaned. "What's wrong with Sam?"

"It's Yingyu," Lin laoshi announced. Seeing the confused look on Sam's face, she translated. "English, and this is Chinese class."

Freddie smirked as Lin laoshi began to read off a list of names. "Better pick a good one."

"Look who's talkin', Wei Guang." Sam teased.

"It means Great Light!" Freddie complained.

"Still dorky," Sam laughed. Finally, she decided to listen and picked the first name she heard. "Okay, that's good. May…uh, may may?"

"Mei mei," Lin laoshi told her. "It means very beautiful."

"Yeah, that's perfect," Freddie said sarcastically, laughing.

"Watch it, Fredward," Sam muttered, punching Freddie in the gut. Freddie groaned and doubled over, clutching his stomach.

"What is wrong with Wei Guang, Mei Mei? Ta you shenme wenti?" Lin laoshi gave Sam a stern look.

Sam stretched out in her chair, grinning evilly. "Oh, Lin laoshi, ignore him. He's PMS-ing." The whole class, excluding Lin laoshi, began to laugh hysterically. Freddie turned absolutely red.

He quietly raised his hand. "Lin laoshi, wo keyi qu tesuo?" Lin laoshi nodded, and Freddie ran out of the classroom. Sam hadn't known what it meant, but she guessed it meant something along the lines of Can I go to the bathroom?

"Now, I don't know what PMS means," Lin laoshi began, "But I do know that it was embarrassing for young Freddie there. I believe that Sam should go find him and talk to him." The bell rang. "Xianzai xia ke. Mingtian jian."

Sam left the classroom quickly, once again feeling incredibly guilty. She dashed to the bathroom, knowing she was unable to enter the boys' bathroom but wanting to speak to Freddie. Thankfully, Freddie was standing outside of the bathrooms.

"Hey, Freddo," Sam greeted him. Freddie didn't say anything, as Sam knew he wouldn't. "Look, do you remember that day a few years ago when I promised to apologize every few years or so? It's been, what, 2 years, and I just screwed up once again. So, I'm sorry, not just for that, but for everything I've done over the past two years. No matter what I do, you should remember that you're one of my best friends…and…I don't want to lose you."

Freddie turned around, facing her. "Really?"

Sam turned and kissed him on the cheek, then punched his arm. "You better believe it, nub. Just remember, you're still a dork, even if you're MY dork."

With that, she turned and walked away, leaving a red-faced Freddie there to think.

Maybe Chinese class with Sam isn't so bad after all.

So, there you go. How did you like it? By the way, here are some unmentioned in the story translations:

Mingtian jian- see you tomorrow

Xianzai xia ke- class is ending

Wo jiao Sam- I am called Sam

dui, ni shi Samantha Puckett- correct, you are Samantha Puckett

Huanying ni- Welcome

Ta you shenme wenti?- What is his problem?

Lin laoshi, wo keyi qu tesuo? Teacher Lin, can I go to the toilet?

Lin laoshi- Tecaher Lin

So yeah, hope you like it!