Hi! I'm Arrietty Vent. I'm about five and a half inches tall, and I have dark hair which I like to keep cut short. I'm a borrower. If you don't know already, borrowers are the people who inhabit the world. There are two kinds of us: "Innies" and "Outies". Innies live in houses and buildings that beans make. Beans, sometimes called "human beans", provide people like me with things to borrow. Most of them are vicious, and will squish a borrower on sight. All of them are immensely tall. "Outies" live anywhere outside

If you recognize my name, it's because I was named after a famous and very adventurous borrower. My mother, Hollygreen Vent, loved that story so much that she named me after her. She would tell me that story every night, and remind me that that's who I'm named after. The name, Arrietty, became very popular after that story was published.

To give you a little background of where I come from, my mother's parents were borrowers in England. They moved to America with their beans to a place called Chesapeake, Virginia. They had my mother in a large house, and she grew up speaking American. She had never learned to read, though. Me, I learned to read my listening in while the parent beans taught the younger beans. At that time, though, there were many families of borrowers living in that house.

My mother's parents didn't believe in women borrowing, so they taught my mother the essentials of being a housewife. My dad (whom my mother met at the house), on the other hand, saw the idea as an opportunity. He knew that I would make a very good borrower when I was a child. So, my mother taught me to sew, knit and tend fire while my dad taught me the basics of borrowing.

Sadly, though, my father died of a heart attack before he and my mother got to have any more children.

When we divided my father's assets, his friends got his clothes and such, while my mother and I got his more personal belongings. I got some of his borrowing things: his bags, his hooks (one of which had a long twine rope already attached to it), and his dental floss, which served as a backpack and rope.

After that, many of the other borrowers moved out for various reasons such as deaths, space issues, bad neighbors, etc. Eventually, my mother and I were the only ones left.

Now, let me describe the beans in our house. There are a mother and a father, and a few children. There's a teenage boy, about fifteen, who enjoys playing an instrument called the electric guitar; there's a nine-year-old girl who loves dolls; there's a toddler, who cannot talk yet. I'm not very anxious around him. Even if he sees me, what'll he do about it?

Understand? Now let me tell you my story.