*IMPORTANT* Author's Note: This is going to be one hell of a dark story. It is Jacob/Bella; firstly, it starts with Edward/Bella. Nevertheless overall, it is Jacob/Bella. It takes place 10 years after Breaking Dawn, so Jacob is 27 and Bella 30 years old in this story with her daughter Reneesme. Jacob has child of his own too. I also want to point out that there will be a lot of "Underworld" in the story. There will be some "Vampire Diaries" and "True Blood". The story is slightly AU, for things are not how Bella left them in Forks and LaPush.

There is also a change in personality with Jacob he's darker, devilish, manipulative (basically the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of how he was in the regular Twilight series) with good reason. Think of him as the werewolf version of Damon Salvatore from the "Vampire Diaries".

The Changes that I have made in the Twilight Universe:

- Vampires can die by sunlight, a stake to the heart, UV Rounds (bullets), vervain (type of plant) and liquid silver. -Werewolves can die by silver bullets and wolfsbane (type of plant). - Vampires can walk in the sunlight as long as they have lapris lazuli (a gemstone) on their person & Vampires can eat and sleep. - Vampires and Werewolves have ranks.

Those are just the few changes of made compared to all the other stuff I did.

The words in *Italics* are snippets from different chapters. The snippets are in random and are not in order. They are also flashbacks Bella is having.



Bella ran as far as she could, fearing the worst of what could happen if she stopped even for a second. The wolf chasing after her would attack. This wasn't what she wanted, how could she? The man she cared for loved and gave herself to was know trying to kill her. All for a stupid mistake she made, the stupidest mistake ever!

*"Jake, stop it we have to leave, you to school and me to work," She giggled shoving her lover off her. Lover, she liked the sound of that.*

She could feel his hot breath down her back, making her shiver. Her vampire speed was nothing compared to his. She was hyperventilating, her heart launched into her throat as her heartbeat was loud and deafening in her ears. Every cell in her body shook with fear as a chilling howl echoed through the dark forest.

*"This can't continue Jake, I'm sorry it just can't." Bella told Jacob who looked at her through the corner of his eyes.*

Flashbacks of everything leading up to know flash through her mind, like a slideshow on shuffle and repeat.

*"Damn it Jacob! I warned you of what would happen if you started this forsaken affair with Bella…what's worse is that you went behind my back and did it anyway!" Lucian, Jacob's Pack leader shouted at the top of his lungs. Face red, with anger and frustration.*

Jumping to run amongst the branches making at least to make distance between her and Jacob. This isn't what she wanted. It never was.

*Jacob's eyes were red, bloodshot, his body, still like a statue. Bella took a step back, from behind the kitchen counter, and all of a sudden he slams his fists onto the counter causing the wine bottle and glasses to break. Before yelling, "HOW COULD YOU?"*

This was all wrong this shouldn't have happened. Bella had let it go this for, how could she? They both knew the consequences, of what would happen. If they were ever caught.

*"Hello there, I'm Katherine," A tall light skinned woman with dark brown hair that had curls at the tips, cascading around her shoulders. Amber colored eyes, wearing a long black dress, greeted.

"Hi, there I'm Bella," Bella said with a friendly smile.

"Hm, yes…you're what all the fuss is about." Katherine said, looking at her up and down. Like a dog does when wanting to play with their toy.*

Suddenly, she looked down below and saw that he placed his hands to the tree and shoved, causing it to fall. Quickly she jumped to another tree but, lost her footing. Bella fell to the ground with a loud thud. As she looked up to see that Jacob had phased into his wolf form. This was it.

*"Edward I'm sorry…but I can't stay with you any longer. I want a divorce." Bella said sounding firm and steady.

"Why? Is it because you love the mutt now?" He asked seriously. Bella nodded, he looked away from her.*

"Look at me."

*"So you two finally together?" Lafayette asked. Bella and Jacob looked at each other and smiled. They were a happy couple.*

"Look at me!"

*"Hello Isabella," he said in a quiet, serious tone.

"J-Jacob, it's been awhile," she said getting lost in his gaze.

"I know," he said softly.*

"LOOK AT ME!" Bella screamed desperately trying to reason with the beast before her. It's snarling was loud and made her shiver with each breath escaping her lips as it's growling made the earth tremble.

Its eyes red with anger, hatred, frustration, and its violent intentions were all so clear. The large wolf stood on its hind legs, its eyes narrowed malevolently on her. That devilish smirk it gave baring its fangs and knife like teeth were making her heart skip beats. The color of the wolf's fur was russet just like his skin, except his fur was shaggy, dirty like a stray dog.

"I'm not your enemy…I-I would never do anything to hurt you…" I said my voice beginning to break.

Waiting for a calm and easy response was a waste of time, for the only reply Bella ever got was a growl that sounded more like a laugh. She took a step back and it did not move, staying still like a statue. "Do you honestly think you can run? From me?" It said darkly and in a monstrous tone.

Her fear was confirmed and so was her fate, Bella could run as far away as possible and still see those same glowing red/amber eyes staring at her miles ahead, and any direction she would go. Just then, Edward jumps from the trees but he's then immediately pinned to the ground. His neck wedged in between the wolf's claws. He was still breathing thank god but for how long until this beast decides to finally kill them.

To kill her?

"Y-You b-bastard!" Edward coughed. The wolf's face was unchanging except for a smirk. To this very moment it amazed her at how human its mannerisms, emotions and expressions were.

"Bella…leave…" He coughed again. She couldn't move her body was frozen and her feet felt like they were rooted to the ground.

She just has to reason with it. With him.

"J-Jacob, are you still there?" Bella asked. The wolf immediately responded and lifted its head to look at her. She had to get his attention, to distract him so Edward could use the silver knife on him.

"Please, let's talk about what happened…" She was already crying.

"You should have thought of that before taking my heart and ripping it to pieces!" the wolf snarled viciously.

"I-I-I don't want this! Please! I beg you…"

"IT'S TOO LATE!" He roared.

*Jacob ripped entries out of Bella's diary and then scattered them all over the kitchen counter and floor, some getting wet from the wine. He picked up a page and looked at her with a sickening smile. "This is my favorite one."*

Edward then took the knife and stabbed into the wolf's shoulder and its blood-curdling cry of pain filled their ears. As Lucian, Raze, Carslie and everyone arrived, the Cullens and the wolf pack. Jacob bit into Edward's side, tearing away as Emmett, Jasper, Sam and Paul tried to pry the five hundred pound wolf off him.

*"Dear Diary, My heart is filled with regret and remorse for what had happened the night before. It was just two days after Jacob had left to Olympia under Lucian's orders. And yet, I ended up sleeping with another man in his absence. My heart is torn into pieces and breathing has become a problem. I never meant for this to happen, I felt empty without him. I needed his touch, voice, his warmth, his kiss. And it was all just in my imagination as Edward kissed me, I wouldn't see Edward, I would see Jacob."*

No use, Sam and Paul transformed and attacked but it was futile. Bella ran hoping to lead the wolf away, she did, and now it was just her and the wolf. Jacob. She got as far as she could before it leaped from behind, to ahead landing on a tree brining it down. Lucian and Raze arrived and tried to reason with Jacob for it was all they could do, instead of going with their last resort.

*Jacob was now at the brink on insanity as he began to laugh. He laughed so hard as though he had just heard the funniest joke in history. To Bella, this was all so very twisted. He was twisted and she blamed herself completely for this. "So you did fuck Edward, didn't you?"

He wiped away imaginary tears from his eyes, "Do you know what the funniest part is? I had to learn that my fiancé slept with another man…" he grabbed a chair from the dinning table and threw it. "FROM MY FUCKING EX-GIRLFRIEND!"*

Lucian and Raze transformed into Lycans and proved to be able to handle Jacob. They managed to hold him down until suddenly Jake, clawed at one of them and got away. He lunged at Bella fast, that she was unable to see his claw. Crouching to the ground holding her throat and part of her chest, with blood soaked hands.

*Jacob was now in front of Bella and cupped her chin. Jacob then lit the scattered entries of Bella's diary on fire. The wine flares the fire into an inferno. "For better, for worse, for richer, for poor, in sickness and in health, until death us do part." He said in a whisper.

The flames like at their skin, for they were right next to the flaming table. He leans in and whispers into her ear. "Because if I can't have you, no one can."*

They both knew eventually Jacob would out strengthen them, and unfortunately, it had to be now. For he was lunging at me for a second time. Yet, I managed to jump out of the way and his claws scared the tree that was behind me. He phases back into human form and walks over to Bella, crouches down and places his hands on either side of her face.

*"My heart is yours…and it forever will be." Jacob said taking her hand and placing it over his chest.*

"Any last words?"

*"My heart belongs to you for the rest of eternity." Bella said with tears welling up in her eyes as she placed his hand over her chest.*

"I love you Jacob Black."

Author's Note: I'd like to thank Mr-of-Twilight for being my Beta Reader. Thank you so much! Also, those who are still confused I have made this website that will help you understand everything, about this new world. The link to it is on my profile.