The Beginning of the End

The room was silent, as everyone looked at Bella Cullen…and then her stomach. She was pregnant and then the real question was…

Who was the father?

She had slept with both Jacob Black and Edward Cullen, the same week, only two days apart. There was no way any of Bella or anyone else for that matter to be able to say who the father of the child was. It could be Edward's and it could be Jacob's.

The hairs on Lucian's neck stood up, at the pregnancy revelation alone. He had a pregnant vampire that he cared for as a niece, but the problem was that there was a possibility that the baby in her womb could be a hybrid. He hoped to God, that the child was a regular vampire baby even if that thought was enough to kill his Delta. He looked at Jacob and that his eyes were blank and emotionless.

The words repeated in his mind over and over again, and in a flash Jacob stood in front of Bella. The life had been sucked out of him. He felt a strong urge in his arms, his hands to just strike her down and finish what he started. What she started. It would be quick, before anyone could react, she would be on the floor and finally dead. She reached out to touch him, but he retracted as if her touch would burn him.

He turned on his heel, grabbed his son's wrist and walked out the front door, with Bella following after him. He couldn't stay, another second and he was done.

There so many emotions running through his mind that all he was left with was nothing. Jacob was sick...of everything. All he wanted was to go back to New York and stay there for the rest of his eternal life until for some lucky chance someone would drive knife through his heart...this time actually killing him.

David struggled under his father's iron grip as he was dragged away from the Cullen House. He squirmed under him and tried to squeeze his wrist out from his clutches. Finally, he got it out as he growled, "Let go! I don't want to leave!"

He then looked up into hellish red eyes that terrified him. "What do you mean, you don't want to leave?"

David looked at his mentally deranged father, his body still completely bathed in blood. "I don't want to leave Forks, I want to stay here!"

"But, son I'm your father and way ever I go you come too," Jake started reaching to grab David's wrist but the young teenager snatched it away.

"No." David said with defiant eyes, but he was still shaking. This was the first time David had ever defied Jacob. This surprised him.

"How dare you defy me? I am your father!" Jacob snarled viciously.

"Father? What kind of father goes on a hunting spree wanting to kill the person he loves?" David yelled back causing everyone to run to them.

Angrily, Jacob roughly grabs David's wrist holding it high in the air, that his tiptoes were touching the ground beneath them. He looked forcefully, the burning flames within his father's red eyes as they were faced to face.

"Listen to me, boy I don't give a shit, if you don't want to go to New York, you're coming whether you like it or not!" Jacob growled maliciously getting a tight hold on his son's wrist to point where it was going to leave a bruise.

"No! I'd rather stay with the Cullens then to go anywhere with a monster like you!" David screamed as he struggled.

At the word, Jacob's hand goes numb and David goes free running towards Lucian, Raze and the rest of the Cullens. His own son, called him a monster. Did his sanity, even stand a chance against all the pain he was feeling.

The woman he loved was now pregnant with someone else's child, his own son looked at him like he was a monster, and his Alpha and pack most likely would've wanted him dead. All eyes were on him, wanting him to most likely die right on the spot even though none of them would dare say it out loud. He felt humiliated, used and abused. The deterioration of his mind had begun the moment he had slit his own throat in the Cullen's kitchen. His sanity was hanging on a thread...

What more could his frail heart and mind take?

"Jake…" Bella called, with tears in her eyes.

She was crying all she wanted was for him to come back. She wanted the Jacob Black she loved to return back to her, but that was never going to happen.

"Please," She pleaded. "Don't leave me…"

He laughed, for she needed him now more then ever. She would do anything to keep him here with her, even if he did try to kill her and anyone that got in the way. Bella loves him, and she'd be damned forever if he didn't stay.

"Give me a reason, as to why I should stay with you?" He asked with a brow raised.

She touched his hand; it was strangely cold, numb as it was completely covered with her blood. You were once afraid of losing me Jacob…I'm afraid of losing you now, for eternity. She shook the thought away, but it was beginning to become true with each passing second.

"The baby…your baby…"

"That baby isn't mine." He laughed darkly, his eyes flaring again making her sick and uneasy. He leaned in and whispered into her ear the words she never wanted to hear. He now stood at the gates of Hell, waiting to enter, he was already damned from the beginning. But, at this very moment he wasn't going to go alone. Before he would truly lose his mind he would make her suffer in every way imaginable. And even then, he'd still continue until she becomes damned herself to the pits of Hell just like him.

But that would be later, when the taste of her blood truly stains his lips...and she would forever become his *Slave...

"And even if it was I would never want it."

Let the games begin...

* = means that the sequel will be titled: "Slave".